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5 the main stages of installation of the dishwasher

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Dishwashers have long ceased to be a sign of luxury. Hostess consider them, if not a necessity, it is very useful device.

Installation of the dishwasher
Installation of the dishwasher should be performed by a specialist

How not to make the wrong choice

Select the right dishwasher for home help knowledge of the technical features of the equipment. Modern devices are characterized by versatility, economy, compact. They can be used to wash cutlery and crockery, clean pans, pans, crystal.


Choosing a dishwasher - not an easy task. The market offers models from different manufacturers with different features.


Depending on the size of three types of machines:

  • narrow. designed for 6-9 kits. width - 45 cm.
  • Full-size. house 12-16 kits. Dimensions - 60x60x85.
  • compact. able to wash 4-5 Servizi times. small dimensions (45X55X45) allow the machine to fit any kitchen. But its efficiency is inferior to the first two types.

type of instalation: Embedded and other options

By type of installation devices are divided into:

beautiful dishwasher

  • Freestanding. Suitable for kitchens with finished trim, where it is not planned to reshuffle Headset.
  • built-in. Characterized by an open top. Machines can be placed in a set with a rising counter tops or are hidden behind the front part of the furniture. stationary type, It is not intended to move. The most popular embeddable Dishwasher (of inexpensive) - it BEKO DIS. It is designed for 10 sets and costs about 20000 rubles. In great demand among buyers enjoy the partially Integrated dishwasher siemens, calculated on 6 sets of dishes.
  • Desktop. compact Appliances, suitable for a family of 2-3 person. Tabletop dishwasher is installed in a special wall cabinet or on a work surface. Compactness ensured decrease in the number of basis functions, that can not affect the overall quality of washing. An example of such a technique is the board dishwasher hansa ZWM 515WH.

good dishwasher


The kit includes: 2-3 Pull out the basket and several recesses for devices. Outer niche designed for glasses, cups, mugs, lower - pans, plates, pans.

Considered the most convenient model with adjustable containers for height and reach and the Department of cutlery.


Each is equipped with a dishwasher 4 major programs:

  • fast (and most cost-effective). Working hours - 30 minutes.
  • standard. Suitable for medium pollution and temperatures up 55 C.
  • reinforced. Washes pollution on high power, spending about work 1,5 hours.
  • soaking. switched, if the appliance is dried food.

built-in dishwasher

Additional options include:

  • Part load;
  • variable wash;
  • Biomoyku (It added a special enzyme powder);
  • warm rinse;
  • Adjustment of water hardness;
  • Inner Light;
  • Sound notification of commencement and completion of the work;
  • Delayed start;
  • Duo Wash (opportunity at a time to wash the dishes with different types of pollution);
  • indicators, indicating the presence / absence of water and detergent;
  • heating appliances.

Drying in the dishwasher is:

  • passive. Installed on inexpensive models. Crockery rinsed, after which there is natural evaporation.
  • active. We use the fan, distilled hot air.

Dishwasher and girl

cost of

Dishwasher may have different costs. The price consists of the size, list of additional functions, design. In most cases, the figures are in the range 10-50 thousand.

Gradation of prices depending on the size

The most expensive units are considered to be wide 75 cm. For example, Dishwasher Bosch (SMS 69M68), accommodating 14 sets, costs about 47-49 thousand.

standard models, characterized by 60 centimeter width, are 15-30 thousand. for example, Electrolux dishwasher is designed to 12 sets of dishes. its cost 26-29 thousand.


even cheaper (from 15 to 20 thousand) are narrow dishwashers, whose width does not exceed 45 cm. A striking example of this technique - dishwasher hotpoint ariston. The effectiveness of the washing and drying corresponds to the required specification. The cost model - from 16000 to 21500 rubles. Another representative of this price segment - dishwasher beko. holds 12 kits, worth almost 19000 rubles. Not less popular is different Dishwasher Ariston LI 480, for which you will have to pay 20000 rubles.

Small devices have a very low cost. They contain little dishes and suit most bachelors, family than people. for example, dishwasher candy can purify 6 kits. The cost model - 10000 rubles.

To choose the dishwasher can be, if we pay attention to marking. model, marked with Latin letter «A», They are highly efficient washing and drying.


Built-in dishwasher is not visible for the external panel. therefore
this technique is better to buy indicator, announce the beginning and end of work. Under this requirement fits dishwasher whirlpool.

How to mount the dishwasher different firms: expert tips

Self-build technique Kitchen Cooking is not difficult. the main thing, mindful of the safety standards and take into account the technical differences of the unit.

Stages of installation Bosh best technique 45 and 60 cm

installing the dishwasher

  1. determine the place, where the machine will fall. Dimensions technology must fit the dimensions of the kitchen cabinet. The maximum length of the dishwasher to the hole in the sewer - 1,5 m.
  2. Pull out the rack from the headset. To do this, unscrew the screws and ties, retaining worktop and side surfaces.
  3. disassemble the cabinet, leaving intact side walls with doors.
  4. Drill a hole in the wall by washing. Through it will be made to connect the dishwasher to the water supply and sanitation.
  5. Set side elements plinth, which are fixed on the side wall and door. Every detail set separately, fixing it to the marginalia surrounding cabinets. For fixing use metal ties.

Before, how to embed machine, glue onto the back of countertops metal film. This will protect the cabinet from the negative effects of steam, escaping from the dishwasher when the door is opened.

man and woman in the kitchen

  1. Pull connecting hoses with an electric drive and insert into the drilled holes.
  2. Push techniques in a niche and set it to a horizontal position.
  3. To connect the hose to the cold water pipe to the cooked.
  4. Connect discharge hose with a sewer system.
  5. Connect the device with power (You can use the socket, but more secure is to conduct a separate wiring to the distribution box).
  6. Secure outer base panel.

dishwasher installer

several recommendations

Completed installation, Be sure to check the work of art. Devices can be placed inside not, but the means for dishwashers will be necessary in any case,. They clean the inside of the unit from contamination.

During the test run is necessary to look closely at the work of the machine and find out:

  • Quality of electronics;
  • The volume of incoming water;
  • As solution passes pumping contaminated;
  • As water is heated;
  • The quality of the filters, responsible for the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure.

If complaints are not observed, the device is ready for regular use. The machine will last longer, if you know a few tricks:

stylish dishwasher

  1. it is recommended not to move without interruption from one wash cycle to another. The machine should rest a bit with a slightly ajar door.
  2. Current models of the system units are provided to prevent leakage of water. Nevertheless, after the work is necessary to tighten the valve, supplying cold water.
  3. Be sure to disconnect the machine from the supply of process completion.

Interior room with dishwasher

Installation of the dishwasher entails kitchen interior changes. Place the device in three ways:

Dishwasher interior

  1. partial. It provides incomplete closure device decorative facade kitchen units. Visible is only a machine panel. Recently appeared on the market devices with options for colors, that allows you to choose the color of the panel of kitchen furniture.
  2. full. Technique is completely closed outer elements of furniture.
  3. Built-in dishwasher requires no closing. The device complements any decor, as a kind of decor element.

The latter option is considered to be very popular. Quite possibly, that housewives tend to boast a prestigious acquisition of the domestic appliance.

Dishwasher - it is your assistant
Dishwasher - your assistant

Many of the issues concerned: where to put the unit in a small kitchen? Solutions to the problem can be more, but the most simple - it's a mini dishwasher. Should not be treated with suspicion to such little ones, counting, that they can not cope with their work.

Little good dishwasher washes dishes. Of course, at one time it will be mastered by a small number of devices, but a family of three is not exactly remain dissatisfied. This baby is not only very effective, but also consumes a minimum of energy.

Another option for a small area - a narrow floor model, eg, Dishwasher Indesit ICD 661 S. Compared with the desktop it is an order of magnitude more powerful and more.


For a small kitchen suitable compact dishwasher, which are equal to the width and height 45 cm. Produced such models engaged in some of the German companies.

In this way, Dishwasher today - it is one of the most popular devices. The process of its installation should not cause any difficulties for, who owns at least a few plumbing skills.