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Natural fridge under the kitchen window in the Khrushchev: niche is everything

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In Khrushchev multistory buildings builders left on kitchen niche under the window (for radiators). But resourceful people tried to save valuable space and moved in the direction of the radiator, and placed in a niche of the winter fridge.
niche- refrigerator under the window - it is destiny Khrushchev

At the time, branded refrigerators pricey, We consume a lot of electricity, so the problem was solved in another way. Thin walls and it's cooling in the cooler months contributed to the cooling of the niche, therefore, there kept perishable foods and conservation, saving precious space in the pantry and the kitchen shelves. Minus such constructions - cold constant trend. In modern kitchens refrigerator under the window looks specifically at hruschevke, so it can be improved, decorate a new way and used for its intended purpose.

under the window niche

Pros and cons of winter refrigerator under the window in the Khrushchev

Khrushchov refrigerator under the window has such advantages:

  • saving square meters;
  • a further embodiment for storing zasolok;
  • freezer in the winter months;
  • seasonal analogue refrigerator at no cost finance;
  • a minimum of materials for finishing;
  • ease of cleaning.

Design of winter refrigerator under the window assumes radiators shift towards. Under the rules of the radiators have to stand under the windows. Warm air from the battery under the window rises and creates an invisible blanket, which blocks the way to cold. If the battery shift, the reliable isolation of the cold air flow, will not penetrate through the window. This is a minus.

refrigerator under the window

At a makeshift refrigerator there is another drawback - the formation of condensation or frost on the inner walls, so it must be regularly cleaned with a dry cloth. If you impose a ceramic tile interior wall, clean in the refrigerator will be much easier. Condensation occurs due to a tangible difference in temperature from the outside and in-house. Due to the constant freezing and moisture on the inside of the wall may appear fungus or mold, which is difficult to bring.

How to deepen their own niche and make the finish: praivla installation

The main task of the arrangement of the cooler under the window - make a useful and handy storage, which fit into the interior of a modern kitchen.

with shelves niche

wall thickness brick house GOST varies from 0,51 m (laying in 2 brick) to 0,64 m (laying in 2,5 brick). During the construction of high-rise buildings in the thickness of the walls of the brick house decreases as the construction of. The thickness of the brick exterior walls of the building is around 0,6 m, and the thickness of a brick wall recess - 0,45 m (so in a niche colder). In Khrushchev buildings used kolodtsevoy clutch (in the void filled slag). He served as a heater. You can knock down plaster, make out a row of bricks, deepen the space under the window, and increase the capacity of the refrigerator.

Concrete bridge in the brick wall above the window retain structural integrity, so the trim outside interference does not happen. As a result, the wall becomes thinner on 0,2 m, i.e. the outer wall will have a total thickness 0,25 m. In the wall of the left vent with flap. With this device raises or lowers the temperature of the niche.

winter refrigerator under the window

The resulting thin partition between the outdoor and indoor plaster cement with sand. Do not apply the putty directly on the masonry. Otherwise it may be a problem, that the freeze wall. The clutch itself can be micro-cracks and crevices, through which moisture penetrates the fall. In cold weather it will freeze and tear putty.

A practical embodiment for finishing the inner walls of the refrigerator street - ceramic tiles. It put directly on the plaster, using tile adhesive universal frost.

Not necessarily to buy expensive tiles for cladding device. The main requirement - smooth tile. You can buy the defective tiles, residues or waste use, remaining after repair bathroom or kitchen.

niche - winter refrigerator under the window

Doors and shutters for cooler made of plastic: insulated design options

There are many ways to give impromptu refrigerator modern look. refrigerator window decoration can be different. To interior of the kitchen looked harmoniously, it's desirable, to the door were identical facades Headset. the, who did the kitchen furniture to order, It is not difficult to order two separate doors for the refrigerator niche. Decorate the refrigerator with the help of furniture panels can be independently. But if there is no desire to mess around, you can invite experts. They will do everything quickly and accurately.

Option - the doors of PVC profile (the choice of fiberglass or sandwich panels) and sliding system of the aluminum. often companies, engaged in the production and installation of plastic windows, They offer their customers to replace old windows with Khrushchev and refrigerator. It is not cheap, but it has the advantages:

banks are in a niche under the window

  • complete tightness;
  • ease of use;
  • functionality and roominess;
  • space savings;
  • attractive appearance and snowy interior.

And manufacturers allow you to select the required number of doors. If the refrigerator is small, , only one door, large size niche require two opening flaps. If in the first place - the desire to save, there is an option to make a lower half deaf, and large - opening. In everyday life, it is a bit uncomfortable, but can save when ordering. The cost depends on the configuration: you can order only the doors for refrigerators, and it is possible and all interior trim (cabinet under the fridge).

niche under the window under the kitchen style

Decorate the fridge, you can use lighting. For transparent glass mounted LED backlighting (it looks spectacular in the interior in high-tech style). By order, true, will have to watch very carefully. Order and door with tinted glass (It creates a mini-bar effect).

Important, facades were hinged to the right. If the doors hang crooked, they will not fit tightly to one another. This means, that the weatherstrip refrigerator will not keep the temperature, and the warm room air will penetrate into the locker. Edge of the recess must be level. If the tiles are laid flat, then all corners will be 90⁰. Otherwise you'll have to make the frame wood. Razbezhnost frame with edges concealed baguette.


Sequencing: built-in refrigerator

the, who has the basic skills of handling with building materials and tools, fridge do with their hands is easy. To mark a beginning slot center loops at a distance 20-21 mm from the corner edge of the door. The distance from the hinge center to the end edge ranges from 75 to 125 mm depending on the size and thickness of the facade. If the panels are heavy, the middle for added reliability of the third loop. It is important to calculate the intervals between the loops so, that they are not in line with shelves.

To embed a loop, use end mill diameter of the tree 35 mm. Drilling should be cautious, otherwise, cutter will pass through, since the depth of the groove - 12 mm, a thin panel having a thickness 17-18 mm. Careful sharpening drills will help in, it's easier to adjust the drilling depth, and there is no need to put pressure on the door. Furniture makers recommend the use of an awl as punch, then milling and screws will not slip.

niche under the window of the double-glazed windows

Another part of the loop is attached to a ceramic tile or frame. First tile accurately mark out, make control drilling, then drilled dowel thickness 5 mm. Screws better to take a thick 3-4 mm, to panel clung.

Door Khrushchevite refrigerator is used as furniture fronts, and plastic panels. But the tree as opposed to plastic has good thermal insulation and keeps a low temperature in a niche. To this effect would have to increase the plastic foam or polystyrene foam. For doors make feigned bar on the perimeter. It guarantees the tightness of deepening and prevents warm air to get inside. Even custom door panels can be equipped porch of baguette.

mini fridge under the window in a niche

If the kitchen has a small quadrature, then do the door swing - a great luxury. Make the door with his hands just. You can purchase the guide from plastic and attach them to the floor and windowsill. They are inserted by suitable dimensions of the workpiece fiberboard. true, sliding systems reduce insulation. But if they are to book with glazing manufacturers, this can be avoided. Installing the system sliding doors with fine-tuning reliably isolate the room from cold air in the niche.

Dismantling their own hands

If for some reason the landlord decided to dismantle the fridge under the window, it is better to lay the foam blocks or bricks. The bricks are installed radiator brackets. If a deep groove, the space between the partitions fall asleep slag. Place under the windowsill is filled with foam. After dismantling the battery cooler is returned to the original place, to increase its effectiveness. Complete sealing of the niche solve all major problems with leakage of heat through the thin wall and wooden door. Therefore, the inhabitants of the northern regions, this option seems the most rational.

refrigerator under the window with backlight

close niche and plasterboard. First, wooden slats bolted to a brick wall, sealed vent, insulation sheet is inserted and screwed to the guide drywall screws. The side walls are not insulated. Trim the former niche at their own discretion. but the, who are not familiar with the principles of construction of the walls, notorious dew point and vapor permeability, this lining can then go sideways. Between the plasterboard and insulate material is formed condensate, which leads to the destruction of the walls and flowering.

niche for refrigerator


  1. French picture window. So as not to close up the wall, thin partition in one brick dismantled and set almost to the floor Glazing. Windowsill leave low. Practicality in that decision a little, but the aesthetics and appeal - there. The room will be much brighter, but will have to sacrifice a broad sill. It is necessary to take into account the room layout factor in relation to the sun. If the kitchen window facing north, then this option has the right to exist. This option does not fit all design decisions. In addition, you must obtain permission to redevelop and agree on the next work with the building authorities. This radical change will affect the appearance of the building, so not all urban governance bodies may allow such a radical alteration.niche in the Khrushchev
  2. Desktop. If fully remove the sill, but instead to establish a working surface, at the bottom to get a deep closet for storing utensils or non-perishable foods. In this case, the niche must be thoroughly warmed. If the kitchen overhaul, and the owners are planning to order a new set, you can increase the window sill and organize the general work surface.
    Niche under the window with door
    Niche under the window with door - great winter storage products
  3. Built-in wardrobe niche. If a window is needed is not so much a fridge, as a place for storing infrequently used tableware, in the furniture store you can pick the right size hanging lockers and self-install it in the groove. But in this case the rear wall can rapidly deteriorate due to condensation, so it is advisable to install a locker to put in a niche mineral wool vapor barrier and close it. It is not necessary to put a thick layer of insulation, since condensation between him and the wall. And this is a direct way to the emergence of mold.

Winter refrigerator under the window - this field is for burst of creative ideas. If he does not live up to its direct purpose, it is always possible to transform and give new useful functions. Make a niche in the wall can be in full accordance with their personal preferences and tastes.

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