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Niche under the kitchen window: ideas and implementation

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In virtually all cases under the niche a window in the kitchen It is designed for central heating radiator. This arrangement of the heating device is the natural, because in the process it not only heats the room by heat radiation, but also creates a thermal curtain, cutting coming from the cold air box. At the same time, in some embodiments, the layout niche in the wall under the window remains free and is used for other purposes. Niche in the kitchen under the window a good solution for food storage.

Our under the window

Khrushchev "fridge" in the kitchen

niche in the kitchen under the window

AT 1955 year issued a decree, ordering to the end 1956 year to develop model projects for affordable housing and low-cost, to provide to 1980 year every Soviet family separate apartment. Thus began the era of mass construction of the famous "Khrushchev", typical, not equipped with a lift and a refuse chute, homes from 2 to 5 floors. Features of the apartments in such homes become too small hall and kitchen, which had to save every centimeter of usable area.

Niche arrangement under the window in the kitchen

According to the building regulations of the 1957 kitchen, the minimum area should be 4,5 m², in reality, however, if the area exceeds the minimum, It is not much. In such small kitchens in subwindows area was equipped with a so-called "refrigerator", surround box, intended for the storage of perishable products in winter. Due to the high cost of buying a conventional refrigerator was not available to every family, therefore the use of such niches as intended was justified, but in our time the refrigerator under the window in the Khrushchev not only lost its meaning, but also began to bring inconvenience. The fact, that the presence of air and a thinner outer brick wall become a cause of excessive moisture, the appearance of mold and mildew.

The second option, wherein the recess in the wall remains free - for warming radiator transfer loggia in connection with the redevelopment and combined kitchen and loggia in a single space.

Niche in the kitchen
Niche in the kitchen with two compartments is very convenient and practical

Variants of using a niche under the window: how to equip a practical place

There are many ways to beat the niche in the wall, to convert it to other uses and give the aesthetic appearance. Popular following uses of niches in the interior of the kitchen.

Niche locker

Excess space in the kitchen does not happen and to accommodate dishes, croup, preservation additional locker will be a real boon. Improvement and design niche in the wall takes a little time and require a minimum amount of materials. Work is carried out in several stages:

Making a niche in the wall

  1. dismounted Khrushchev "refrigerator».
  2. Insulated and waterproofing the far wall. In the case of spread needs another row of bricks, and the gap is sealed with foam. Then insulated using polystyrene plates, foil reflector on the basis of polyethylene foam or other material.
  3. Set decoration podokonnik.Vypolnyayut niche, using a wooden or plastic battens, ceramic tile or other finishing materials.
  4. Install shelves in the niche.
  5. Secure the loop and hang the door. a niche in the wall design must be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen, therefore, the door is usually made of the same material, that the kitchen facade or in keeping with the design of the window opening.

The process for reconstruction niche can be integrally raised or lowered to the level of the sill remaining working surfaces.

Originally looks a kitchen with a niche in the form of bars. To do this, the internal space of the cabinet is made properly: mounted glass shelves and doors, organized lights.

Niche fridge
Niche fridge convenient storage of blanks for the winter

Nisha- "fridge" in the design of the refectory

In many cases, to abandon the idea of ​​using a niche under the window as a refrigerator does not make sense even in the presence of a spacious refrigeration unit. If the warm season vegetables and fruits you can always buy fresh at an affordable price, then the winter thrifty housewives often do supply frozen green, vegetable soup kits and other seasonal products, which requires additional storage space with appropriate temperature conditions.

To do this, you can refine and upgrade the existing 'fridge' or to make a niche in the wall, the rest from moving to a different location of the radiator, deeper. The main problem with the embodiment of this idea would be the formation of condensation on the inner wall as a result of differences in temperature and the penetration of cold air into the room. The first problem is solved by finishing the interior surface of the ceramic tile or plastic panels, such materials are not exposed to moisture and easily cleaned with a normal sponge. Minimize the second problem can be sealed installation, insulated doors. You can order the production of the door for a niche in the wall of metal. This product will not cost, Reliable protection against the penetration of cold and dampness and perfectly harmonizes with plastic window located above. Even more practical option is to install an aluminum sliding systems.

a niche in the wall under the window in the kitchen

Installing the washing

Installing the washing under the window has its advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include:

  • Good lighting in the daytime.
  • Opportunity to combine and expand the working surface of the kitchen units.
  • The important role played by the aesthetic moment, much nicer to do the job, watching the scenery outside the window.

Among the shortcomings worth mentioning:

  • The complexity of installation. It needs a water supply and sanitation.
  • Difficulties with cleaning. Whatever it was not accurate hostess, spray during washing up will fall on the window glass.
  • Block access to the window, which complicates the room ventilation.

sink in an alcove in the kitchen under the window

radiator installation: whether it is necessary to insulate the room

In cases, when the need for extra space for food storage or cooking utensils offline, dismantle improvised "refrigerator", reduce the depth of the recess by means of laying one or two rows of bricks to 12-20 cm, attached to the wall layer of insulation, fed heating pipe and the radiator is set. The fact, that the weatherstrip space is the optimal location for the installation of heating appliances. heated air coming from the radiator creates a thermal curtain, cutoff delivery of cold from the window aperture.

In the niche under the window of a washing machine in the kitchen of small size

After installation of decorative radiator alcove wall often decorated by installing wooden or metal lattice. However, in this case it is necessary to take into account, that such decorative elements reduce heat radiator: grille acts as an obstacle to a full-fledged air convection, a part of the thermal energy consumed for heating of the lattice itself. Modern decor battery is designed to meet the latest design trends, that allows you to install it without any additional decorations.

How to make and deepen their own niche

Often, before repair some house masters there are concerns regarding the safety recess niche. However, a niche in the kitchen, though located in the supporting wall has no effect on its strength. Nisha is a decorative architectural element, and no supporting role does not perform. To make or arrange a niche in the wall of the right size will need a set of tools:

  • drill.
  • Bulgarka with diamond disk.
  • Hammer.
  • teeth.

niche in the kitchen

Make a niche deeper and wider in the following way:

  1. Calculate the desired depth and width. This takes into account a standard size bricks (25×12х6,5, 8,8 or 13,8 cm) and the presence of voids, filled with insulating material.
  2. To mark the place for niche. it is recommended to add to the calculated size during the marking of 2-3 cm on each side for applying the grout.
  3. Straying layer of plaster.
  4. According to the marking executed perforation.
  5. The contour of the slit holes make Bulgarian. For added convenience, the entire surface, to be removed, divided into separate small blocks.
  6. Using a hammer and chisel chips separate blocks and the maximum level the cuisine style niche
  7. The remaining irregularities leveled with cement mortar and plaster, the contour of the hole sets metal corner. Niche with his hands ready, It is to perform finishing work.
  8. Perform an internal recess in the wall decor, arranged shelves.
  9. install door.

Niches in the interior of the kitchen make out different ways. Sleek design niche will provide installation of plastic doors with frames, harmoniously looks door, picked up in the same style with kitchen unit, You can also decorate their hands adjacent space, visually incorporating a niche in the overall style of the room.

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