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Kitchen combined with balcony: from redevelopment to repair one step

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Standard apartments in high-rise buildings do not please the owners of "unnecessary" square meters. This is especially true of kitchens, in which there is no place not, to raise the company friends, and even arrange a family tea party. But it is possible to increase the living space in the kitchen. And popular option - connection kitchen with balcony.

Combining the balcony with the kitchen
Combining space always leads to repair

In addition to enhanced functionality, balcony, connected to the kitchen, help owners realize himself as a designer. The kitchen can be designed in such a way, that the extension will become a cluttered picture window, bay or space for relaxation.

Balcony in the apartment being used as storage for old, often unnecessary things. Basically, with this extension is combined living room, and the idea to join the balcony to the kitchen, too, is not new, but interesting and practical. Its realization - the perfect way to optimize space: increases the useful kitchen area, it becomes lighter and more comfortable. Repair of balconies and their integration into the kitchen area through the installation of windows and insulation will improve sound and heat insulation space.

legal formalities

One of the options of redevelopment apartments - is to combine the kitchen with a balcony. But just to start the work will not work. This action has certain obligations and restrictions, that must be met.

Kitchen room with balcony
Balcony is your mini restaurant, great when it is possible to carry out such a combination of squares

Required documents and permits to unite

people, who have decided to repair the balcony with his hands is worth a lot of patience. After all, you have to legalize alterations, collect documents, order the project and only then get a conclusion.

Before, how to combine the kitchen with a balcony and begin to formalize repair, you must be in possession of documents. It includes:

  • copy paper, confirming the right home ownership;
  • a floor plan of the house;
  • redevelopment project.

This project document developed by the architectural firm or organization, which has a license for such work. In addition to these documents require the written consent of the tenants in the redevelopment house or apartment.

On some types of construction work permit is not issued. Among them - the transfer or removal of bearing walls, It is forbidden to be transferred to an addition radiators. When working to integrate the kitchen with this room, the nut can not be removed. In typical homes its construction is designed in such a way, he supported balcony slabs or performs the function of the fence.

Cozy and a beautiful balcony It requires insulation and significant cost him. We need to insulate the walls, ceiling, floor, install heat saving window. You decide to equip ate on the balcony of "warm floor" system, that runs on electricity, as required approvals.

Kitchen with balcony
balcony area can easily become a dining area

How better to issue a new interior

After that, as an association of kitchen and balcony legalized, you can start thinking about a new concept of interior.

Designers in this issue are advised to take into account some of the nuances:

  • When you register both areas in the new kitchen apply similar in color and style of decoration materials;
  • Zoning is performed by setting "French windows" or transparent doors;
  • floor level difference does not need to hide - he can play the role of the boundary between the kitchen and working area "Divan" relaxing or dining;
  • If a small outbuilding, the bulky furniture practical to replace the built-in shelves, closed cabinet, folding chairs and a table;
  • Kitchen connected with the balcony must be light so you need to consider the option of installing additional lighting and light sources in the form of lamps, or wall spotlights.

Options for combining the kitchen with a balcony

The apartment skyscrapers beautiful balconies in the apartment - a rarity. Often the balcony is used as a mini warehouse unnecessary utensils. But if the owners of a desire to combine the kitchen with a balcony about his decision to never regret any family member.

To realize such a desire in life there are two options. The first - with the help of re-planning extension to connect and kitchen, ie. make them one location. The second - to make part of the kitchen balcony, but it will remain a separate room.

Kitchen combined with balcony
If the total room done in a design that's great

Cardinal option redevelopment

This method is time-consuming alignment area, expensive and would require the elimination of the wall, which separates the kitchen from the balcony. To begin work on the connection of premises should be from the balcony railing - strengthening it. Then arranged waterproofing and insulation of all the balcony: wall, gender, ceiling. The next step - glazing is flat. To do this, it is best to use aluminum or PVC profile (they perfectly retain heat).

After it begins aperture arrangement, and this should be dismantling the old partition. If part of the partitions leave, you can use it in the future as a fixed element of the interior.

Combining the balcony and the kitchen at the final stage requires the development of individual design. Should think and visualize in what place, what equipment or furniture will stand, decide which building materials will be used. It is important to find a comfortable space for dining table. It is necessary to take into account the movement of air masses between the balcony and the entrance doors. Locate table thus desirable, to diners people were not in the draft. By the way, this advice is relevant for the working area.

Balcony - kitchen part
Loggia can also be a place to relax, also the original version

Transfiguration balcony

The second way - this is the kitchen, combined with a balcony suspended: wall remains in place, balcony and no longer in use for its intended purpose, but fundamentally relieve the kitchen space. The use of the premises as a storage area - is what first comes to mind. And it is a rational option. However, there is a romantic: make annexe winter garden. Naturally, that implementing this idea, free space will not increase, But there was a beautiful corner of nature to rejuvenate. The only problem - it's the door, which "takes" a lot of space. This is easily solved: sufficient to establish instead of swing door sliding system.

Design ideas combined areas

Kitchen design coupled with a balcony can be implemented using the following ideas:

    1. A partition between a balcony and a kitchen converted into a small table, the bar or in the stand for the pot of flowers or a tape recorder.
    2. Arrange an extension of a dining area. This option will make the area a spacious working kitchen, and in her movement - unimpeded.
    3. Set on the balcony area in kitchen, electric stove, hood, shell, t. it is. move the work area on the balcony. Technically, it is possible to implement, but only if, the apartment is located on the ground floor. In this case, the need to move the water, and a gas drain pipe, a new working zone must be on the same side, which housed the old. it is costly, time-consuming and bureaucratic busy work.
    4. Having increased the windowsill, make him a makeshift bar counter. High bar stools give the balcony a stylish bar-chic. This option arrangement is particularly relevant in the case, If panoramic balcony glazing.
    5. Arrange on the balcony of the library, study, sitting area or garden. In these cases, special attention needs to his design balcony: brick walls in the decorative design will look great in the office, and recreation area will require delicate pastel colors of finishing materials.
    6. Young parents can easily be equipped on the new area children's playroom. In this case, the child under the supervision of, and the woman will be able to relatively safely engage in cooking.

What will give the hosts the connection area?

Combining the balcony with kitchen gives the opportunity to maximize the functionality of an area that appears to use. kitchen, coupled with balcony, management and improvement of the budgetary decision small apartment. Such a transformation of the space will make a small kitchen place, which involved every centimeter of the new square. After such repair the kitchen will be a comfortable and multi-functional.