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Making the kitchen window on weekdays and holidays: some useful tips

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Surrounding furnishings, its atmosphere, colors affect mood. Registration the window in the kitchen - an important stage of interior design, who focused on the main idea of ​​the creative design and creates the necessary emotional background. effective method, which is used by the hostess to change the style of a kitchen on the eve of holidays, It is to change the design of the window opening.

Украшение окна на кухне
Beautifully designed box can transform the entire look of the kitchen

Today, in the interior of the kitchen is not guided by the principles of fashion. Modern design operates on other categories - the integrity of the image, eclecticism, compliance Lifestyle, attitude to what is happening around. The main criteria are the personality and taste. Clean styles do not allow to implement such principles. Therefore, in the design of the kitchen is encouraged to use a mixture of design solutions, which are found in the classics, in modernity, in high-tech style.


Making curtains windows and selection of appropriate aesthetic problem solved cornice, and sill choice is often linked to the solution of practical problems in the use of extra space. If in a small kitchen worktop is located along the wall with a window, it sill make a part of the working surface of the same material.

Windowsill usually plays the role of additional shelves, which store small utensils. If the window is aligned with the balcony door, sill used as a stand for indoor plants.

Important! In order not to spoil the design of the windows in the kitchen, it is not necessary to clutter randomly sill items.

Подоконник на кухне
Cluttered utensils sill spoils the view

If it is not located in the area of ​​the window furniture, the sill is made of the same material, from which made window. If the frames are made of plastic, use the window sill, which manufactures manufacturer. For wooden windows cheaper and more practical option is to use laminated countertop. It is wider and stronger than plastic, and a variety of colors will pick up a shade to match the curtains.

Beautiful window with a wide sill during the winter holidays are becoming a kind of stage-box, where fairytale characters are placed. New Year paintings on the windows will complement this installation in the house and create a festive atmosphere. Figures paste on the window for the New Year - the most affordable method of applying images on glass. To do this, cut paper stencil, moistened with water and applied to glass. Whipped toothpaste applied by spraying on the cut place and allowed to dry. This method of application produces the effect of snow. Figures on the paint box, perform thick watercolor or gouache.


Cornice - an important part of interior. He delineates the upper boundary of the window, and its appearance plays a decisive role with regard to the design of curtains. In other words, If the eaves and curtains do not match, it is perceived as a mismatch eave curtains, and not vice versa.

Карниз на кухне
The color and design of the eaves must match the curtains

Depending on the amount of suspended curtains cornices are:

  1. Single Row. Such systems allow to hang a curtain or a tulle.
  2. double row. It includes hanging curtains with tulle.
  3. Three-Row. These ledges suspended except curtains and tulle also pelmet.
  4. With a lifting mechanism for Roman, blinds.

The combination of the cornice to the interior of the material depends on, from which it is made:

  1. plastic.
  2. metal.
  3. wooden.

Important! With the help of the eaves with curtains adjust the window size. If a narrow opening, the wide cornice visually expand it. Ceiling cornice lift the low position of the window.

The best way to decorate windows for the New Year - to issue their Electrogarlands. To secure the garland in the window during the holiday season it is best to use a cornice. Light LED models are fixed using double-sided tape, heavy wrapped around a curtain rod or tied to it with thin ropes.

types of curtains

A variety of types of curtains makes the process of registration of the kitchen window a creative and fun. To you arrange the window in the kitchen curtains, you must consider the size of the opening, interior style. Specificity of the kitchen limits the choice of the type of material for curtains. For areas with soot, scents, fat and high humidity are unsuitable white curtains. Kitchen suitable synthetic material or fabric impregnated with, repelling dust and moisture.

Шторы на кухне
Colorful curtains on pollution is not visible

Important! It is recommended to choose a material with variegated coloring, because on it will not be noticeable small spots, which over time will necessarily.

Choose the right model is not just, because the list of varieties of impressive curtains:

  • French and Austrian.
  • In the classic style.
  • At Eyelets.
  • Roman and roller blinds.
  • Japanese panels.
  • Jalousie.
  • Cafe curtains.
  • With festonami and lambrekenami.

For kitchen design is often used a combination of several models. Classic models are made of tulle, side panels and pelmets. In the classic version is a three-row model. These curtains fit different fabrics and combinations thereof, which is a huge plus. Simplified combination consists of one short tulle pelmet.

Тюль и ламбрекен
The combination of tulle and pelmet - ideal for kitchens

Roman model combines aesthetics with practicality and brevity. Vnakladku or set inside the opening, that does not interfere with the full use of the sill. Often used in combination with lambrequins, curtains, curtains. Festive garland at the window with internal Roman curtains hung on the line, stretched in the upper part of the opening.

Cafe curtains - are short curtains on the kitchen window. Set in two ways: cornice mounted inside the opening in the middle of the window or the wall above the door opening. In the first case it is draped curtains, in the second - a short tulle with lambrequins. Model Cafe provides maximum room lighting, ideal for small kitchens.

The most simple holiday decoration curtains in the kitchen is to be tied cloths ribbons with cones, Christmas balls. If you have time and have patience, cut out of colored paper snowflakes or letters, of whom are greeting inscription. Attach them to the curtain pins.


Window decoration - the final stage of repair, which is attended by all members of the family. Curtains with conveniently chosen design for a long time will take root in the house, and time spent on holiday decorations on the windows always add warmth to a home atmosphere.