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Subtleties of design small kitchen

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All housewives know, the more space on the kitchen, the easier it will be to prepare and relax with your family at the dinner table. Designers often have to work through projects small kitchens, because in our country, apartments in apartment buildings can not boast a large quadrature. If a small kitchen design think through to the smallest detail, the room will be comfortable and functional.

Design a small kitchen
To choose a small kitchen built-in cupboards

Beginning of work

Design small kitchen It depends on such factors:


  • Registration, choice of color palette of the walls, floor and ceiling, placement of furniture. On what colors will be selected, It depends visual expansion or contraction cuisine;
  • Lighting. The more light in the room, so it seems more spacious, besides better seen your culinary creations and work on them;
  • Furniture. The more the kitchen furniture is worth, there is less free space. Do not put anything extra, should do a small corner sofa, hang on a wall locker, put appliances on top of one another, if it turns.

Council: stools instead of chairs buy, who can shove under the table and save the missing space.

Making a small kitchen

Before, how to get repairs for a small kitchen, we should remember several important rules:

White ceiling in the kitchen
If you want to visually make the ceiling higher, paint it white

  1. Dark ceiling with light walls make the room below, but the volume. therefore, if you want to visually make the ceiling higher, paint it white.
  2. Lighting. If a small kitchen with a window of small size, do not close it, short enough to hang tulle or sheer fabrics. Make sure, so there was a lot of light - Chandelier, sconce, fixtures, mounted LED light bulb in the ceiling and the kitchen furniture, especially above the working area.
  3. Suspended ceiling of gloss, which will make the area visually wider and taller.
  4. Deeper rectangular design small kitchen make mirrored surfaces and glass.

Council: in the upper cupboards kitchen units make the glass door, more glass should be on the front door.

small kitchen design

What size would not have been a kitchen, place the main light in the middle of the room, preferably in the center of the dining area or islet.

Council: give depth to the room with tile mirror image of the furniture and walls.

transformation furniture

Design solutions for small kitchen furniture depend on the, as well as your personal perception of its placement. Before starting the registration determiner, what will be the furniture, and where you put it.

Fitted wardrobes

In the design of a small kitchen with high ceilings are ideal built-in cabinets on the walls. Make a lot of shelves, to accommodate all the necessary items and glassware, attach it to the back of the doors a few hooks for towels and oven gloves.

Built-in cupboards in the kitchen
In the design of a small kitchen with high ceilings are ideal built-in cabinets on the walls, where you can store a lot of useful things

Council: a thin tube hang in the cabinet under the sink, This will provide an opportunity to place the bottles and means for washing dishes, suspended for spray.

If you have a square the size of a small kitchen, You can increase its space. To do this, discard the upper cabinets, and make it small thin shelves, where the posting: spice, cutlery, souvenir utensils, and put on the table for plates dryer. Knives hang on magnetic tape, attached to the wall near the work area.

Council: above the lower cabinets hang some beautiful lamps.


Cooling appliances put next to the battery, oven or stove - this is a very bad idea. The best thing, if next to the refrigerator will be placed wall, and the door will be opened in its side, otherwise greatly open the doors of the strike, who will be with her.

Fridge in the kitchen
The best thing, if next to the refrigerator will be placed wall, and the door will be opened in its side

  • If a the kitchen to the refrigerator is not room left, put it in the corridor or near standing room, if possible. maybe, the best option is to walk a little bit and take products, than restart the kitchen and not be able to turn it;
  • choosing a fridge, give preference to high, but narrow models, than wide with two doors;
  • Refrigerator white or with a smooth surface will make the kitchen visually larger and deeper.

with window design small kitchen

Chairs and tables

Select plexiglass chairs with metal frame, especially if the plan is to expand the square room space. Table buy a transparent glass, but durable countertop, so that during impact it does not burst cup.

Design small square dishes should be kept in the same style, agree, High-tech furniture is not harmoniously look at the background of the Victorian chandeliers, Retro wallpaper or Empire decor elements.

Window, passing in the table

Council: select a set of chairs or stools, which after application are formed as a transformer. Do not be afraid to ask the seller, surely they will offer you a lot of interesting options.

design small kitchen with window, passing in a table or an extra work surface - alternative for areas with a quadrature. The Truth Behind a window sill-table together 2 man. If you have a big family, part sits at the table, what about children, for example, extra table.

Combine the kitchen with other rooms

If you did not go to visually enlarge a small kitchen, combine it with a living room or dining room. To do this, demolished the wall between the kitchen and the main bathroom, and the arch formed.

Council: the perfect solution - a sliding door or horizontal blinds. The doors can not do, but that during the preparation of the smell from the kitchen was not distributed through the house, them at least for the time necessary to close, because the hood itself can not cope.

kitchen, combined with living room

Design for small kitchens and common rooms is a half-measure, that makes two small rooms into one big and functional.

Types of walls in homes:

  • In Khrushchev or small families living kitchen with combined fine brick wall, so breaking it will not be difficult;
  • New high-rise buildings have small kitchen pantry, which are best converted into part of the kitchen and give it more space.
  • If there is a load bearing wall between the kitchen and living room, it is not necessary to break yourself, better to call professionals for help, which will not damage the wall.

a small kitchen with a window

Combining the kitchen with another room, care should be taken about the division into zones. Wall design for a small kitchen and a living room plays an important role, because it can be done several areas - the kitchen with working space, dining room with table and chairs, as well as a living room with a small coffee table and sofa.

Council: select each zone a different color, which passes smoothly from one to another. Above each area hang different lighting elements, there, where it is appropriate to make light, and where not - dull. Kitchen set, hood and oven can be identified neon blue or purple lights in high-tech style.


The window in the kitchen does not necessarily match with the window in the living room, conversely, make them different - the kitchen light curtain, Tulle and in the living room with thick curtains of different colors.

with window design small kitchen

Divide the two zones by using different colored yarns curtains, it will be interesting and original.


Small kitchen furniture should preferably be white or pastel, that visually increase the space, and put a large comfortable sofa straight or corner in the living area.

White furniture in the kitchen

Council: between the kitchen and living room make the bar, Put high chairs, and hang a few lights on top and fastening for glasses. Surely everyone will be nice after a hard day's work to spend time here with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.


Decorate the room combined twice more pleasant, than each individually. In this case, aligning the same decoration elements:

  • Vases with fresh flowers or artificial decorations;
  • Vases with plants;
  • Paintings and frames with photographs;
  • Lamps and sconces.

Make the kitchen of your dreams, even if it is small, no problem. the main thing, turn on the imagination, and boring room will turn into a fun and comfortable place for a fun pastime of your family.