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Hanging Holder for glasses and bottles of wine: interesting accessories for bar counters

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The definition of the bar countertop any falls in the apartment, elongated and height exceeding the standards of conventional dining table. Element, borrowed from the restaurant design, from its direct purpose rack distanced bar significantly. Bar called as a freestanding surface with a plurality of shelves, storing kitchen accessories, and small hinged countertop near the wall.

Beautiful bar
The bar counter in the kitchen is not only convenient, but very romantic

Types of bar counters

Briefly about the varieties of bar tables.

  1. The bar counter for the convenience of the kitchen-ostrova.Dlya housewives large kitchens, basic elements - a plate, washing, worktop - equipped in the middle of the room. The opposite direction usually decorate the bar, which can serve as a place for a quick lunch or dinner.
  2. Rack - the continuation of the kitchen poverhnosti.Takoy view of the bar is the most common standard in the design of kitchens. Table top working surface passes in a straight or curved table. Support for bar serves fasteners for countertops, supporting it on the floor and to the ceiling. On this tube is attached various accessories for the bar. In this embodiment countertop bar can be located in different places and embodiments: with support and without, rounded and perpendicular.
  3. A small table near the wall. This solution for kitchens with limited space. Such bar table It replaces the kitchen dining table for family nemnogolyudno. In a small kitchen in the rack - table fit sill. Snack before the window - a combination of business with pleasure.
  4. Reception - peregorodka.Obustroystvo kitchen - studio involves zoning area. Appointment of the bar in this case - the division of space in the kitchen and the living room or dining room.
  5. The bar counter direct naznacheniyu.Svoe direct destination takes stand, set in a large living room. The package is of such a bar necessarily includes a holder for wine bottles, bar glasses.

Island bar
Island bar - very popular and looks alone

In addition to differences in purpose, bars are divided into open and closed; multi-level and single level; with support and without.

Accessories for bar counters

Type and purpose of the bar dictates the need for a set of accessories for it. Use as a compact dining table does not require a lot of extra items. Bottle holders,, and many other accessories for hanging the bar only overload the already cramped space.

The opposite case - the use of the rack itself as a bar. Hanger for glasses, wine bottle holder act as mandatory elements.


Mobility, convenience store and care - these qualities are endowed with roof rails. It hung on a specially designed pipe, in a convenient order accessories for the bar to the kitchen:

  • Single-stage and dvoyarusnye shelves for various trifles,
  • Hanging shelf for glasses.
  • breadbaskets
  • Various containers and hooks.

The material used for manufacturing aluminum systems reylingovyh, plastic, steel or copper. Methods for fastening pipes are divided into horizontal rails, vertical, false.

Council: Hanging Holder for glasses and stemware will relieve the space above the bar, and leave space on the built-in shelves for other goodies.

Curtain accessories

Accessories for bar counters design varies depending on the destination rack, attachment method, material and forms.

The bar counter in the kitchen
Fittings on the bar can be different, it all depends on your imagination and possibilities

Options for other purposes

  • Resting place with friends assumes that all accessories for cooking and consumption of drinks. Place holder for glasses on the bar, stemware, Cupboards, tableware, bottles advisable on multi-level system reylingovoy.

Attention: composition at several levels, With mounting flanges, reminiscent of the atmosphere of the bar, appropriate it is for that intended use. For dining space is a design looks silly.

  • stand, as an additional working surface, issued a set of shelves, hooks, nets, that store all sorts of little things and devices for continuous use.
  • At the counter - appropriate table will be set breadbox, for fruits for the bar, Holder for cutlery.

mounting method

  • Central - shelf is attached around the pipe, at the center.
  • swivel shelves. They are attached to the pipe so that the side handle, you can always turn into a convenient side.
  • system, which are attached to the ceiling.

Function and material

  • holders.
  • hangers.
  • Universal fasteners.

The most common materials for accessories - metal, metal in combination with glass, less plastic. Color - chrome, gold, Bronze - pick the style of the entire kitchen environment.