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Dream in 5 meters: bar in a small kitchen

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Furnishings and repair small rooms - a headache of many masters. Have to forgo your own preferences and tastes, putting at the forefront the room size. But if you come to the correct arrangement of space, with proper approach any corner of paradise can be done, kitchen and bar counters for a small kitchen appear in a typical Khrushchev.

The bar counter in the small kitchen
The bar counter for the kitchen has gained immense popularity in the modern interior

Where are you, inspiration: types of racks refectory premises

Small kitchen and bar - Is compatible? I guess, yes, but that's bad luck: lack of ideas to spoil the mood is not the same family, and pay for the design service agencies are willing to pay, not all. And yet, such a design is possible, and small bar It is not an unattainable dream.

And where do we look for inspiration? typical option: the Internet, but it is not always the most productive. Below we look at some original approaches to the layout of the room.

Cozy and nice!
The material is so varied, that looks very rich and expensive, but sold at a reasonable price

Children's toys - whether such children?

  1. Toy designers have created. This means, they had to fit in a very small space, and they did. Yes, they have realized your idea: use the maximum capacity in a minimum of space;
  2. Often, excluding the pink, they are, and colors - why not?;
  3. Use the ergonomics of children's toys - is not the only thing, which falls account. There is everything, it is necessary to use in the kitchen: Desktop, cooking zone, countertop, etc..
  4. Well, in the end look, as the designers arranged the secondary space: cabinets, shelves etc..

so, looking at the usual kitchenette child have the opportunity to choose the option of ready solutions. Add to the room the bar is not so difficult, enough to pick up the design, which fit into the style of cuisine.


Kitchen made films: Hollywood fans

I enjoy watching movies? The bar counter in the US kinoprome - a frequent guest. Travelers can review their photos of the hotels and, probably, note that this room-apartment will be a table-desk, which succinctly inscribed in 3-4 meter kitchen, and it does not interfere with the movement.

  • The bar counter can be used as a normal table bar for kitchen, so the kitchen with breakfast bar and can not contain the typical table;
  • In the end, you can make the kitchen a hotel style. Why not? Simple and functional.

Stand five meters: cunning plan

Bar racks for small kitchens is not the impossible desire. Of course, It can be problematic fit "all here", However, such problems can be solved. How does this make our compatriots?

Beautiful and cozy kitchen
Rich chocolate - this color betraying the wealth and luxury of wood

Two in one: cook and eat in the room

Here we look at how bars for the kitchen to get along in a typical five-storey apartment:

  1. The first important thing becomes a division of the kitchen into two zones: there, where we prepare and place all equipment, and the second, where we will have.
  2. At the entrance should feel free: can be dispensed from the door, making an input in the form of an arch. In this case it is necessary to abandon angular sets.
  3. Use wall cabinets for storage of utensils. Try to release the bottom of the kitchen from the excess furniture. The bar counter in the small kitchen should be almost the biggest object, which is located in the lower part of the room, because anything else outside the rack significantly load the remaining space.

bar in a small kitchen

The next way we mark up the area for the future of the bar:

  • At a distance of half a meter from the wall, adjacent the window, in zone meal, mark the beginning of rack space. Important, so that the label was not far from the window, but without blocking the space for walking.
  • The second point - the point, where the bar ends in a small kitchen. Consider, that the recommended width of the rack is 40 cm. Otherwise, again, it would be inconvenient to move ...

If you are not satisfied with the place, that remained under the working area, You can take cooking the bar. All equipment can be placed under the same rack, closing it with one hand decorative panelyami.Pomeschenie, in this way, save a few extra meters.

Cooking and eating
Bar counter underlines the kitchen and makes it rich

The bar counter in a small kuhne- as a key element

If you still prefer L-shaped kitchen:

  1. Install rack there, where the set ends, - or rather, its floor component, that is near the entrance to the kitchen.
  2. note, that the bar table for food should allow a place for anything. for example, the same technique. In this way, the distance between the bar and counter tops should not be too small.
  3. Pre-count countertops length, door under the bar must be free to open.

Plan the, where you will store bar chairs! And note, that for a bar table in the kitchen will not sit down for more than three people at a time. But young families without children - is an acceptable solution.

bar in a small kitchen

Installing your own hands

Difficulties with the installation should not appear, we gradually see, is born a bar counter in the kitchen. we need:

  1. drill,
  2. Level,
  3. hacksaw (metal),
  4. Meter,
  5. Hammer,
  6. screwdriver.

As well as consumables:

  • tabletop,
  • Corners Countertop, L shaped, size of 3 × 3 cm per meter countertop,
  • Pipe and fasteners for her,
  • metalware.


Algorithm for mounting the retractable embodiment in hruschevke

We proceed from the mounting height of the room - ie. pipe goes from floor to ceiling. Getting Started:

  1. At the site of our markup fasten fasteners, and fasten them on the countertop, passing the tube in place,
  2. Put the corners of the wall,
  3. On the corners put countertop (already fixed pipe),
  4. We align tube level and fasten (can be nails or screws).

At this allowed to complete, but we have to secure the upper part of the pipe:

  1. Fastened on the table top locking parts for the tube,
  2. We expose the pipe by the level in the latch, after the mark up under the ceiling zone screws,;
  3. We put on top of the fastening element and secured to the ceiling.

Do not forget, it is necessary to leave at least 15 mm to the ceiling, the pipe went into the lock!

Stand in finished form
Combined bar with a dining table

Ideas from the professionals: how to transform a small living room design

Not to finish our article only one installation, we give some practical ideas, that offer "diy" professionals:

  • Do not forget, that the kitchen bar will look much more attractive for spot lighting. Besides, for those, who are ready for a big restructuring, recommend to combine the kitchen in a single space with adjoining bathroom.
  • If the stove seems cumbersome, replace it with a set of other machines: multyvarkoy, steamer and microwave. They are more than replace the entire plate functionality and save space for something else.
  • Do not get hung up on the usual equipment. Explore offers, now the market break from household appliances and furniture, which is much smaller and more functional, rather than our customary units. Say no stereotype!
  • Sink-working surface: surprised? Use the special cover on the shell, to save space!

We cook and eat
Classical bar kitchen with dining table

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Summarizing interior small apartment

so, we understood, that the small kitchen with a breakfast bar and is not as unattainable dream. Assemble the bar is not so hard and with his own hands, and if you have money in the bins, possible and turn to designers. With the proper approach, and the patience of even such a dream becoming a reality, a small kitchen that is not a hindrance!