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Creativity in the style of Ikea: home bar

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Independently from kitchen area, You may wish to visit, that there was a full bar area in your kitchen. And what a bar without a stand - this is not a bar at all. And here the question appears: how can accommodate a bar in the kitchen interior, and do not take too much space. Bars have become so popular, that eminent manufacturers such as Ikea launches one-piece headset, which provide for the bar.

Bar furniture from Ikea
Bar furniture from Ikea in great demand

Features IKEA kitchen racks

so, repairs started, and you decide, the kitchen is equipped with a minibar - not such a bad idea. For whom will approach this decision? Fans of the bar atmosphere - in fact a mini bar - a comfortable place, where you can relax sipping a cocktail or, drinking coffee, follow the shkvarchaschey in a frying pan fried eggs. And if your kitchen unusually spacious, why not add to it a variant of the bar?

bar furniture

What is the magic of this design element? The regulars know sports bars, it's nice to sit on a high chair, enjoying their favorite team play on the big screen. Do bar hardly binds you with negative emotions.

We do not think, one bar takes you into the favorite place, but that's undeniable plus: it's your kitchen, your rules. In addition, the bar table where better than the traditional table: gathered a group of friends in a homely atmosphere, you are seated next to a friendly company

Types of bar counters

The bar counter from Ikea

The main types of racks are divided:

  1. Flatten - most frequently occurring variant. unlimited, rightfully, range of models and a variety of styles
  2. Duplex - design, wherein tabletop rests on two levels, wherein lower smoothly into the dining table
  3. Multilevel - type, style which provides top of all design special supports for glasses

What else is accented bar Ikea:

  • Additional spot lights throughout the structure;
  • Functional shelves and cabinets, giving additional space for pots and pans;
  • Stylized finish in the framework of the chosen style.

Bar counter Ikea

Not necessary, so the bar was "youth". Because, that the material during manufacture and finishing used varied, the rack will join in a classic design. Use more when decorating glass surfaces, to create a lightness.

Other features bar counters

For obvious use of bar tables and some are not obvious possibilities of using bars. Let's, you pooled the kitchen and the adjacent room, in this case, the living room area and kitchen separated by the bar. Interestingly, This design became part of styles, such as hi-tech and minimalist. Question of integrating the blue bar in the interior - the question of materials, from which it will be done.

The bar counter from Ikea mini

so, if you want to enter the purchased model in the already established interior, then you need to pay attention to the following things:

  1. materials, fabrication of which will be
  2. The shape and height of the model
  3. Optional accessories, like illumination, coasters for glasses, etc.

Materials used

As we have said, production is based on different types of materials - even ready models contain at least two materials. Acquired bar Kitchen IKEA vivid example. so, what material is used for making racks:

bar in the kitchen

  • Wood - the classic approach to the choice of materials;
  • Stone - also suited for classics and Provence;
  • Glass - a versatile material;
  • Metal;
  • composites.

choosing bar table Ikea, give preference to the same tones, which sustained kitchen. The same is true with materials, rack should not be evident because of the style of errors, the unity of color and material will generate harmony in the space of a room. Let us give one piece of advice: collecting the product yourself, the countertop is made from composite materials, because the composite:

  1. Shockproof;
  2. heat-resistant.

The bar counter made of glass

Such requirements are caused by, that the bar and turn the work zone, where food will be prepared.

Where is the bar ready

parenthesis: bar tables and chairs is preferable to buy a set of, in order to avoid differences in height table and chairs.

Therefore, zoning space with the help of this option, keep in mind the principle of passing height - designer bar stools are selected for a specific stand height.

Now the idea for cooks. If you love to cook, then choose the two-tier model and place the inside of the necessary equipment. In this way, the inner side is hidden from prying eyes - it is a pleasure to cook, because the height is just below it and sharpened. And sitting "on the bar" guests will not be distracted by manipulation while cooking Cooking. by the way, bar stool IKEA in their variations suitable for any design of racks.

The bar counter table

Individual projects racks: acceptable price

Can the kitchen to look for five-plus without bars? Yes, This is true, but the emergence of the flat rack in the interior brings a modicum of freedom. And your guests desk says about you, as a man of mind and searching for new things in old.

Not so long ago to find a rack in a private apartment was not an easy thing, but today for such a choice is leaning more and more people, provided, agree that such a step holders of various dwellings. In some cases, it is logical:

Inexpensive bar from Ikea
Inexpensive bar from Ikea decorate your kitchen

  1. The room allows separation of the kitchen into two zones: cooking and dining. Here stand stands just pograntsy between the two zones
  2. The kitchen is on the contrary too small, to put it in typical table. Here stand becomes sacred meaning
  3. Studios. Here, a bar and acts as a separate element, and as an extension of the working surface. In principle - it is also used as a boundary


The IKEA catalog you will find a rack for your taste. Also, there are bars on the market of the Russian manufacturers, whose product is as good as European goods. By bringing its stand, Do not forget, that it can and must see bar stools at IKEA.

The main thing - do not forget about style and composition, then turn your kitchen into a home mini-bar. Bar counter for kitchen Ikea modern and high quality.