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What is the bar in the kitchen looks better and operates

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American culture is stronger and stronger part of the Russian daily. From literature and movies Western traditions of life penetrate us, arrangement of apartments and other small items. One of these things - the desire to build on kitchen bar. Why not, bar counters Kitchen can replace a bulky tables and give the interior elegance.

bar counter
Bar in the interior of the kitchen - a great opportunity to create a light atmosphere, have to communicate over a glass of wine

In fact, bar accessories suitable for lunch, and for the intimate parties. What is remarkable, Some designs require the completion of this element. Even in a classic design, where the material - wood, bar of wood becomes a harmonious complement. Yes, adding the decision thin Soul Kitchen.


So what do we benefit, if the choice fell on a home bar:

  1. Waiver of the usual table: Save space for useful technology
  2. Additional work surface: on the dining table onion cut yourself, a variant of the bar height for cooking - a logical decision
  3. Mighty Assistant for snacking on the go - does not necessarily sit at the table, to eat, good, rack geometry allows
  4. Nice place for an evening with friends or a morning coffee. Any model fits into the interior soothingly

Choosing a model for a particular design

First priority is determined by the overall design of the room, and then with a particular embodiment of the bar. This is done to avoid the stylistic "blunders" - a wooden bar in the kitchen hi-tech style will look awkward. so, be based on what range of home bar:

Luxury kitchen
Bar table - always emphasize aristokartizm and luxury

  • In the spotlight - material, from which it will be made
  • Then there is the bar diagram, which corrects the premises with an area of
  • Oh and to top it - a specific size of its individual elements stand

Based on this selection the following questions arise, which we will address paragraph below:

  1. Give preference to the bar length or compact,
  2. How to enter a bar in a small kitchen,
  3. Modular bar or classical variant,
  4. Which form to prefer, to avoid losing precious meters.

In fact, these unknown and much more with plenty of funds to better address such issues, resorting to the help of designers and installers Spezia. But also their own hands to triple bar is not as problematic, as it seems. The only real drawback - too wide variety of options and restrictions on the style and means. note, that choosing a specific model should then be, When completed the stage of designing the kitchen - this will save time and obschityvaniya sizes and help you choose a specific design.

Stand portable
Modern bars are very diverse both in functionality and in its placement

Model stands on a small combined kitchen-living room: plenty to choose from?

bar bar, and for kitchen manufacturers produce typical family bars, which belong to categories:

  • Club semicircular models. This option requires large kitchens, Khrushchev in it just does not fit. Popular and rightfully youth options. of the benefits: under the panels stand hiding appliances, and the rack itself, by the "bartender" is easily mounted stove, dishwasher, etc.. Such variants are equipped with a convenient top, where the shelves are placed, boxes, or find a place, where he began Hanging stand for glasses.
  • Variants with two levels. Here everything depends on the functionality principle: located on the bottom of the working area or working surface, at the top - the actual surface of the bar. Here, the table area is on the top of the, from the "client" of the counter in the kitchen with two levels
  • Whole model - island bar in the kitchen. Such an option for the bar to the kitchen is better to place in private homes. This model takes up more space in the whole series, it is represented by a circular rack in center of the room. Occasionally it goes countertop. It is convenient that the design, that all necessary equipment is placed in the rack area.
  • Classics of the genre. Typical bar with a chimney, fixed to the floor or ceiling. Their height varies within a half meter. Ergonomic such embodiments the, they do not take up much space and equipment for them are bar stools on wheels. It is recommended to use this model in the apartments, where he lives no more than two people, and no small children. Also worktop used as a work area. Some models include interchangeable tabletops.
  • hybrid option. In this model, accessories for bar counters kitchen is an extension of the working element. There are options, where worktop goes into the table, however in this case it is less Model. Here, it is logical to choose two options: between the shape of the letter G or P. In fact, it's a nice and not expensive.

bar in the kitchen

Home bar and can not get up tightly. In the market and mobile options, What is a bar-transformer with a rotating mechanism. In addition, there are other structures, who "cleaned" as unnecessary, in order to save space.

Folding racks in the interior with top

If the kitchen - typical five meters, it is a small hinged bar kitchen sleek and economical option. If you traveled by train, vaguely represent, that underlies this design

This rack is not difficult to remove at any time, folded fulcrum. In this case, she should countertop holder fixed to the wall, and not hang down as a dispensable. And it is - not a bar counter with chairs, unfolds, where you wish.

Folding bar in the kitchen

Important, that the fixing is carried out at a convenient for you side - it all depends on the overall kitchen space and the goals of the workpiece.

Bar on wheels

most ergonomic, but expensive option. This bar Transformer for kitchen in the folded position like a normal table, and is equipped with wheels. disassembling it, you get a small bar with compartments for storage. Selling big-ticket options, that can be converted into a full bar rack with all its delights.

Bar on wheels
Bar on wheels - it is very convenient, and today is an extremely important element in the kitchen

More on Transformers

The bars are convenient? To begin with - it's a mobile bar, which can "take with you" in the right room. unique design, which changes the shape of the table position in the position bar, and even change individual elements. Such a mobile bar is able to change the size of parts: If you want to increase the countertop - please, adjust the height of countertops - no problem! In addition, the Absolute to save space. And the number of seats for guests varies, It is to make sure that, that for supplies for the bar in the kitchen fit for a particular model.

What do: materials for racks

No restrictions on materials, most importantly do not forget the following. You must clearly understand, the bar must be in the same style, and that the kitchen, If you are using fixed model. Otherwise, go away from the canvas style. But in the end, Types of bar counters kitchen fit into any space.

Do not forget, that the basis of a harmonious design - a sound approach to the choice of colors and materials. Therefore, components for bar stools should also be selected as part of the style: whether it is close-fitting for seats or covers on the back.

Bar in the kitchen
Bar table - a great idea for a large, combined and small kitchens

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We hope, The text has helped you expand the idea of ​​home bars in the apartments and answer the question, which rack is better to choose a design selected.