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The lures and bewitches Ikea kitchen in the style of Provence

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why Provence style so many fans? Because it is easy, air and infinitely soothing style. There is nothing surprising, Provence style that is selected in the interior, for the most part people, tired from the daily bustle and want to dive into the bliss umirotvoritelnoe.

 Provence in the interior
Classic Provence in the interior of the kitchen: timeless design

kitchen in the style of Provence by Ikea, as well as any other of their product, not only full of grace and contains all the classic elements of style, but also extremely functional. In recent years, Ikea is increasingly shifting towards small, but functional - due to rotating and moving machinery - Kitchen.

Provence: what is it and what is eaten?

first, that celebrate man, not associated with the style - it's bright panoramic windows with transparent tulle. Probably, this the most noticeable feature of the design and the integral element when the kitchen design.

Initially, the style of Provence did not stand out as a direction, and simply dominated the homonymous province. It is important to understand, that the original decoration in this style is designed for a country house. Outside and inside a house looks perfectly - the building becomes part of the local nature, and the content - and the continuation of its elements.

The peculiar design simplicity makes Provence cuisine relatively low compared with other styles. And one of the principal advantages is, that many elements of the decor can be done by hand. Bright shabby tree, decorative stone surfacing materials will be excellent and will make notes of aristocracy in any room.

kitchen design
It is difficult to imagine kitchen design in the style of Provence without the numerous figurines of animals and birds

Now let's look, it relies on the interior of the kitchen in the style of Provence:

  • Provence - nature style. It would be appropriate to use a moderate amount of plants and flowers, and the usual decorative vases
  • Textiles desirable choose natural. Lightweight fabric with an unobtrusive floral pattern will be very helpful
  • The walls are kept in light colors and slightly roughened due to the artistic plaster
  • Interior decorations in the style of Provence are kept in pastel colors. The color palette is selected tender and not bright, the emphasis is on natural and sunshine. Do not use color, not found in nature.
  • Metal Art - one of the most important elements of style. The emphasis is on things shabbiness, showing its usability, fun, but the chandeliers in the style of Provence are sometimes specially made with a touch of rust
  • An additional and primary colors are muted, if faded by time
  • With the ability to, Give preference to manual operation. French style is complemented tablecloths, towels and other minutiae from flax. Drawing is welcome simple and plaque carelessness.
  • Took a basis IKEA kitchen the named style adapts to the dyad decor - the rest of the kitchen color style. for example, buying kitchen yellow tones it would be absurd to complement its shades of green.

imitation antique
Kitchen in the style of Provence includes imitation antique

Do not forget, that the style of Provence - a copy of the created nature. Must be filled with the spirit of the kitchen of aged, bringing it either really old, either created artificially. The kitchen IKEA interior all must show the relevance of, old lamps in the style of Provence, paintings in the style of Provence artificially shabby, landscapes they blacked out.

The palette of colors in the kitchen of Provence

Since the style has come to us from the countryside, We need to understand, that combination of colors vary within wide limits, the only rule here - the lack of brightness and showiness. This freedom of choice confuses the consumer and the question arises: what to choose? Choose should support on the style of the whole apartment, the available budget, and color preferences. There are a large number of ready-made solutions, which can be found in agencies. We consider the commonly used options

Pale blue and white shades of tranquility

Finesse - the main feature of the French countryside, I feel it even in the most unseemly things. Due to which this is achieved? Let's look at some of the details in the near approximation:

  1. The walls are decorated with a barely noticeable pattern, So, so far away they seemed monophonic
  2. broad, but a small chandelier Provence cuisine at the center will add charm environment
  3. style line even sideboards: dishes in the style of Provence with light patterns in line with the country in harmony with the natural Headset, which will look nice sustained in a greenish color
  4. An essential inhabitant of a kitchen - a bulky wall clock, made of wood and glass. Pendulum clocks here are the place.
  5. A plurality of fixtures in the working zone, be decorated cloth or light border regions the forging of metal

blue nuance
Blue nuance in Provence style kitchen interior

Pay attention to the important detail of this style: Provencal kitchen accept only wooden floors and light wood, use tile or laminate flooring is not recommended, since such material will strongly stand out from the kitchen naturalness.

Grow a tree and build a house out of it: the magic of natural wood

Finish natural wood provide your kitchen unsurpassed comfort and warmth of rustic furnace. In the homeland of this style is used wood and stone, other materials are rarely even as additional. But the weakness of the interior - it's strict monotony, though pacifying.

Such dark golden combination is considered to be male: strict lines and transitions like most men. French is not surprising, because far from cities traditionally engaged in cooking man.

by the way, do not forget about the risks, because the wiring runs under natural wood, so it must be well insulated, and the very wood handle with special means, prevent burning.

Plus wood style is, that it does not weigh down the room, and adds air to it. So small kitchen will look elegant when choosing a style of. A corner beams in the ceiling will help to smooth out the bulky lighting fixtures, if you choose for the kitchen chandelier forged in the style of Provence.


Regarding the furniture we recommend the following:

  • In addition to the use of metal chandelier in the form of candlesticks
  • Wooden rack for dishes beside the sink - a stylish and practical element for drying dishes freshly laundered
  • exhaust system decorated by old pipes (like gutters) or under the twisted tree
  • Bright worktops unevenly dyed wood

Approaching the finish line say, Provence style that still requires a certain amount of space, so the design is typical in Rust odnushek this area will look a little ridiculous. Choose this style is only with a clear understanding of the desired and there is enough space for the realization of dreams. Kitchen in the style of Provence from Ikea it is fashionable, stylishly, reliably.