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The ideal plan Ikea kitchen: secrets of success

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Ikea furniture now at the peak of popularity due to the presence in the catalogs are not beaten a quality environment for the kitchen or any other room in value, which is commensurate with the income of a particular buyer. The manufacturer offers a variety of planning decisions, making possible to experiment with color, finishing materials, decor. The result is a holistic picture of the completed, in which all the nuances of thought, down to the accessories and household appliances.

Ikea kitchen
Ikea kitchens are very popular in our country

How is the plan

Ikea design is constantly updated, going improvement of the quality of materials, execution sets, expands the color palette. Presented in the following directories options show different stylistic directions, compliance with certain financial opportunities, so everyone can find the project here Ikea cuisine for a specific room. The main thing - to perform a competent kitchen planning, taking into account aspects described below.


kitchen design - an extremely important process, on which the, how stylish, functional and unique to the zone of cooking and eating food, and will this room a favorite place the whole family. It focuses on a number of points.

First of all, defined style, which it is planned to arrange space. The style determines the colors of the kitchen facilities, especially furniture set execution, accessories. Then, to make precise measurements, with the picture should be the fullest possible, to plan for the kitchen was completed with a positive result without fitting furniture.

Important, so that eventually there were such indicators:

  • The height of the room;
  • The distances from the window opening of the door and to the kitchen corner;
  • The width of each wall;
  • Location of elements of the heating system, ventilation ducts;
  • The dimensions of the window openings, doors, height and width of the sill with its distance from the wall angle;
  • Distance from the windows and doors from floor, ceiling.

Ikea kitchen planning
Planning Scandinavian cuisine is very simple

When drawing a plan additionally labeled switches and sockets, sewer drain, water feed point and the gas, since Ikea kitchen planning must take into account such elements.

Interiors from Ikea after the preparatory phase are detailed in a special planner, accessed on the Internet for anybody not limited. The program allows you to create a project on an individual basis in the form of 3D-image, selecting a suitable option linear, parallel, L-shaped, island layout. Designing kitchens Ikea thus implies the possibility of adjustment, changing furniture configuration items. That the process went smoothly and without a hitch, previously offered to read a guide for consumers.

Ikea kitchen

How to deal with household appliances?

Ikea interiors, you can create, Using specially designed for the equipment of the brand Whirlpool, which looks perfectly in any environment. Appliances Ikea Kitchen characterized by a safety operation, economy, functionality, ease of use. It is possible to envisage the simultaneous supply of furniture and equipment required position, just select the washing Ikea Kitchen, effectively solving the problem of planning.

Home Appliances Ikea kitchen
The Ikea furniture is very much under the built-in appliances

Attention to decor

We are talking about all kinds of accessories, which are always present in the interior of the Ikea kitchen, filling the space with a homey feel, elegance, creating a unique flavor, which becomes the hallmark of the house. Under the accessories are meant not only vases, suspension structures for dishes and kitchen utensils, but towels, prihvatki, tablecloths, chair covers - Textiles, without which the kitchen is unthinkable.

Also, interiors from Ikea - an exclusive furniture, facilitating the use of the furniture system reylingovye, embodiments sectioned dividing cabinet interior space. Due to these elements the situation becomes functional, It carried out its clearance in accordance with the tastes of the owners home.

 Ikea kitchen planning

Determine the lighting

Ikea kitchen modeling involves, and such an item, the choice of lighting devices. Harmonious and complete looks only such premises, which provides complete illumination of the working zone, plate lights, fixtures, creates a special atmosphere at the dinner table. To take into account all the nuances, you should use the following tips:

  • Kitchen - one of the most suitable premises for the combination of several types of light;
  • General Lighting usually organized by chandeliers located in or distributed on the ceiling spotlights;
  • Illumination of workplaces organized using functional lamps;
  • If desired, a decorative light environment complement, illuminating LED ribbon Drawer bottom.

kitchen lighting
Room lighting should be cozy

Switch for central lighting feature at the entrance to the kitchen at the level of the lowered arm, for the rest of the backlight used in a separate washing suitable location (near the illuminated zone).

Practical solution are switches with light brightness adjustment mechanism, that allows you to save energy and create the right atmosphere in a particular situation.

Focus on vertical surfaces

One of the main conditions for a competent kitchen planning becomes full use of wall space and existing vertical surfaces. Using the interior Ikea furniture, It fails to equip the kitchen through a specially designed storage systems, saving space without limiting functionality and comfort. The purpose of the brand - the organization of storage in full view of all the necessary details without overloading the room. This contribute to numerous reylingovye system and located on the wall of the storage device. Order these accessories can be in suitable colors and stylistic execution.

convenient Ikea kitchen planning

Do not forget about the open shelves, Wall cabinet with original paneled facades, repeating style kitchen environment. Such construction necessarily mounted above the sink or near cooking surface, which often need quick access to a place of storage of utensils, spice, kitchen appliances. Ikea furniture - this elaborate filling cabinets Special Section, through which inside is always a procedure. We are talking about the developed accessories brand Ikea 365+, RATIONELL. They are designed for compact storage package, lids for cans, small devices in the form of pegs, clips.

IKEA style kitchen

We can not ignore the dining room furniture this manufacturer. Dining tables and chairs Ikea are represented in various design and execution of colors, so they are guaranteed to become a central design element, emphasizing the uniqueness of the kitchen, its compliance with the trends of time.


In this way, plan kitchen with Ikea - is to get as a result of the functional, easy, but at the same time stylish and attractive interior, in which each thing has its place. As a result, the cooking process will be comfortable, adjusts to the positive, that necessarily affect the quality Serve dishes, appetizing appearance that emphasize a well-organized coverage.