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Nuances in the choice of kitchen tables and bar counters

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The trend of modern design - a compound of ergonomics and style of individuality, rational use of space and achieving a harmonious arrangement of houses. bar counter для кухни – это не дань моде. This arrangement of the kitchen element used in the kitchen area of ​​the apartment office studio, It replaces the traditional kitchen table. High table for the kitchen to become a favorite place for gatherings with friends and family, simultaneously working surface for cooking.

bar table
Bar table - quite trendy and modern solution

The variety of models, the use of multiple finishing options make it possible to apply the bar tables, even in the most unusual and small kitchens.

Modern models and originality

Bar table for the kitchen Classically embodiment - is a rectangular rack with hanging shelves for glasses and tableware. Imagination of designers in the design of kitchens, contribute to the creation of models of racks strikingly different from the classics.

corner kitchen

Corner L-shaped kitchen area, to which is added bar table, gets an extra work surface, converted into a U-shaped space. Non-winning corner kitchen area, supplemented with such an element to become compact. The bar counter is transformed from the working surface of the dining table.

Council: with low ceilings, and limited space is advantageous to install a mini - stand on a lightweight aluminum leg. The top shelf in this case will only add a sense of tightness.

U-shaped kitchen

U-shaped kitchen
U-shaped, stylish kitchen

This option is the location of kitchen furniture along three walls of the standard and cost. The bar countertop This embodiment is advantageous when the wall looks, becoming logical continuation kitchen surfaces. This stand can be attached directly to the wall, or stand flush on separate legs. Anyway, space is not overloaded. Location of the table against the wall with a window creates a cozy nook, where guests can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, watching the sunrise.

Council: high chairs at the bar imply higher its location, relative to the main surface. Using normal height chairs, the bar surface must be lowered slightly below the general level of.

Parallel kitchen with breakfast bar

The parallel arrangement of the kitchen furniture involves placing along two walls, parallel to each other, wherein reception is located, and. Since parallel kitchen furniture is most often used for building a narrow elongated shape, High bar table acts as dining. Place under the sink is used for the installation of home appliances, lockers utensils.

Kitchen - Island

Kitchen - Island
The interior resembles an island

This kind of food is beneficial looks in spacious rooms or in the apartment - studio. stand, Marked right in the center of the kitchen, It creates a kind of island. The base may also become a round bar table, and rectangular, indoor and outdoor. The island is equipped with all the necessary: sink, hob.

Features and Materials: shapes and sizes

  • Classic the bar of the genre - a straight rack, dimensions which subordinate the size of the kitchen. Used for surface, and as a dining table, or table for tea. may look, as a high kitchen table.
  • Bar table for the kitchen L-shaped arrangement allows a large group of people, It may be provided with a sink and a cooking surface.
  • Rack semicircular shape - a kind of a table in the corner of a small kitchen or addition to the main surface.
  • Round high bar table - a nice option to communicate, but let it currently can only owners of spacious kitchens.
  • Imaginative solutions to the most bizarre forms of bar tables are made to order for an individual project.
  • Bar table - sill is a good addition to the original layout of the balcony or loggia.

glossy kitchen
Bar table and high gloss furniture


Constructive solutions are also contemplated cooking racks in different embodiments, depending on the capabilities and needs.

  • Detached - For large or island kitchens.
  • On consoles - can combine working and dining room surface.
  • Folding bars, which can be folded as unnecessary - the perfect solution for a small kitchen.
  • Stands, which are at the bottom of built-in shelves and cabinets.
  • flatten
  • multilevel.


Bar table in the kitchen, whatever their role, must integrate harmoniously into the overall design. They are made of such materials, which are used in the design of the room, or combines with those. base become successful variant of:

  • drywall;
  • wood;
  • plasty;
  • metal;
  • wood-based panels.

Red bar
The red color in the interior of the kitchen

In private homes with a spacious kitchen is practiced even manufacture the fundamental bases for the bar made of stone or brick.

Countertops for the bar in the kitchen deserve attention. This item can be in tune with the whole composition, or may stand in sharp contrast contrast. The main requirement for the material tops - it is practical, durability. It is made resistant to the effects of moisture, detergent and should be suited to the requirements of the care of kitchen equipment. Such requirements are met worktops:

  1. glass;
  2. Stone natural or artificial;
  3. polymers;
  4. pottery;
  5. metal;
  6. Hardwood.

Council: safety glass tabletops meet all needs, Besides perfectly with any material kitchen units.

Proposals on

  • The advantage of the choice of form to become its functional purpose: aesthetic or practical.
  • Design the bar connected to the other elements are mounted or separate part.
  • Vertical space above the counter must be lit separately. Fill it with Riesling and shelves or not, It depends on the height of the ceiling.

We hope you will choose for themselves the best bar tables for kitchens. Leave your questions in the comments.