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111 ways to arrange the kitchen window

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In the kitchen, where the large part of our lives, It assumes a warm and functional environment, in which the central place is given to the window opening. In a room with beautiful windows pleasant not only trite to eat, but the rest.

Without windows and the kitchen is not the

If we imagine a beautiful kitchen with a window in the form of an art gallery, it will be a never-ending opening day, showing our view of the world. Let's try to take a closer look diverse window design in the kitchen, Photos are presented in a review article.


How to make the current window

Modern window in the kitchen does not necessarily need decorating. Minimalist style decoration decor often ignore windows.

Decor is not required, if the window itself exclusively, or has an unusual shape.

But most of the elements decorating the window opening is used to complete the image of the room.

Referring to the photo gallery of the windows in the kitchen, which reflects the different trends.

Stylistic solutions window decoration

To properly arrange the window in the kitchen, of a variety of decorating options you can always pick up the, that's right for you. Consider the interior windows in the kitchen with different styles.

  • Nouveau style distinguished by its use of modern materials.

  • Hi-tech uses curtains are not often - this style will suit the original organza.

  • The Scandinavian-style welcome minimum functional decoration: Roman shade or light curtains simple.

  • Curtain cafe, or "Grandma's window" - the curtains are fixed on the ledge in the middle of the window and does not interfere with natural light cuisine.

  • Country or Provence to conquer the ease and simplicity.

color options: from the colorful and bright - in a cage, peas, up delicate flowers and pastel shades.

  • French curtains differ abundance of wrinkles in the fabric, divided into sections. Making the interior atmosphere of luxury and celebrations.

Suitable for spacious dining rooms and harmoniously fit into the high window in the kitchen.

Simultaneous use with other curtains.

  • Austrian blinds resemble French, but not going over the entire height blade, but only at the bottom.

They are easy to use and unique look to any kitchen.

  • English curtain - "modest" version of the Austrian curtains: fabric with folds close to the edges of the fabric.

Elegant and strict, This curtain can be decorated with cords, ribbons and fringe.

  • Blinds and curtains can be hung onto the ledge using eyelets - reinforced with metal rings slots in the matter. Cloth Eyelets on slides easily along the ledge, creating a smooth folds.

These blinds are easy to use and will give the kitchen a restrained elegance.

Short curtains and lie flat when using eyelets.

  • Roman blinds are made up of several cross-sections, that when lifting stacked in neat horizontal folds.

This option does not increase the weight of the interior and convenient in small kitchens.

Roman curtains are easy to use and versatile in relation to any style.

  • In roller blinds fabric wound on top of the shaft.

comfortable option, when the need to save space in the window opening.

Popularly applying to bright rolls fotoprint.

  • Japanese panels - the fabric strip width 60-80 cm, which move along the window in a horizontal direction.

Curtain panels are functional and easy to care for.

  • Help decorate a window into the interior of the kitchen filament or rope curtains - interlacing threads or cords, spaced from each other.

Curtains and blinds - a relic or a classic?

When you look at modern windows, opinion on the relic is not confirmed. Everyone wants to comfort and sense of security, which to some extent provides design kitchen window it is through the curtains and tulle.

  • Classic curtains - smooth canvas fabric, flowing from top to bottom.

Classic decorate windows with openings in the floor.

The kitchen features a work area by the window pertinent shortened classic curtains to the sill.

  • Arched curtains - replacing the classic short curtains - made of whole cloth, forming an arcuate set in the central part.

Curtains-arch do not prevent the ingress of natural light in the room, not conceal the space and do not interfere with use windowsill as an additional work surface.

  • Along with arched blinds are often used pelmets, covering the upper part of the window opening, and bearing a decorative function.

Very harmonious arched pelmets.

Pelmets are often combined with other techniques of decorating.

Additional methods for decorating plastic windows

Besides the above, There are other ways of decorating windows. Some of them were less common, but also worthy of attention.


One of the popular ways to the functional design of the kitchen windows - blinds - easy operation and maintenance, durable and strong.

  • horizontal blinds - the most common design.

Materials for manufacturing: plastic, aluminum, bamboo, tree or imitation.

Horizontal blinds can close both windowed, and doorways.

They take up little space and can be combined with other methods of decorating.

  • Blinds-Pleated with small horizontal folds - do not succumb to the beauty of the curtains.

  • Vertical blinds visually increase the height of the room. are white, monophonic, color.

Multifacture vertical models are assembled from different texture and color plates, relevant to the broad window openings.


Shprosov - lattice layout or structural or decorative purposes. Usually, It used to strengthen glass.

Decorative muntin bars made of different materials.

Often form original drawing on glass.

internal shutters

Internal or interior shutters - Shatters - set, basically, in country houses.

Shatters relevant in the south, where he successfully protect the premises from the scorching sun.

but, and in the design of urban interior shutters are suitable for giving the kitchen an exceptional species.

Decor Glass

Stained Glass - one of the most beautiful ways to give uniqueness room.

Options window in the kitchen, decorated with stained glass windows combined with other decoration techniques, look organically and festive.

The window in the middle, and other options

Kitchen with a window in the middle - that, that is easiest to beat at the organization of space.

In the next photo set below the window in the kitchen fits perfectly under the window opening.

Modern model homes so pleasing architectural techniques, like bay window. It is possible to put a dining table.

Or move the work area, that will rest your eyes during kitchen work.

In the bay window sitting comfortably sitting area: comfortable semicircular sofa and an abundance of adjustable light is perfect for relaxing after a meal.

Compensation bow opening, decorated appropriately emphasize the grandeur of the dining area in a classic style.

Having a large window in the kitchen in the central part you can not worry about the additional coverage.

The table in the kitchen window allows you to admire the stunning views ...

... and enjoy the sunshine.

Move away from the central variant, the window in the kitchen on the right or left of the entrance is also the place to be.

When elaborate organization such planning does not detract from the merits of premises.

And in the tiny kitchenette to have a full working and dining areas.

If a small window

In this case you should not be upset, and to use the most of its presence. Well-formed interior of the kitchen and the use of light work surfaces enhance the luminous flux, coming from a small opening.

Do not get carried away by excessive decoration: minimalism - the perfect solution for it.

Even A small window in the kitchen the right approach would be room decoration.

Kitchen with two windows

This is not such a rare phenomenon occurs in older, and in modern homes.

In this case, the narrow windows look as interesting, as great.

One would find themselves deprived of the use of the wall, which went under the second window. But it is better to use the fantasy space Fireplace units.

2 windows in the corner room

If it happened, that you have a corner kitchen with window openings on adjacent walls, in the corner an excellent location work area.

It turns twice Workplace lighting ...

... and more opportunities to enjoy the view while working.

The recreation area also fit in a corner, open on both sides of the world.

dining room design 3 windows and more

More than two windows in the room is less common - usually, in private houses with individually designed rooms, or, where the kitchen combined with dining room or living room.

Even if the windows are small, they increased the number gives the room a special charm.

lots of windows for a great room - is justified.

panoramic windows, "Looking" to multiple parties, creates surround.

Large windows - a gift to the hostess, a kitchen with a large window to the floor - just a holiday!

These openings provide an ideal light and feeling of spaciousness, evoke positive emotions in the presence of a decent landscape behind the glass.

Work area and countertop window

If the room is narrow, it is necessary to pay special attention to, how to use the space at the window in the kitchen. Here, it is logical to place the work area or replace windowsill countertops.

Converted the window sill or table from the kitchen window is oddly bent, ergonomic form islands.

And a spacious kitchen space in front of the window - a popular place for housewives.

Living room with kitchen - more space

It is not new to the union in a common space adjacent rooms for us: kitchen, living room or dining room.

In many modern homes originally assumed such a combination - for example,, apartment studio.

Result association - spacious, multifunctional and comfortable light-filled room.

U-shaped kitchen - when everything is at your fingertips

Common option - rectangular room, in which items of kitchen furniture are arranged along the walls facing each other.

logically, to place in the window was the most involved. More often, in the U-shaped kitchen with the end of the window is used as a workplace.

But we can leave to the window or to arrange a free relaxation area.

Various embodiments of the balcony window with

Exit from the kitchen to the balcony has its own advantages in terms of additional storage space.

An interesting variant with a fully glazed door instead of a window, simultaneously unifying and delimiting the kitchen space and balcony.

Especially sunny in the kitchen with the glass wall, overlooking the balcony. Opening equipped with a door, which does not interfere with the movement.

Often attached to the kitchen loggia, removing the wall completely or partially. Then the balcony window becomes kitchen.

Balcony area after joining the kitchen can be a place for eating and socializing.

Or equipped with storage systems, turning in the work area.

Anyway, you will not lose, expanding the kitchen space at the expense of balconies and loggias.

The windows in a private house - room for imagination

Vacation home - a boundless platform for the realization of any fantasy of the organization and decoration of space.

There are practically no restrictions on design, and there is no need to coordinate redevelopment.

It is in a country house looks organically dining room and kitchen with a window in the floor.

And it can be used in the manufacture of windows of any shape and material.

Make a choice and decorate the space, adhering to personal preferences and ideas about beauty box!