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How to combine the kitchen with a balcony: practical recommendations

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Apartments in multi-storey buildings are small in quadrature with awkward kitchen layout, so the owners are all ways, to expand the space and make it convenient.

kitchen, room with balcony
To combine the kitchen with a balcony, you need to tear down the partition

Expand the kitchen due to the balcony - a good idea. Due to this, it turns more space, which can be used for other purposes, and not as a warehouse for old skis, boxes of shoes and other stuff.

kitchen with balcony

To perform a version of the kitchen with balcony, It needs a lot of time and effort, after the demolition of walls - it's not an easy job. In addition, the need to carry out additional wiring, and it also takes more than one day. If you want to combine a balcony with kitchen, follow the sequence of actions:

  1. Dismantle the window and doorway.
  2. dismantle sill.
  3. To move the battery to another location.
  4. Insulate a loggia or balcony.
  5. radiator mount.

This list is a simple operation, this requires the free time and the desire to, in this work can be done with their own hands, without attracting professionals, who will take over the combination kitchen and a balcony round sum.

open plan kitchen with balcony

When dismantling the window sill and window frame, consider the fact, that not each apartment it is possible to carry out, So, as in some cases, the supporting structures are crumbling. Before, how to get started, Read and understand the structure of the house and seek advice from architects, who are confident in further actions.

We combine the building right

When you start the combination kitchen and balcony, first decide, where there is a working area and dining, where you put the furniture and household appliances. Such a question, do not leave without attention, and solve it before, as you'll be spending restructuring. Surely you ask: why? Here is a list of reasons:

kitchen, room with balcony
When you start the combination kitchen and balcony, first decide, where there is a working area and dining, where you put the furniture and household appliances

  • From this division into zones depends, placement of furniture and equipment;
  • How easy is it to install and dismantle;
  • With the right balance of interior design will be the, as intended.

Balcony - a work area

If you spend a combined kitchen with balcony, different ideas to help you in this. option, when working area on the balcony with all the furniture and appliances, and dining area in the kitchen. To this end, it is worth considering all the difficulties, which will arise during the redevelopment.

Working area on the balcony
Before placing on the balcony of the working area, Insulate it

  1. First you need to insulate a balcony, this applies to both walls, gender, ceiling space under the windowsill.
  2. Stove and washing are carried out of the premises. reinstalling sink, complications will not arise, for it will extend the hoses for drainage and water ingress. As for the plate, It is increasingly difficult. If the electric stove, carry it, but if the whole house tenants use gas, you forbid transfer plate.

Important! If you spend an increase in the kitchen with the working area on the balcony, not engage in independent action, so it did not lead to lethal consequences. Consult with experts and obtain the necessary permits for the repair of the gas equipment!

A balcony - a dining room

If the combination of balcony with kitchen you do to, To make it a dining area, the assembling operation and transfer equipment are considerably reduced. To do this, just warming the floor, walls and ceiling, as well as some finishing work. This option is much easier, than the first. Balcony decoration design plays an important role, So, everything is in sight and should look stylish and functional.

Dining on the kitchen balcony
If the combination of the balcony with the kitchen you doing, To make it a dining area, the assembling operation and transfer equipment are considerably reduced

Kitchen-balcony is good, that due to the expansion of space you get, which lacked. It turns out almost too, that was before, only tolerated table with chairs or sofa.

Council: kitchen with dining area on the balcony buy a round or oval small table, and to his sofa and a couple of chairs. If the corner there is a free space, put to fridge. In this way, you expand the kitchen more space.

Pros and cons of shared balcony with kitchen

Merge balcony kitchen good idea, but, as well as any repairs to the restructuring, I have such an option has advantages and disadvantages.

kitchen, room with balcony
When combining the kitchen with a balcony you will be able to significantly increase the area of ​​the room


  • area increases. It's comfortable, If you have a small square or rectangular kitchen;
  • Comfort for the hosts;
  • When selling apartments, it increases the price;
  • In addition, natural lighting;
  • The original design of the balcony inside.


  • Long and difficult to dismantle the wall with a doorway. The process requires the presence of appropriate documents;
  • A wall with a threshold and sill is removed in all cases, often they have to be left in place;
  • If you have poor repair - a warm balcony remains a dream, or all of the accounts in a new remake.

Council: before how to combine the kitchen with a balcony, ask for help from architects and engineers, to help business and advice.

kitchen with balcony in one room

Warming and heating balcony

In addition to a stylish design kitchen with balcony should be warm. To carry out these works, We need special skills, which will help to make repairs properly and accurately.


Before you merge two premises, take care of the frame. It is better to give preference to the removal of welded structures, which are able to make the wind resistance at high level, and slightly increase the space. Facing the outside is done by siding. Such a material is good, that retains heat within the building and is resistant to temperature extremes.

Warming of the balcony

The next stage - warming balconies. To do this, fall back on 3 cm from the floor, and lay special for insulating materials. If doing floor heating, Extra bed rubber coating with heating elements.

Demolition of walls

In order to ensure free access to the balcony space, tear down the window to the balcony, and that rock, which separates the two rooms. If the baffle carrier, it in no way be demolished.

Council: in this case, from the sill make the bar or shelf for houseplants - this is an option, if the wall is not subject to demolition.

insulated balcony Apply for lining or other finishing materials, the main thing that came up in color and consistent style.


The kitchen is open plan with a balcony - practical, but make it more warm and. making repairs, make sure that, to temperature control was the same everywhere. To do so, an additional battery, and put it need not on the balcony, So, it is forbidden, and in the arch e.g..

beautiful kitchen with balcony

An alternative option would be heating electric heating convectors, choose who can be in electronics stores using the Seller. Such devices are put on the balcony or on the balcony, and connect to an outlet.

To choose the right convector, calculate, What area is heated - if before 10 quarter. m, it is a device with a small capacity, 20 quarter. m and more - means intended for such quadrature.

electricity supply

renovated kitchen combined with a balcony - it, which requires attention, why do so, To connect the device, and turn on the lamp was not a problem. This requires further conduct electricity to the balcony, put sockets and wall brackets, install spotlights with LED bulbs.

Electricity on the balcony
Do not forget, you will need to conduct electricity on the balcony

Council: if you do not spend work on the installation of electrical appliances, use an extension cord, who hide under the carpet or Palas.

Decorating and Design

When finished all the work on dismantling and insulation, enjoy a trim adjacent spaces. Kitchen and balcony together must be in one piece, with the same design and décor in the right style. Also, think about your future well design, which will hide all the flaws, if necessary.

The kitchen is open plan with a balcony design is completely different, it all depends on the preferences and fantasies.

  1. Classic style. This option provides a special renovated kitchen with balcony, which provides a rounded arch and advanced one in the form of a semicircle. Immediately above the balcony ledge and hang tulle, curtains 4 Collect pieces pendants. In kitchen and a table with chairs, pick a dark color. Welcome decorative elements and gold thread.balcony in the kitchen
  2. Modern style. This option is ideal for young couples. Working and dining area in the kitchen, and stands on the balcony bar and an additional table, to have a snack or drink tea, watching the scene outside the window. Kitchen and balcony are of the same design, it is best to carry it out is not much bright colors, fit: lime, blue, Violet. In these colors make kitchen - at the top of any of these colors, and for the lower cabinets suitable metal or wood tone. Bright color make blinds, buy chairs, to decorate the wall of the working surface.
  3. Provencal style. This design option will suit lovers of peaceful environment, which contributes to relax your body and soul. The combined kitchen with balcony, made in Provence style do all in bright colors - furniture, headset and the wall. Decorate a room can be flowered curtains, dotting everywhere vases with fresh flowers, Hang bird cage, small figurines on the shelves. On the windowsill, do the work surface with sink, and the center of the room set dining table.

Council: place on the balcony, two wicker chairs with cushions, and a round glass table. Here you can spend time at lunch or your favorite book.


Combining the kitchen with a balcony, Stick to the rules and conditions, In order to avoid difficulties in creating your dream kitchen.