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A small kitchen on the loggia: variants of decisions

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The original and functional design loggia, adjacent to the kitchen, involves equipping the premises so, that it took on part of its tasks. There are many options for implementing this idea, as well as many technical nuances. Consider these questions in more detail.

kitchen - balcony
Quiet and cozy relaxation area for a family tea party

Using a large space and balconies loggias 3, 5 and 8 Kitchen sq.m

Since it is assumed to use the balcony and open access to it, you need to take care of the insulation and the strengthening of structures. It is recommended for strengthening the window openings in brick walls and equip them with high-quality glass packets. It is necessary to insulate the exterior walls and move the heating system. The available space is necessary to use the maximum benefit, then the kitchen itself can be altered under the living room, which will add to your apartment one more bedroom.

kitchen on the loggia

Common options for rooms with a window

redevelopment options depend on the type of construction of the house. In some buildings to demolish the partition can not be completely, as it acts as a bearing support. To solve the problem would allow the jumper device in brick walls without changing the overall design. In this case extracted balcony unit, opening strengthened, but remains unchanged in configuration.

Selection of jumpers in the brick walls is based on the design of the load indicators. As the material is often selected metal beam.

Ideal - complete demolition of partitions, if possible. In this case, there are no restrictions in terms of placement of furniture. Loggia used as dining, main dishes or auxiliary space storing utensils and products.

You may need a separate arrangement of the door, eg, If loggia captures kitchen area, but access to it is available in another room. To cut through the door to the brick wall you need to consider the joints in the masonry. To cut the opening using grinders, sawn pieces of the wall knock mallet or hammer. Is required to create a support for the upper rows of bricks in the form of webs or tie sill.

Beautiful kitchen
Aligning the balcony he will emphasize the refined and elegant design

additional Features: connection to the living room

Re-planning allows you to move on to the balcony of the boxes and household appliances. They stand in the recesses on the sides, The central area of ​​use as a work surface. Communications imposition allow to distinguish between the active cooking zone and a dining section. Partition can serve as a bar or sliding the door to the kitchen.

The vacant space allows a fully fitted dining group. It is appropriate as a table with chairs, and a cozy sitting area with sleeper.

kitchen on the loggia

General information for the design of design

So the room was warm and cozy to take care of the arrangement of the floor and walls. Quality finish the loggia provides for a layer of insulation. Better to paint the walls - it's cheap and practical. Floor in a modern interior use laminate or tile. To heat a lining system is laid underfloor. Produced by amplification openings brick walls render over.

An interesting variant - the use of columns. They will take some of the load and is zoned space.

For clarity, on paper or computer is made loggias project. Design includes household appliances, garnish, table, decoration and other traditional elements.

Two in one
The space of the kitchen extended by the original layout of the balcony

Using the flaws in their favor: overall finish in the built-in room

In organizing the implementation of the ideas of space may prevent the shortcomings premises. Design a small lodge does not allow to place a full kitchen, but also beat the available area for the benefit of you.

No possibility of complete removal of partitions offers the prospect of everything for dining area. It is enough to fix the countertop and put chairs. You save money, since you do not need to purchase a separate table or order a support for him. Also often here equip the bar.

Narrow balconies did not allow to place headsets, but they can rebuild and make a bay window. This item will make the room bright and cozy, the window can be transferred to the countertop with a sink or make it a dining area.

Develop ideas for balconies with their hands not hard. Think about what's stopping you in the main room, and that this can be taken outside its limits.

beautiful kitchen in the loggia

Basic options of redevelopment, combining and combining facilities: out the door without it

Before you start designing the new environment need to calculate the partition brick wall, to determine the options available. A basis is necessary to take such opportunities redevelopment:

  1. full delivery kitchen balcony. If the area allows, you can completely move headsets and equipment to the loggia, freeing up room for other purposes.
  2. Appliances. Maximum release of the main room of the art. Such an embodiment is advantageous in, that allows the transfer of communications under the clearance space full recreation area.
  3. Table by the window. Cozy and bright dining space, and the room immediately free area. The table can be a separate, and connect with the sill.
  4. storage systems. Part cabinets suit in the side niches, that will offload the work area within the main room.
  5. bar counter. In place of the partition balcony unit arranged isolation zone. It is convenient to have breakfast or to transfer the finished food from the cooking zone to the dining table.
  6. Table-partition. Settling a full table on-site balcony unit.

It can be provided on it folding table for tea parties in the warm season

Proper strengthening of brick walls minimizes the limitations in terms of redevelopment.

interior decorations: blinds

Developing kitchen design, Combined with a balcony you need to consider the location of interior items. For the rational use of space are taken into account:

  • cooking stove and oven;
  • fridge;
  • washing;
  • wall cabinets;
  • drawers and shelves;
  • table and chairs.

luxury kitchen on the loggia

Of the items you can make yourself. Arrange the shelves on the balcony with his hands under the force of each. unobtrusive decor, compact curtains, kitchen textiles and accessories complement the beautiful loggia. The interior should not be overloaded with trivia.


Competent organization of space allows to place on a few square meters of everything you need for arranging a full kitchen.