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Modern doors for kitchen: 3 space saving fashion

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What is the owner of the apartment or a country house at least once in my life have puzzled over the question, install a door in the kitchen or not? And if so, then what better to install? These questions and now give rise to a lot of disputes, because this design method has about the same shortcomings, how and benefits.

Kitchen doors: the pros and cons of using the interior

Each person takes his own decision, but in order, to the door to the kitchen pleasing their owners, you must consider this issue from all sides. To begin, select their benefits.

  1. Security. This point is often a decisive argument for the parents of young children. a huge number of potentially dangerous objects are concentrated in the dining area, and it is important in the absence of adults to close the dining room from curious toddlers.
  2. Scents. Whatever it was not a strong extractor, sweet, arising during cooking, spread throughout the house. But even the most pleasant smell quickly bored households, and daily cooking food over time begins to only irritate.
  3. Aesthetics. Most of the homes of typical building has a number of unpleasant features: the presence of a number of bathrooms and bedrooms proximity. No one will give pleasure to have breakfast and watch, other family members use the toilet facilities. When the dining room is bordered with a seating area, brew coffee in the morning, without waking her beloved husband, impossible.

Deficiencies installation door designs are not many, but they can not influence the decision in her favor. The main disadvantage - the restriction of free space. Many owners of one-bedroom apartments, Wishing to increase the living space, demolished all the walls and turn them into the studio.


If you do not have a door to the kitchen, but you have decided to get her, It is worth pondering, which functional load it will carry. Often, this element of the interior is not just part of it, and a highlight. Equally important is the choice of materials, from which it is made.

The main varieties

Internal structures are classified in two main grounds: the materials used and the system is open. To choose a door to the kitchen, you need to have an accurate idea of, from which it must be made and as will be opened and closed.

Important! This element of the interior must integrate harmoniously into the overall style of the dining area.

It should be understood, that the massive construction of dark wood does not fit into interior with light, weightless tones, and glass swing system can spoil the impression of repair, made in classic style.

What better, glass or wood?

An important criterion in the selection is the practicality and ease of cleaning. This room has high pollution, and kitchen doors are exposed daily to harmful effects. Constant changes in temperature and humidity rapidly spoil appearance. It is important to understand, that proper kitchen door must possess high levels of strength and easy to be cleaned without the use of expensive chemicals. The materials used for the manufacture of door designs:

  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • MDF;
  • glass.

natural wood: classics of the genre

It is worth considering, before installing a wooden structure, because it is very susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture and elevated temperature. for example, Pine, which is the cheapest and widely used, It can not tolerate high humidity. A few months after the installation of wooden door lose aesthetics, swell and cease to be tightly closed.

Plastic: facade decorations add value

Plastic is very practical and unpretentious in use. It is easy to wash, design does not result from changes in temperature, it does not swell and no shrinking. But before you choose a door to the kitchen, carefully review the proposed options. Manufacturers are oriented more towards office types. Housing are ideal models with laminated wood, but its cost is on the increase many times.

Glass in the kitchen

Glass - universal and noble, its properties are highly valued, and many designers use in the interiors of a large number of. It is not afraid of dust, no dirt, or high temperatures. He was not afraid and humidity.

There are different techniques of decorating glass surfaces: giving a matte effect, blackout, stained glass and drawing. the kitchen of glass doors do not clutter up the space, but, conversely, visually expand the narrow room area. In today's market, you can choose a door to the kitchen, consisting entirely of glass or with small inserts it.

Which option is suitable for rooms with a balcony door?

When the room is equipped with a balcony or loggia Interior doors should be chosen based on the fact, what style made balcony. It is wise to set the structure of the patterned glass or stained.

Its size depends on the location of the window and its dimensions. In many high-rise window openings and balconies are in front of the entrance, and then it is advisable to install a door size of ½ window width.

opening the way to important too

The modern market is ready to offer a variety of models, different from each other not only material, but also a way of opening and closing. Selection of a particular type style depends on the total area and the dining area.

hinged construction: do not forget to get closers

This option is most common in our country,, despite, it has several drawbacks, chief among which is to fill a large area of ​​free space. The benefits it is appropriate to include the integrity and density of closing, good sound insulation and low cost. Swing door to the kitchen is diverse species and decor. The choice depends only on the amount of size, you select to buy it.

Sliding doors and coupe: low price and unique design

For the installation does not require a lot of space, since the system is open along the wall. This allows you to increase storage space and put near the entrance to the right piece of furniture or decor. For the system to be at least one and a half meters. Such unusual door to the kitchen
available as single-wing, and bivalve. In large rooms will look more profitable the double doors to the kitchen. The main drawback is the lack of absorbance at closing, that at times reduces the soundproofing performance.

Folding door-accordion: interesting and unusual

From the name, added that the construction on the principle of an accordion. In an open state, these beautiful doors to the kitchen fit in the opening and does not require additional space. The model is perfect for small rooms in the style of hi-tech. Folding doors to the kitchen are made of glass, wood and even thick fabrics. folding accordion doors into the kitchen differ sophisticated design and elegant style.

Internal rotation system

Roto-designs have similarities with hinged and sliding. This symbiosis thus saving space and ensures a tight entry into the opening, that prevents the penetration of noise and odor from the dining area. If you are unsure, which is better to install the door into the kitchen, this model will be ideal. The only negative - the high cost of.

If all of the above kinds of doors for the kitchen did not cause you any interest, better to postpone the purchase in the closet and think about what and how to replace a door in the kitchen.

great alternative

From the door, you can install and refuse. If you do not cook a meal at home, and only reheat, rarely brew coffee and defrosted, easy to get along without it,. The absence of doors in the kitchen
acceptable, If the bedroom and children's located in the back of the apartment. In this case, the opening trim can be performed as follows::

  • Arch. It can be made of plasterboard, MDF or wood. This decor item recently enjoyed great popularity and has already managed to annoy.
  • decorating opening. If you do not know, than fill the void space just Checkout Login at its discretion. Here we must rely solely on their own preferences and fantasy. Perform finishing plaster, tile or natural stone.

Tulle and curtains - a simple and economical way to decorate the entrance

Taking the decision to leave a free opening, should carefully consider its decoration. To create a warm and cozy atmosphere is better to decorate the entrance or tulle curtains. The presence of the fabric will soften even the coldest interior and will prevent the penetration of light in adjacent rooms.


Decide, install a door in the dining room or not, very hard, but in this and in another case, the room design is not affected, If properly approach the issue of registration of the access opening.