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Secrets of the correct installation of siding in the kitchen

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Currently popular clapboard kitchen decoration. This environmentally friendly material made of wood or plastic, which gives the room an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as creating a balanced microclimate inside. The most frequently used wall finishes and ceiling. Let's find out, how to make the installation of siding in the kitchen.

Molded in the kitchen
Molded in the kitchen - it is unusual, but beautiful

Species diversity lining

Molded - a set of long rails, which are linked by means of special fasteners on the sides. For walls and ceilings it screwed screws. Stylish looks linings in the interior of the country house or apartment.

To start, The main types of lining. It varies according to the type of material and the shape of the profile.

wall paneling on the wooden kitchen

Classification of the type of lining material

There are two types of lining on the type of material used: made of wood and plastic. These materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

Molded wood is made from natural material. Wood has a pleasant aroma, it creates a natural microclimate in the room, and give the interior an original look. Wood absorbs excess moisture, if it builds up in the kitchen, or else, conversely, "Gives" her, in cases, when the room climate is too dry. This effect creates the impression, "Breathe" that the walls. In addition, the natural material finish - it is prestigious.

painted paneling in the kitchen

Do not forget, the wooden Decorating the walls and ceiling, as well as any other structure of wood, It requires more careful care, than lining from artificial materials. Under unfavorable conditions it can become contaminated with fungus or pests. In this case, must immediately destroy the source of infection, to prevent further proliferation.

For the manufacture of wood strips applied next trees: beech, ale, aspen, Pine, ash, etc.. d. Besides, depending on the material quality of treatment, Product means the following classes: "Extra", A, B, C.

The walls and Ceiling plastic profile It requires careful care. This material is a synthetic, but at the same time environmentally safe. He, too, will give the interior a pleasant view, but, unlike wood, will not provide the appropriate climate.

wall paneling in the interior of the kitchen

profile form

The shape of the profile siding is divided into the following types:

  • evrovagonka;
  • panel;
  • calm;
  • block house.

Lining element consists of deep-grooved compounds, which provide better ventilation and moisture removal from the premises. The standard size of a lining along the length - 50-600 cm, thickness - 1.3-1.9 cm, and width - 8-12 cm.

Panel - the simplest type of profile. It consists of the elements in the form of a simple bar. The size of each of the elements in length - up 600 cm, thickness - up 2,5 cm, width - up 15 cm. When used as a plastic material, This type of profile is increasingly used in all.

stylish wall paneling in the kitchen

Calm - profile form, which differs from other types perfectly smooth surface. More often, trim on the ceiling lining dishes precisely this profile.

A block house - profile shape in the form of semicircular boards. The use of this type of material makes it possible to create an illusion built from logs.

The choice of material

If the room, which is scheduled to finish lining, fairly aggressive environment, it is better to acquire the material of plastic, as it is less exposed to negative factors. Otherwise, it is recommended to choose a tree, as it helps to create a favorable microclimate. But, in this case, needs to be clarified in the store, whether it is processed by special means against parasites and fungi.


For the walls is best to use Lining or block house. But, If you are low on money, the approach and the panel. For ceiling mount recommended bunk Profile calm.

Installation of siding in a private house, in the apartment

Decorating the house with clapboard own hands is not so difficult, as it may seem. We will understand the nuances of this process.

Before transgress to the finish, check, to the plane of the surface material and, on which you'll apply it, It was flat. In identifying irregularities more 5 mm, they need to be corrected by means of shims.

installation of the lining in the kitchen

Lining the walls and ceiling: Secrets in wooden style decoration

Decorating the walls of racks can be installed in one of three ways:

  1. using klyaymerov;
  2. fasteners with galvanized nails;
  3. Tiling by drilling.

Attach battens klyaymerami need after you install this item, directly, the panel. Thereafter, Panel through klyaymer bolted softwood, or is mounted via nails, to a wall or ceiling surface.

If you fix the profile only with galvanized nails, be sure to pay attention to, that hat they had a small size. Fixing will unobtrusively. The nail must fully penetrate the material, his head does not protrude above the plane of the panel.

profile under the bunk

When fastening screws, at first, drill a hole in the profile. Then, tightly screwed screws. That their hats were not visible on the rails, they cover dowels.

Attach the plastic linings can be the same three ways, which have been described above. fastening technology is no different. You can use another method. He is, that the first plane attached to the wall mounting rails, then set angular profile. It is attached to the rails with special brackets, after which the panel is inserted into the corner profile. You will hear a click. In a similar manner the remaining panels performed installation.

The same methods can be fastened to the ceiling battens. For convenience only use the ladder.

lining ready for installation

Decorating the walls of the interior angles of a contrast to the rest of the surface facing the room. For this procedure, wooden corners are used for the walls, which have a decorative shape.

Painting in the summer kitchen

After lining recommended to treat the surface of the lining sanded, and then wipe with a damp cloth. Only after this procedure can be painted linings inside the house. Painting betrays interior kitchen unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as to protect the surface from the corrosive environment and external influences.


Paint surface should be water-based, acrylic or oily paint. As an alternative, used varnishing. suitable for varnishing, as a clearcoat, and with different shades.

Molded in kitchen decoration
Molded in the kitchen finishing - it is comfort and beauty

In the exact implementation of these recommendations, the result of the work performed, undoubtedly, please. Kitchen Decorating clapboard completed.