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Secrets competent arrangement summer kitchen: design trapeznoy

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Summer - a wonderful time of the year. Summer gives gentle sun, gentle breeze and a feeling of freedom. Many of us do not want to spend this wonderful time of the year in the apartments, why people go to the country to relax, breathe fresh air and feel the beauty of nature. But even in the country No one is exempt from the women cooking. agree, stand in the kitchen in incredible heat difficult. Therefore, many owners of country houses and private build a summer kitchen, allowing cooking process turn not a duty, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Construction of the summer kitchen
Summer kitchen should meet all your needs

Summer cuisine - great for hanging out and cooking. This can be installed indoors interior many attributes, which will serve not only their functional purpose, but also the aesthetic. Russian oven in a modern interior, brazier, wooden gazebo, numerous color and textile compositions can turn a summer kitchen in the cozy terrace. How to choose the correct placement and any home furnishings blend harmoniously into the design of a summer kitchen will prompt article.


Before you begin construction of the "new" dining area is defined by its location. Then choose Type of cuisine: open or closed. And only after that thought out interior, calculated area, shot measurements.

summer cuisine

To create a cozy atmosphere in the fresh air often involve specialists: builders and designers. But it is possible to plan everything and to. If desired, the set oven, drawn schematic plan detailing the location and parameters of interior items, group including dining. But if you mount the factory set is not difficult, then build an oven with his own hands will be much harder. The construction of the furnace presupposes building skills. But in their absence, it can be done with their own hands. The main thing is not to hurry and to adhere to the rules of construction. Initially drawn drawings homemade furnace of bricks with their hands. Drawings, and laid the foundation and framework of the future "creation".

As noted earlier, summer kitchen can be open and closed. Consider these two concepts in detail.

Outdoor summer kitchen
Open option is a model of a temporary dining area


Outdoor summer kitchen in a private home includes a platform without a roof or canopy. Such dishes are not very popular. The absence of a roof or canopy does not protect against wind and rain. Cooking on a kitchen is not convenient, gusts extinguish fire, food with the wind get the sand, leaves, etc.. Plus an open area - a presentable appearance. But down the kitchen, worth remembering, that first of all it must be practical and functional, not beautiful.

summer kitchen design


Closed court implies roof, shelter, walls or other barriers, which protect the area from the weather.

Accommodation options covered area:

  1. Terrace or veranda. Accommodation on site, creepy one wall to the house very profitable. The man did not have any problems with carrying out communications and power.
  2. Garden. Playground in the garden look original and fascinating. But minus - additional construction of the canopy. Alternatively, set the gazebo in the yard of a private house with his own hands. Pergolas are made of solid wood, It looks elegant and expensive.

Construction of furnace

The furnace in the summer kitchen
Oven - an undoubted comfort attribute

Garnish and original transform summer kitchen can use the Russian stove or barbecue. These attributes have advantages such:

  • Serve the hob.
  • Complementary interior style.

In order to fold the Russian oven with his own hands must adhere to the order of execution of the following works:

  1. Initially, we are laying the foundation to the level of half a meter. When laying a layer of sand is laid, which is then compacted. Next poured concrete fundamental basis. Subject to pour seven days.
  2. Stel waterproofing layer: ruberoyd or cellophane.
  3. Spread the base structure. When you follow the angle computation. It should be equated 90 degrees. To check use building gon.
  4. Put the stone into the dressing, its bonding cement solution.
  5. In order to build an oven with his own hands for a long time, every four layers check level and angle. When asymmetric angles have to disassemble the structure and start again.

simple summer kitchen design

When laying the furnace does not use different types of stones. This prompt further cracking furnace.

During the construction of the furnace design makes sheds in the yard of a private house with his own hands. It is necessary to protect the structure from possible rain. Under the influence of water uncured cement deformed.

For the construction of the furnace refractory brick is used. You can build and ordinary, but in this case the service life is reduced. Before the construction of the conventional bricks soaked in water 20 seconds. This reduces their vlagovpityvaemost.

Charge construction furnace present skilled

It is worth remembering, that the construction is done only after, as drawings of brick kilns Housing drawn and aligned with the general parameters of the space. Without preliminary drawing to begin laying the furnace is prohibited. Otherwise, it will lay out incorrectly or it does not fit into said space. Making the foundation can no longer base. Therefore, pre-calculates all dimensions and recorded.

tile is used for finishing for lining furnaces and fireplaces. tile color is chosen on the lighter tone of brick. This will give the furnace the "old" type design and decorate a summer kitchen in the country.

Criteria stoving

Design a summer kitchen with an oven

If you wish to build the furnace should take into account the availability of communications. If the furnace is located in the garden, the Russian stove is best for home. It is heated with wood and does not require electricity. When placing the oven near the house is better to choose an oven-barbecue, operating on gas or electricity. Oven - barbecue looks modern and will naturally complement the interior. BBQ oven more functional. She holds cooking and working surface.

finish area

Summer kitchen in the country with their own hands is simply the availability of financial resources and the desire to. Open or closed platform allows you to combine work with a dining area. Further on-site for added convenience hung textile curtains and put furniture.

To a summer kitchen pleasing to the eye, you need to take care of the appropriate finish. Materials and tiles for lining furnaces is selected in the same style and color scheme.

Summer cuisine
Aims to show the general style of cuisine in all its details

The open kitchen looks natural, if it is decorated with stone, is not afraid of wind and rain. If desired, instead of stone paving tile is laid on the floor. The combination of stone flooring, wooden dining group and Russian furnace looks very elegant, but unobtrusively.

The closed kitchen is coated wood, clapboard, tile or gypsum boards. But natural wood should not use on open kitchens. Wood material sensitive to moisture and precipitation, under the influence of natural factors perishable. It looks favorably outer cladding siding.

Wood trim in private kitchens look elegant and expensive. Wood expensive material, so finish them all the space area of ​​the expensive. Therefore, the floor is laid out from a tree, and the walls and ceiling are made of lining.

beautiful design summer kitchen

Garden gazebo made of wood with their hands looks at home. In it there is a desire to relax, enjoy nature and spend time. It is not necessary to paint the wooden frame. This is only spoil the appearance. It suffices to cover the nail durability.

The wooden gazebo should not be installed brick oven for safety. The thing is, that the furnace implies a wood furnace, so the furnace will fire, which hurt the gazebo. brick stoves for home better to be installed on or adjacent to the open house sites.

Design a summer kitchen in the presence of the oven must not only be beautiful. Particular attention is paid to safety. So apron oven obkladyvaetsya ceramic tiles, and the furnace itself is made of refractory bricks.



The summer kitchen is a great place for relaxing and hanging out. Therefore, its design and decoration is given maximum attention. Accommodation options and many ways to finish. To create only have the desire and fantasy site unique design is necessary. But as practice shows, popular sites closed, lined with stone. This durable and attractive finish. But the finish own summer kitchen up to you.