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Kitchen on the loggia: how to organize a lunchtime space 6 simple steps

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Solutions, which implies a combination of two Improvement, may be radical, after all kitchen on the balcony or loggia - this is unusual and practical. Besides, owner please the prospect of expansion of the area, in which the additional free space is obtained.

Kitchen on the loggia
Sunrooms can be turned into any room, even in the kitchen

to move the kitchen to the balcony, you need a good think about this step and calculate all the dimensions, because the alteration was not originally designed to change to another, more functional place. What you can get, if the transfer of the kitchen to the balcony:

kitchen on the loggia

  1. You get more space for dining or work area.
  2. If you have taken out of communication to the balcony, in the same place and do the work zone, put the washing machine or dishwasher, shell, and equip the space under the living room or dining room.
  3. You get more space in the kitchen, if there is a permit for the demolition of a wall with a window and a door to the loggia.

70-90h's home do not allow a serious restructuring of the balcony or loggia, so there is only a window and the door can be removed, and leave completely untouched wall, So, her carrier. Besides, during any restructuring required documents to the admission to the construction, go before the start of work to man, which is responsible for balance-house, and agree with them the necessary questions. Only in this case, the kitchen on the balcony is possible.

Kitchen on the loggia
Sunrooms have to be strong and not old, otherwise there is no kitchen and can not be

We organize dining area

We give you an example embodiment, which had already transferred the kitchen to the balcony was perfect.

  1. Disassemble window with door to balcony blocks.
  2. windowsill, which remained in place, Organize like the bar or the dining table.
  3. If the balcony is not glazed, put window, Insulate all good.
  4. When transferring the hob requires transfer gas pipe, for this gas will invite officers and get a special permit.Beautiful kitchen on the loggia
  5. On the windowsill loggia make a thin countertop, where you can drink tea or a quick snack.
  6. The ends of the balcony put a plate and refrigerator, or cupboards and kitchen utensils.

This accommodation option furniture and kitchen appliances in the loggia is the best, if you do not carry out the dismantling of the walls between rooms. The design of the carrier, and breaking it is strictly prohibited, So, as it can ruin the building structure.

Council: If you can not remove the threshold, raise the floor on the balcony, so it will be easier all the time not to stumble, its area will rise by one step, and will be slightly on the hill, so even more interesting.

dining area on the balcony
Dining area overlooking the street and the city at night - it is something like a mini restaurant

The process of preparing the balcony for connection to the kitchen

If you spend a combined kitchen with a loggia, it should first take care of the comfort and functionality.

stages of work:

  • Glazed loggia with modern double-glazed windows, window should not be single and thin, So, as it will skip the cold;
  • Spend a brick wall insulation from the inside with mineral wool;
  • Insulate the walls, floor and ceiling, lay the fire escape to the neighbors;
  • On the walls of the loggia perform heating, radiators do not hang below the window.

Beautiful kitchen on the balcony of the apartment

Before reconstruction decide premises, Do you do everything yourself, or connect a construction crew. In the second case, the repair will take place quickly, but with an additional expenditure of funds, in the first case to be Glazing and finishing of balconies with their hands.

Council: insulated and glazed balcony stages, first window, then warming. This is due to the peculiarities of the window units and facilities in operation, so as not to create yourself unnecessary problems and difficulties.

In this paper, use one of the options:

  • Foam with lathing wood;
  • Mineral wool with metal profiles.

In this way, warmed loggia design will have a tremendous, and all the heat remains inside the building.

insulated balcony
Insulated balcony can be not only from the inside, but also outside

When you have warmed, you must design a loggia in an apartment. It can be done:

  • wallpaper;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Varnish of any color;
  • Shell of lining.

create interior

finishing the balcony design - a crucial stage, that determines, which zone will be working, and what dining.

The loggia do:

  • work surface, it may look like one big table top;
  • Place for placing bit appliances - Refrigerators, microwave, kettle;
  • Make a bar on the window sill, which will complement the overall design of the loggias in the apartment.

stylish kitchen on the loggia

At full demolition of the wall, which partitions off the kitchen and loggia, you get more space and opportunity to carry out arrangement of all zones and arrangement of furniture with appliances:

  1. removing passage, you get additional natural lighting.
  2. Kitchen visually gets bigger.
  3. The possibility of placing the zoning.
  4. There is additional space for arranging recreation area.

Council: at the ends of balconies put refrigerator and gas stove, This convenient location, So, a place storage compartment located immediately next to the cooking surface, but in this case, the hose connection gas cookers to extend. Do not do it yourself, and trust skilled.

The interior of the loggia the kitchen
Matching interior Rely on professionals

Setting up your work area

If your kitchen is on the loggia, design work and dining areas develop convenient, so as not to run in different directions for food and utensils.

Work area make the loggia:

  1. communication shall be made from the kitchen.
  2. Washing with a stove located in a convenient location on the loggia.
  3. Settling ventilation and exhaustion.

dining area on the balcony

communications takeaway

In order to connect the gas stove, you need to move it and set near one of the walls. Besides, It needs a flexible gas hose to the plate, which is easy to use.


  1. Extend sewer pipe, then it is possible installation.
  2. Make repairs to the loggia, the interior of which corresponds to a particular area, Swipe tube to wash, do not forget the additional tube for hot water.
  3. Perform the connection gas cookers flexible hose, it is very convenient and it is not broken at an elongation.
  4. If the electric stove, is required to bring an electric cable to the cooking surface and ground it.

Council: deriving pipes on balconies, flexible hose is indispensable in the selection of the desired angle. Make a sink directly under the window, it and complements the design balconies with panoramic windows.

Beautiful kitchen
little secret: communication can not tolerate, leave everything as is , a dining area to move to the loggia

Put the stove

Plate in the interior of the kitchen - an important element of, the main thing, and it shall be properly installed in accordance with all rules and regulations, and it fits the style of the room.

Basic rules for installation:

  • Trumpet, which delivers gas, It is bound to be a shut-off ventel;
  • On the hob is enabled device burners;
  • When connecting a rubber hose used for gas cookers;
  • Behind the stove wall is completely wet and proshtukaturena;
  • Burners are at arm's length from the window.

designer kitchen

Gas stove installation - an important point, He carried only with the permission and instructions.

put the hood

Transfer of the gas stove in the kitchen range hood and the transfer means. Turning the loggia in the part of the kitchen, some owners ignore the establishment of extraction, explaining that those, that is next to the window. But it is a misconception. Extractor hood eliminates unpleasant odors during cooking and allows air circulation.

The walls in the kitchen and on the balcony are different, So, both in the construction materials used different, this also applies to the thermal conductivity, and moisture vapor permeability. therefore, hood is necessary both in the kitchen, and on the balcony.

The work does not take much time and money, it needs to:

  • Buy hood;
  • To work towards the conclusion of the ventilation duct of the premises;
  • Put the protective dome, which will close from rain and snow.

Kitchen on the balcony in a modern style

Council: When installing the hood, take care of the installation of the check valve, which will maintain control over the air intake from the street.

If you join the loggia with kitchen, but squaring does not allow to place the stove and sink, in this case, put cases on the balcony, design and dimensions are different. Besides, you can order them and adjust the width and height of the room. So, you are not only compact place all the necessary items, you need to work in the kitchen, but also did not take too much space.


Using the information provided with the article, you decide not to question, that you care, and make the kitchen a, about what you want.