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Secrets combination achieved in stages kitchen with loggia

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The average apartment will not stand dimensions, so everyone settles their homes individually, useful to use this area. With space "work" differently. The most common - is the union or separation of rooms, wall restructuring.

kitchen association with loggia
Previously out air to breathe, and now you can dine in the loggia

In all cases, it suffers from a lack of squaring the kitchen, Although this premise requires close attention during the planning. This is explained by the fact the, that is imposed on him a weighty functional significance: cooking, meals and family activities. If there is no square meter, then produce combined kitchen and loggia. new - method, but effective. Overall balcony often half empty or idle serves as a repository for many things, which in fact it is time to throw. Least, when combined will be an additional light and dimensional space.

association kitchen with a loggia

Perform the necessary kinds of building professionals, but their services do not come cheap. home owner is spent on materials and more on the work of builders. Will save substantially, when you connect your own kitchen with a loggia. Merging is performed stepwise. If you have the slightest idea of ​​such classes and little experience, then the union lodge with dining room will not challenge. Hard work will bring the desired results and help bring the idea to life.

Combining space: formalities elucidation

Directly to the planning or even demolition of the walls you do not succeed. The first stage for redevelopment - the formal proceedings. Without the consent of the question with special authorities it is strictly forbidden to carry out construction work in the apartment.

kitchen - loggia
Weigh the pros and cons before redevelopment

"Paper question" unpleasant for most people, but here it consists of a few items:

  • filled-in form;
  • evidence of home ownership;
  • agreed to reduce its neighbors;
  • consent of family members, which are set at;
  • If the total installed balcony slabs, then the consent of neighbors on the floor above;
  • if municipal housing - DEZa consent or guidance of chief engineer;
  • for a rented apartment will require permission from the owner;
  • conclusion of bodies on protection of monuments of architecture (if your building relates to their list).

The requirements are intended to comply with the safety of people, who live not only in a particular apartment, but also in the house. Invalid alteration will cause the destruction of the premises or even its collapse.

kitchen with loggia

gradual separation

To combine the kitchen with a balcony can be adhering to the following algorithm. The workflow includes four stages, change steps in line or lose, we can not.

During construction necessarily stick and do not neglect safety rules.

Combined kitchen - loggia
Safety in the joint space is primarily

Combined space between the balcony and kitchen stages:

  1. Enclosures for balconies.
  2. The construction of the opening.
  3. premises Warming.
  4. surface finishes.

In the following sections, we get acquainted with the rules for specific items. But before the operational supply the necessary quantity of building materials and a full arsenal of tools. Acceptable and desirable, to be helpers. With some actions difficult to cope alone.

Enclosures for balconies

To him transgress in cases, if you open the balcony. The wall is built of brick, wood or metal shields. The first option - easily accessible with the purchase, durable, with him to work faster. He does the thermal insulation and soundproofing, hard amenable to fungus and mold. Wood requires treatment with antiseptics, a metal shield - skip the noise and does not protect against the wind.

independently, what kind of material you have chosen, Be sure to use an additional thermal insulation material. So insulate the room and reduce the amount of penetrating sound.

The construction of the opening

design kitchens - loggia
The overall design of the room will help to create a person with imagination

The second step requires the destruction of existing opening. Initially remove the doors and windows. Window and door frame break out, otherwise eliminate design. Eliminate the remaining wall with a sledgehammer, Punch and saws (if the design is reinforced).

use the trick: Hammering on the surface do not need, nasverlite a sufficient number of holes 8-10 mm, and then turn a sledgehammer knock out pieces. These construction works are carried out strictly in the daytime! Combining the loggia with kitchen required the agreement of neighbors, so you can not bring a complaint because of the noise.

Completed dismantling trimming bare walls. Do not let, to keep them from the partition wall.

Warming of the balcony

It begins a painstaking stage. On it depends the further comfort of staying in a remodeled kitchen. Still at the first stage - balcony railing - take care of the windows. Gazebo ensures conservation of the heat.

kitchen on the loggia

Next, enjoy a floor. This surface is significantly cools the room. Sex on the balcony - a plate, in the kitchen, she finished with construction materials and does not require further action. Consider options for floor insulation. Possible for the floor and walls to use the same material - penoplex. It is modern and ecological, pretreated with a solution of fire resisting, that will increase the security room.

Insulate the floor with your hands, you can use special materials. Fashionable and functional use of the thermal electric cooler.

Warming of the balcony
Warming of the balcony - it is an integral procedure

Properly insulate the floor is recommended after complete dismantling of old structures and set-ups, so as not to damage the materials during construction.

Foam for thermal insulation of the floor - available material. conveniently cut, fastened with screws to the surface. Top with wooden planks and secure. Insulation for floors choose yourself, guided by quality products and material properties. After warming the floor will help to conserve heat in the housing.

The walls also require insulation foam with your hands. The procedure is simple, executed quickly, as well as for floor coverings. Properly insulate the walls of the foam can be. The algorithm is the same. Just before performing the installation frame. The foam cover plasterboard sheets, fixing them to the metal structure. Brick wall of the foam with his hands last for years and will protect from cold and noise.

kitchen with balcony

Decorating the walls in both rooms

There comes a creative stage. The project is created in special programs or drawn independently, it is possible to ask for the services of a professional designer.

design and finishing of balconies and loggias - no different from other rooms, if properly insulate the surface. it's desirable, not to put to an overall furniture and equipment. Repairing balconies with their hands from the walls start processing, ceiling and flooring. Use primer solution.

Finishing without opening the door begins, when the straight walls on the site, where there was a partition with a balcony. Previously, it was required to trim and handle.

Decorating the walls
Decorating the walls can be made anything

Decorate the walls get a variety of materials, because they previously warmed and treated. It depends on your own preferences and the overall design concept. no restrictions, so choose a wallpaper, tiles, panels, etc.. Decorating the walls - a laborious process. implementation success depends on the right action. Each material requires its own way to use it during repair work.

Finishing decorative plaster undoubtedly become popular. People selected material due to advantageous properties: reasonable price, easy to apply, It allows many variations, which is advantageous for the interior. Decorative plaster on the walls is kept for a long time, requires no maintenance, not dirty, It does not absorb moisture vapor and. Choose the material proposed for the former balcony, for kitchen use other materials.

association kitchen with a loggia

Visual boundary between rooms

Standard divide the room into zones can colors and materials for surfaces, arrangement of furniture. But there are other interesting methods:

  • Raising the floor in the loggia, it is possible and so, after insulation;
  • installation of door-coupe. The space seems to be one and the same time a visual boundary;
  • proper lighting on the balcony to divide the space into zones. This expands the boundaries of the room and complicates space, It helps implement a design plan. Use except central lighting wall sconces, floor lamps;
  • place the pots with flowers on the kitchen border with loggia.

lack of options, guided by their own preferences and design concept.

beautiful kitchen with loggia

Furniture for loggias with their hands made easy. The difference with a headset in the other rooms there. Here it is intended for the visual boundaries. This is the traditional method. Functionally divide the room by a bar or oversized closets, so as not to create the effect of weighting the interior. Lightweight movable structures on the background of oversized windows create a corresponding effect.


Every square meter of your own room using the benefit. Use the option - an independent connection to the kitchen, loggia. Design can bring his own. Decorating the walls of loggias and other surfaces is important, as well as the dismantling of the right openings and the adjacent walls. During dismantling vigilantly follow the safety rules and reconstruction algorithm. If properly perform the work and follow clear rules, the room will be comfortable and enjoyable. In the original fulfillment, it will please you and guests, a pastime (even cooking) become unloved business.