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The original idea for the villa kitchen: the most important thing

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For the urban dweller vacation at the cottage in the summer - a good rest. However, to live in the heat in a small kitchen - not the most fun. Luckily, the situation is corrected the removal of food outside a country house. Cottage kitchen with their own hands will be a great solution for a country house, as it will save money and realize your design ideas.

Original Cottage kitchen
Original Cottage kitchen - it's just your imagination

Variety villa kitchen

Before proceeding to the design of the kitchen, should consider the main options. cooking area placed outside the home and make it exclusively a summer. Such an embodiment is suitable for those, who rest in the country only in the warm season. If you want to, to the room was functional and winter, it is required to insulate the house from the outside with his hands, or to equip the kitchen right in a country house.

Summer version consists of a main room and a small vestibule. placed in the main room:

  • Dinner table. Table size depends directly on the number of people in the family.
  • Stove and gas cylinder to it. Be prepared to provide a place for the balloon, where it can be easy to get, but where at the same time it does not spoil the overall look of the room.
  • Chairs.

For winter option would require additional insulation from the outside and stove, which is located in the vestibule. To insulate wooden house outside their own hands, use mats made of rock or mineral wool. Choose the material you need, depending on your needs and the characteristics of buildings. Save on a heater is not necessary, since a couple of years he will simply lose their properties and you'll have to redo everything. It is not recommended to use foam insulation for houses, since this material does not give the proper amount of moisture from the log.

Fireplace - a great invention, to keep warm

size of the kitchen, choose according to their preferences, of the area and the suburban area of ​​financial opportunities. Kitchen to give their own hands made of wood, brick or any other building materials.

Prior to construction, you should take care of all the necessary amenities:

  1. First of all take care of the water and pass it to the kitchen.
  2. Equipped with drainage of the premises.
  3. Make sure, to the kitchen cabinets were, shelves and drawers. Their absence will cause discomfort mistress. cooking pedestals should be tall 80 cm, a length in the range 60-90 cm. Option to store utensils - hanging lockers, especially if the room is small size. Do not make these cabinets more 30 cm deep, otherwise they will interfere with the preparation of food on the working surface.

Council: If you place the kitchen in a separate room, then be careful with that, that from it could be seen well the main country house and yard.

If suburban area area will not build a separate summer kitchen, you should consider this option, as an additional extension from the other side, where there is a veranda. In addition, this method requires a smaller number of investments. Used for the construction of wood can.

House with veranda
Veranda - a great place to put the kitchen at the cottage

Tips for, who wants to open a summer kitchen:

  • Choose a place near trees. Leaves will give extra protection from the sun, as the cooking under the scorching sun will not give you pleasure.
  • If you use the grill in the open kitchen or other appliances for cooking on an open fire, then take care of pazharobezopastnosti. Nearby there should be no flammable objects.
  • Place the kitchen at a sufficient distance from the toilets, stockyards and cesspits, otherwise the kitchen will always be an unpleasant smell.
  • Place the building away from the road. Constant noise and exhaust gases interfere with rest and food preparation.
  • It is better to use a wicker or wood furniture. Soft pillows and bedspreads need to bring into the house at night.
  • suitable for lighting lamps and light fixtures. Take care of additional protection against moisture.

Summer kitchen at the cottage
Summer kitchen - a great place for idle events

model kitchens

Deliver to the country kitchen is problematic, so the best option - to make furniture yourself. The kitchen in the country with their own hands made of wood - this is the most common option, which enables you:

  • Adjust the height of the pedestals and tables for its growth.
  • Make a shelf in the amount of, where they are actually needed.
  • make a stand, to which is attached the exhaust locker.
  • Convenient solution - the top shelf a little longer lower. Such you are unlikely to meet in kitchens, manufactured in production.
  • The size of the furniture fit well on the size of the room. It does not have a long time to look for a suitable set of shopping or spend serious money to order furniture.
  • Make a color headset to your discretion. At the peak of the popularity of natural shades.


Kitchen on the garden with his own hands will require such materials:

  1. Planed bars pine size 20 on 20 mm.
  2. Plywood thickness 12 centimeters. It is better to choose a material with high-quality water-resistant coating.
  3. Joinery boards for shelves. Size is determined depending on your needs.
  4. Beam Rack.
  5. Bars for the production of exhaust hanging lockers.

It is important to take into account, wooden furniture that does not fit all, despite, that this option is eco-friendly and reliable. Do not use wood for furniture, if you are in the country is rare and the room will be a long time to be without heating, as the kitchen of the tree does not tolerate extremes of humidity and temperature.

If your plans do not use garden furniture all year round, it is better to choose a more suitable materials for this.