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How to build a summer furnace to give their own hands

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"Going to the cottage!"- which means at some time around the nature, heat, forest, river and certainly, summer dacha menu. What owner would like to stand at the stove in the stuffy indoors? At the cottage all to be different, over-year. And the kitchen, too. And if the cottage is equipped with a stove in the yard, Summer lunch should expect unsurpassed - cooked in the open air, with the smoke and scent. Make oven with his own hands - it is possible, especially if those skillful hands.

old furnace
One of the many variants of the furnace at the summer kitchen

Choosing the type of furnace

furnace for summer kitchen It may look different. unambiguous definition, what is the best option, it can not be. What will be the summer furnace, determine the tastes of the owners, family preferences, area and type of summer kitchen, the opportunity to lay down the furnace itself.

  • brick oven. familiar, similar to the traditional Russian oven, brick stove - oven successfully operates as a closed summer kitchen, and in the open. Street model differs from the home additional insulation sidewalls, to reduce heat costs. On a plate and unsurpassed prepared soups, and cakes, and kebabs. For the needs of a considerable family fold a furnace for the street with their hands - a gift for the hostess.
  • outdoor fireplace. If the location for the stove is not a lot of equipment, and giving used occasionally for a picnic, more economical to lay down the grill or barbecue. roast, fish and vegetables - favorite dishes for companies, who decided to have a rest outside the city.
  • Efimov. Relatively new in the world of furnaces for the Slavs - the traditional oven Eastern peoples, I managed to, However, to win the respect and become popular in the suburban areas possessions. Besides cooking pilaf and cakes, in the tandoor smoked meat and fish.
  • Mini-oven on working out, or people - "stove". Economical option cottage stove mean cheap fuel material. It works on the waste used motor oil, easy to install and operate.

Oven made of bricks with their hands - it's not a fad, She comes to the rescue in such everyday matters as cooking, fruit drying, vegetables and mushrooms, vacation with barbecue.

Summer oven made of brick
Summer oven made of brick, decorated with natural stone

Preparatory stage

The choice of material

Before, how to put the oven with his own hands, you need to decide masonry material. With a large choice of building materials, Only aerated concrete or refractory brick suitable for this building. Which is better? For a purse - aerated, it is cheaper; for durability - firebrick.

Council: Whatever material you choose, give preference to quality. Using the furnace always associated with high temperatures. Using street furnace - temperature regimes with fluctuations. Brick, old, second-hand, You can use some of the internal parts and only a thorough cleansing.

The choice of location for a summer plate

Good, if the site is a large Russian stove and on the street with their hands can be placed in any suitable location without any problems. In small areas have to be carefully planned placement of the cooking zone, taking into account the basic requirements:

  • The proximity to the place of consumption of food. If a summer kitchen in the open cottage, the outdoor furnace can be a part of its equipment. If we decide to build a furnace, as a separate element, the need to close a gazebo or under the table covering.
  • The proximity to the location of the water source, space for removal, let down electricity for lighting.
  • Distance from cesspools, outside toilet facilities, skotnogo yard.
  • Distance from the road carriageway. If the area dimensions do not allow to remove place cooking and eating from the exhaust gas source, dust and noise, you need to, at least, possible to enclose this place a high fence.

the location of the summer kitchen
It is desirable to have the summer kitchen away from the holiday house, so that the smoke does not interfere with recreation

Council: before construction is better to make a plan, indicating the exact size and area of ​​the furnace itself and distance from other objects. Such a scheme will not only help to lay down the furnace of bricks with his own hands the most accurate, but also useful to calculate the necessary amount of material. Good to have on hand and ready drawings oven.

Preparation tool and material.

Fold the furnace will be much easier, if the materials and tools you need are at your fingertips. direct materials, necessary in the process of laying:

  1. firebrick (the amount you have calculated, based on the schema).
  2. facing brick.
  3. Clay, which will be performed masonry. The clay may substitute special mixes, with which to make an oven with his own hands a lot easier. they cost more, but ruled out option, when the clay is chosen the wrong grade.
  4. Cement, sand, schebenka, several steel bars for the construction of the pedestal.
  5. Door to the firebox and ash.

Instruments, which will be useful in the process of:

  • Building level
  • Trowel
  • shovel
  • Cord for marking
  • Hammer
  • "Bulgarian"

lay a foundation

foundation for the furnace
The construction of the furnace begins with laying the foundation

Tool Available, material prepared, start construction with pouring of the foundation. What is the foundation needed for outdoor furnace? Neutral strip foundation, the main stages which will fill such:

  1. Marking the place of the future foundation with a cord. At this stage, use the building level. Build a furnace is much easier, if the base has strict geometric proportions.
  2. preparation of the trench. Too deep hole under the base does not need, enough half meter depth.
  3. Around the perimeter of the prepared trench backfilled rubble. For greater strength and stability, bottom of the hole before backfilling can put metal bars. Several of these same rods are inserted horizontally. This procedure will reduce subsidence.
  4. Prepared solution of cement with sand, in proportion 1:3, shading made.
  5. As such, the foundation remains for a few days to complete solidification. On hot summer days the cement pouring water must be periodically watered to prevent cracking.
  6. Finished basement is covered with roofing material for waterproofing.
  7. If you see little need to raise the base from the ground level, It can be made of shuttering boards, Pour in the same manner, like trench. After solidification of the formwork is removed. Another way to elevate the base - set up one - two rows of cinder blocks, which cover asbestos tiles.

Construction of walls and installation of countertops

Summer furnace wall
Apparatus furnace walls summer

Getting laying process.

  • This work begins with a whole brick, bricks can be laid horizontally, and an edge. Direction is controlled by tensioned ropes and continuous measurement of building level. Second row start to put only at the end of the previous.
  • After laying of the first row is set blower door. To further strengthen its contours deceive asbestos cord. Doors are attached with a wire diameter 3 mm. For laying wire into doing a brick cuts through "grinders". Between the door and leave a gap in the brick 10 mm.
  • The ceiling mounted ash grate. The bricks make cuts, and the grate is placed with a gap on one level with a brick.
  • Laying continues up to the level of second doors. they are mounted on the principle of first.

Council: if you want to monitor the status of the fire, You can insert the door of heat-resistant glass.

  • Upon completion of the required number of rows of masonry laid reconciliation plate with holes, which can be anything to cook or warm up.

Masonry arch furnace

furnace arch
furnace arch- the most difficult moment in the masonry

With the construction of the furnace arch is the most difficult time - to put the upper arch. Before laying it in the fry and the combustion surface Mount the two plywood mandrel. They just very gently spread the bricks. At the end of the masonry veneer supports clean. Beautiful and smooth arch ready.

chimney installation

To remove the smoke from the stove rear mounted pipe, which is firmly cemented. Open the lower part of the chimney, too, is cemented and draped a brick to remove access to hot parts.

Finishing work

Finishing finished stoves produced by any heat-resistant material: finishing bricks, tile or granite. Next to the stove, optional, Protective wall mounted for kitchen surfaces, countertop. It can be attached next to the sink and shelf or cupboard. It has all the tell fantasy, opportunities and needs.


Fireplace for the New Year

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