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Methods of construction summer kitchen, pergola in a country house

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Kitchen space is located inside a country house. But sometimes choose the option to separately located building for cooking and eating. May be arranged such summer kitchen-arbours, ensuring people stay practically on the street. Design facilities to do different - from the simple to bizarre and original. It is desirable to match the style of the environment and the owner's tastes.

Summer kitchen in a country house
A great solution to create a summer kitchen equipped with appliances and furniture

pergola device with a summer kitchen and a barbecue stove project

Before, how to build summer houses prepare construction project, given the design features. Primarily selected installation site.

summer cuisine

The main accommodation options two:

  1. Make a gazebo with their hands from a tree near the house. Sometimes even building adjacent to the building. This saves materials and place in the area and is ideal in terms of water and sewer pipes, wiring devices and general cellar. Also convenient accommodation rapid transfer from the cooking zone in the living area;
  2. Freestanding gazebo with a kitchen at a considerable distance from the building. Placing the building on the lake or on the background of the garden or the forest, provides an excellent overview. Removal of housing makes it difficult to conduct communications, but it is easier to prepare a barbecue, not afraid to generate smoke house.

The next step - the choice of the gazebo size, configuration and materials. It depends on the following factors:

  • Square suburban area;
  • territory, Free greenery (for gazebo is not necessary to cut down trees);
  • financial capacity.

Gazebo on the summer kitchen
BBQ - great for gazebo


In determining the material for summer gazebo, selected first ones, which will be used in the construction of the carcass, which in this case is done openly and without glasses. The second step - the choice of the fence decoration and closed part of the summer kitchen (one or two solid walls make). In this part of the design does not gets off - quite openwork wooden, metal or stone wall, An overview of the surrounding area. Finishing only need to set the cooking zone oven and sink.

summer kitchen gazebo

The market offers the following options for building material:

  • the most common arbor with their hands from a tree, practical and reliable. Especially that wooden structures are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the surrounding. However, the high cost with little structural strength makes often choose cheaper building materials, than the wooden beam. Wood trim make the same;
  • brick, material way, but durable. Because it makes a large part of the frame, sheathing boards or siding;
  • concrete blocks, the most inexpensive and practical. there is an opinion, their ecology is too low. A service life less, than the brick structures;
  • metal, not always suitable material for finishing, but the frames are made of it is allowed.

A limited budget, cheapest option is selected. The frame of timber draped foam blocks. The cost of the construction of the gazebo in this case will not exceed 10-15 thousand. rub.

gazebo frame
In suburban area interior arbor immersed in the green will look good

To finish, too, there are different variants of materials. One of them is selected, if we build an arbor with his own hands made of wood or foam blocks. Natural building material easily sheathing frame, it looks attractive and resistant to moisture.

The next most popular siding goes, made of wood or PVC. To save money taken quite profitable at the price of PVC - light, resistant to climate changes and humidity. Such material will last decades.

Use of decorative stone will cost dearly. Therefore, it is made not gazebo, but only the basement of. Although, if there is a financial opportunity, summer houses to give full trim stone tiles.

Design solutions for garden with barbecue: open and closed versions of brick

summer kitchen gazebo in a country house

Choosing own interior, without using the services of specially invited designer, take into account a number of features decorating. When installing the stove on the kitchen area, gazebo this element make brighter the rest of the. To finish building it is recommended to use warm colors - terracotta, cherry, Ivory. Fully open structure shaped in an eco-style - using natural colors, wood and stone.

Lovers of modern interior cost to build a gazebo with their hands out of wood with a bar, providing the opportunity to rest during the rest between work in the garden. Form a cozy space to help the chair, pillow, flowers in vases and rugs. Dishes in the outdoor gazebo stored in cabinets, It recommended that neatly and discreetly placed on the floor.

After a kitchen unit engaged in the areas around. Tracks spread gravel or tiles. Allowed the construction near a fountain or pond, broken beds or just the environment gazebo flowers.

Making arbors
The room perfectly decorated in bright colors and creates comfort

Features of the construction of the combined recreational areas with their own hands

For the construction of kitchens, gazebos are specially acquire materials. the remains are sometimes used by the construction of other designs - Option, appropriate when it simultaneously with the construction of the house or outbuildings.


For a gazebo with a frame made of bricks or foam blocks should be used pier foundation - drenched concrete hole in the ground at a distance 2,5 m. The wooden frame does not require a solid foundation - just filled with sand and compacted area.

The framework for the extension

Since the walls of the gazebo, kitchen practically do (except 1-2 enclosing the furnace designs), It represents a frame and a fence column. The first is made of bricks or foam blocks. Second - metal, wood and, rarely, stone. Sometimes because of the foam block and make the fence, which is already opaque, setting the top wooden beams, which allowed the grapes.

a summer kitchen with gazebo


For the construction of the roof in the first place is fixed up and put the frame truss system. The choice of roofing material is recommended to stop on polycarbonate - solid and durable material. Drawings arbors of wood with your hands or provide gable roof round, attractive-looking other options.

decoration: design secrets


Choosing finishing materials for the fence and closed walls, laid on top of the frame to the desired height. Favorably combined finish with live greenery - vines in columns or arranged around the site with flowers in pots. part gazebo, located in the house, It can be glazed on one or both sides.