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How to make repairs in the kitchen in the Khrushchev 4 simple steps: instruction for beginners

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Repairs Khrushchev in the kitchen It is complex. In a small area should be placed a lot of home appliances and furniture. This is not to overdo it with the decoration, not to weight the space.

Khrushchev in the kitchen renovation
Even Khrushchev can do excellent cuisine

Before starting repairs performed rasplanirovka premises and objects, who will it be.

Repairs in the Khrushchev carried out according to plan: starting from the choice of materials and design style to the placement of accessories and textiles.

room layout includes zoning and variants expansion space. Modern ideas suggest an increase in the area of through the hallway, balcony, room or bathroom.

 Khrushchev in the kitchen

What steps includes kitchen renovation?

kitchen renovation It begins with the removal of objects. At the same time removed appliances, furniture and dismantled plumbing appliances and pipes.

The choice of materials and finishing technologies depend on the style of interior.

Repair Khrushchev in his hands is made in a certain order:

  1. Replan is performed by using partitioning transfer or other methods.
  2. Installed new elements.
  3. Performed finishing work.
  4. Fitted with the help of furniture and equipment.

Budget repair in a small kitchen does not take much time. If replacement of electrical wiring, it is possible to attract the expert. Tiling and finishing can be performed independently.

Khrushchev in the kitchen
Repair small kitchen does not hit the family budget

Preparing for repair

Before proceeding to finish the preparatory work carried out. Removed old wallpaper, paint and tiles. Surfaces are cleaned of debris.

Wallpaper is easier to remove after water contact.

Repair in 2 room hruschevke continues alignment walls. Small defects are eliminated by using putty.

Leveling plaster made. To do this, is preparing a base. The following mixtures are used depending on the wall material:

  1. Plastering brick wall made by means of cement mortar. This uses a reinforced mesh.
  2. Concrete walls are aligned solution, the basis of which contained gypsum. Reinforcement mesh is applied and the surface is treated with primer.
  3. Foam concrete surfaces are smoothed using a plaster solution.

kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev

When aligning walls, use special guide, called beacons. If the need to apply a thick layer of a mixture of, the mixture was jumped on surface, and then leveled on beacons.

Khrushchev in the kitchen are aligned using putty. After treatment the surface is laid tile or wallpaper pasted. In this case, use a putty knife.

renovated kitchen
You can make some quirks fireplaces and all types of plasterboard

repair options include alignment with the help of drywall. To this end, mounted skeleton, to which is attached material.

Design features a small kitchen

Improve the organization of space, you can not only through the redevelopment or cutting away unnecessary items, but also made high-quality design in the Khrushchev.

Re-planning is characterized by complexity. The interior is created around the work triangle: plate, refrigerator and sink.

Design tweaks will create interesting options kitchen repairs 5 q in hruschevke. In this thought out functionality of the room and used every centimeter of space.

The main purpose of a small kitchen - it is cooking. To free up space, It can be taken out of the room fridge and dining set. If you leave the reception area of ​​food, it is recommended to use an oval or round table.

The following ideas for repair in a small room:

  1. The doors are removed or replaced with sliding design.
  2. The walls and furniture are done in bright colors. Applicable specular gloss or ceiling covering. used vanilla, hourglass, beige and pistachio shades.
  3. To increase the visual space is applied with mirror surface apron.
  4. The kitchen is combined with a balcony. In this dining set is submitted for balcony. Performed additional insulation space.
  5. It should consider lighting, more light, the room will be more spacious.
  6. It is recommended not to overload the room details.
  7. Combine the hallway and the kitchen with the help of the same finish. In this case, the corridor area and renovated kitchen appear larger.

design kitchens
Design it and in Africa design, It does not depend on the area, and it depends on the imagination

It is not necessary to apply the surfaces more than two shades. Bright patterns reduce the area.

small kitchen different selection of accessories:

  • you should not post pictures and paintings in the middle, reception offset visually hide the small size;
  • mirrors increase the space, but it is not necessary to use large items;
  • decorate a small area clear and elegant accessories;
  • Window should not hang heavy curtains of dense tissue.

It is recommended to use the transforming furniture, that does not take up much space. You can pick up inexpensive options.

interesting kitchen in a five-storey apartment

Decorating a small kitchen

Repair in 1X room hruschevke performed using practical materials. When you select should take into account the ease of care and resistance to moisture. Ceiling is used suspended ceiling plastic panels.

The walls are lined with tiles, moisture-proof paper or decorative panels.

If the glued part of the kitchen, which is away from the sink and plates, the use or non-woven vinyl wallpaper.

Khrushchev cuisine options involve the use of tiles. This material is only used on the working surface. When choosing a tile should not buy products with a corrugated surface. This will make the installation more durable.

Decorating a small kitchen
Decorating a small kitchen is very difficult but doable task

Laying tiles complemented with additional elements: ceramic inserts and borders.

Communications can be hidden in ceilings in hruschevke. In this structure carried small thickness, not to reduce the room.

Replacing the floor with their hands in the Khrushchev starts with performing screed. At the same time affected by sewage, and may vary pipe.

Using such materials as linoleum, laminate or tile, You can perform a quality repair the floor in five-storey apartment with his hands.

Creation of the interior and small kitchen styles

beautiful renovation in the kitchen hruschevke

On the options kitchen renovation in Khrushchev affect the selected style of interior design.

After completion of finishing works are carried out actions to create the interior with the help of furniture and use of accessories.

For small kitchens used by certain ways of arrangement of furniture. It will help save space plan L-shaped and linear.

It is recommended to hide appliances in cabinets or niches.

Using colors, You can create an original design. The choice of a particular style influences the design space. It uses suitable furniture, lighting and decoration materials. Kitchen design echoes the design of the corridor.

Kitchen interier
The interior must be attractive

country style Features

Country Style is a rustic interior. Depending on the country tradition includes such varieties, as the Scandinavian, English or French Provence. This clearance bring comfortable atmosphere in small kitchen.

Apply light and furniture fronts made of ceramics or textiles accessories. Repair of floors in the Khrushchev is performed using materials, that old decorations. In textiles dominated by floral patterns and prints cell.

Visually increase the space of the application of the Scandinavian style. This interior is different minimum number of parts and using wood and bright colors.

Advantages of minimalism for a small space

Minimalism is characterized by functionality. Of Interior removed all unnecessary. Furniture comes with smooth facades, which may be without handles.

Hardly used decorative elements. Applied suspended ceiling in the kitchen of the Khrushchev, which is executed in pastel shades.

Not casting a small room is not the desired object

Interior design and space organization

As design option uses an eclectic or ethnic motives. Kitchen in the Japanese style is characterized by a minimal amount of furniture designs, brevity and simplicity.

Suitable for small spaces high-tech style. This applies interior glass and plastic, which give the room lightness and spaciousness.

To create optimum space following recommendations fit in a small room:

  1. used contrasts: juicy yellow and green shades, orange and beige colors. A combination of white and metallic.
  2. Do not use dark blue and brown colors, which have a suppressive effect.
  3. Glossy surfaces are used on the ceiling, Furniture facades or semi.
  4. Used functional storage space. Shelf under the ceiling, pedestals under a desk or storage space in the podium.

The use of high quality materials and accessories help to create the selected interior. Proper use of color and visual zoning kitchen make over.