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Repairs in the kitchen 4 simple steps: how to turn a boring work on a holiday

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It is unlikely that someone can boasts, What he likes to do repairs and waiting for this event with impatience. For most it is - not a favorite thing, which stretched on for months, and sometimes it does not end. But if we consider the mess on the other side - the transformation of the house, design update, selection of new materials, it is sure to please you.

renovated kitchen
Renovated kitchen looks like new

In this article, we will narrow the topic and talk about, how to make repairs in the kitchen with his hands.

Stages of repair

To repair the kitchen has not turned into turmoil and chaos, It needs to closely follow the steps of the alteration, which is compiled on the basis of their own preferences. But any plan includes the following steps.


  1. The first stage - the choice of, How extensive will remake. Will there be enough to carry out cosmetic transformation, or need to make major repairs in the kitchen? From the choice depends on the subsequent purchase of materials and drawing up a work plan.
  2. Beautifully To make repairs in the kitchen, you want to select a single design style, choose the colors and decide, whether the kitchen is divided into zones, or will it remain a single room.
  3. Make a plan for remaking the picture. There you can assign the planned conversion, draw the interior and to consider options for repair and design. Drawn details on the plan, you will see the flaws and better decisions.
  4. We carry out a theoretical plan for the transition to the real and make the purchase of necessary materials, then carry out repairs in the kitchen.

You can make adjustments, add new items and completely rearrange the order of actions, but, Such a plan is required to make sure, that there was no contingency already in the works, such as lack of space, materials or other unpleasant problems.

repair plan kitchen
repair plan should be done in advance

repair idea

Repairs, is vanity and work, but do not forget, it is a way to update the house, introduce novelty into it and comfort. This applies to the design stage of the selection - for imagination, expression and the opportunity to put ideas into practice for repair.

On design choices affect not only the preferences of the hosts in the aesthetics, but size kitchens. If the room is small, required to select options with a minimum of design multifunctional furniture. Besides, it is important to pay attention to the lighting, because the kitchen should be as lit, desirable daylight.

Minimalism, Provence, Japanese style - the best ideas kitchen repairs, characterized by its simplicity and light colors, make the room more spacious and brighter.

kitchen renovations

For large kitchens repair more options. Possible to create a sophisticated design, diversify the interior with additional decorative elements, which can be done by hand, install additional lighting. A popular solution for large spaces kitchen -separated labor and dining area. In this case, the room is done, and in different designs.

The separation of the kitchen is not only aesthetic character, often this decision - the need, especially for studio apartments. Besides, materials, used for finishing work and dining area, You must be different. that inexpensive kitchen renovations last longer, in the working area required to purchase water-repellent coating and legkomoyuschiesya, which do not absorb fat and smells, having durability. For the dining area you can buy the more expensive and attractive finishing materials.

planning for repairs
Planning repair - this is an interesting family event

Color spectrum

Just a couple of decades ago, about the design of the room did not reflect. But today the options, how to make a cheap kitchen renovation much, when buying materials dazzled. The same applies to colors cuisine, which is not easy to choose.

One side, choice of color - a matter of taste. But on the other, the choice depends on the future appearance of the premises, which, thanks to an optical illusion to be transformed beyond recognition.

One of the effects - the play of light. Due to the illumination can be how to reduce, and to increase the kitchen, make the room higher or wider, note the emphasis on design. There is nothing complicated - the more light, so it seems more spacious room. The same applies to colors. light shades, pastel colors are preferred for small rooms, because to make repairs in the kitchen is better to use warm colors.

Repairs done in the kitchen large sizes easier, in terms of color choices. There can not be limited to the strict framework of pastel shades, because for non-small rooms often choose contrasting colors, Allows you to create a sophisticated design.

that to repair their own hands cheap and nice, optionally acquire expensive finishing materials. Simplicity always looks nice, and make easy cosmetic repairs possible without serious costs.

Color spectrum
The color scheme is your imagination

The walls and ceiling

The walls and ceiling of the kitchen - head coverings, which at first sight falls. Cheap repair their own hands you want to start from the ceiling.

Earlier, to repair the ceiling, required putty bucket and brush, because the other options and was not. But today, the transformation of the ceiling lot more options, because you want to come to the choice of the mind.

The first option is the same - putty ceiling. But do not stop there, because after the putty can be applied to the plaster relief, creating the cheapest ceiling and attractive design.


The second option - a tension or a ceiling panel. More expensive, but prestigious way to renovate the kitchen with his hands. Stretch ceilings presented today fabric webs, which are created specifically for the ceiling area, after which the web is tensioned at its surface or a specially made frame. It is worth noting, such ceiling that recommended in kitchens with high ceilings, as the tension cloth hides to 10 cm.

With walls transform more options. This washable wallpaper, and decorative plaster, by which create ornaments or whole figures, plastic panels, ceramic tile, and other options, and the work you can do yourself. For example, applying a finishing putty on the wall is easy to implement with their own hands.

Decorating the walls and ceiling
Decorating the walls and ceiling are important in the design of the room

An important element in the kitchen - apron. Finishing allocated using mosaic tiles or installing an integrated panel. Do not forget, that apron - a work area and wash your face will often, therefore it is better to choose water-repellent materials.

finishing the floor

Paul, though a design element, for many it is more important in terms of convenience and comfort.

The floors in the kitchen must be sustainable to humidity and temperature extremes, cleaning the surface should be as simple and quick, at the same time the floor should not be slippery and snare. serious list, but,Modern materials meet the above standards.

renovated kitchen with his hands

  • Linoleum - popular material for finishing the floor covering in the kitchen. He has been known since the Soviet era, in this case remains a popular material for today. The coating is easy to put yourself in the care of the floor unpretentious.
  • Laminate - is fundamentally different from linoleum. Laminate is a multilayer board made of artificial materials, simulating a tree, natural stone or tile. It does not absorb water and does not deform when the temperature before, making it the ideal material for kitchen.
  • Ceramic tiles famous variety of designs and the ability to withstand shocks and scratches. In addition, the tile is easy to clean, it does not absorb odors and grease, moreover, with the help of this material can be expensive to make repairs in an apartment on their own, and in case of damage to the tiles easily replaced.

In this way, to carry out repairs in the kitchen is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance. The main thing to have a clear plan of action and to know, that you want to receive at the end of repair. Then you can work deadlines, reducing the unpleasant emotions of alteration of the room to a minimum.