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Redecorating the kitchen: find out, how to make a budget and nice

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Kitchen - the most visited place in the house. Mistresses are there a huge amount of time: cooked, watching TV, manicures, talking on phone. If the house needs to be updated, the beauty renovated kitchen - this is what we need. The kitchen in the house is subject to aging is much stronger than the other rooms. moisture, steam, fat splashes - all these factors contribute to the fact, the furniture, walls and ceiling were losing appearance.

Redecorating the kitchen
Redecorating the kitchen can be made for relatively little money

Cosmetic kitchen renovations with their hands - it finishes, that does not change the configuration of the room, location of the main communication. Cosmetic repairs on their hands includes the following activities:

  1. ceiling alignment, subsequent painting or manufacturing the suspended structure;
  2. Update flooring; if necessary, pour concrete screed, fed underfloor heating;
  3. on the wall is applied a new coating: ceramic tile, wallpaper, PVC panels or paint.

redecorating the kitchen

Redecorating It differs from the capital, that in the finishing process is no transfer plumbing, heating and wiring, gas riser.

The first stage finishes - budget planning and its own forces. It is not necessary to consider initially work, which obviously will not work or make their own they are not enough funds.

The kitchen can be upgraded without repair, refurbished furniture, replacing carpets and countertops. If the coating of the walls date, In the most contaminated place to place special decorative film.

Decorative film
In the stores a lot of material to upgrade the kitchen walls

Pros and cons of cosmetic repairs

Repair - this update home, in particular, food, with minimal cost. Cheap repair has several advantages:

  • can make repairs on their hands, that save money;
  • even if the invited artists beautiful renovation in the apartment will not cost;
  • work will take a little time, discomfort in the home will not last long.

Economy repair the kitchen has some drawbacks. interfering pipe, unsuccessful arrangement of communications, heaters will not turn to move. Sometimes the kitchen connected to the living room, resulting in a cozy studio apartment. Economy class cuisine redecorating does not allow to make these global changes.

Repairing the kitchen with his hands

Draw up a work plan

Repair from start to finish you need to plan in detail. When the budget is allocated, draw up a work plan. The initial stage - the release of the premises of the old furniture and equipment, dismantling of the ceiling plasterboard, if available, and must be replaced, old window, floor and wall coverings. allocate zone, which do not need to update. Tile decades retains a presentable appearance. It is enough to update the fresh grout joints. If you have already installed a plastic window, its replacement is also optional, especially, if it retains the functionality and appearance.

Married couple
Plan and progress on repair plan together, so nice big ideas

Make cosmetic repairs on their hands can be 7 steps:

  1. Ceiling best paint. Permitting means - to produce a complex structure made of plasterboard. The easiest way - pokleit washable washable wallpaper;
  2. The walls are often coated with paint, wallpaper or lay tile;
  3. Radiators change, paint or cover the decorative screen;
  4. Changed sewerage wiring and plumbing have if, If the kitchen is planned to put the washing machine or dishwasher;
  5. Substitution floor covering. If you plan to make repairs cheaply, then the best choice would be an inexpensive linoleum. You can put a waterproof laminate and tile, that the most practical for the kitchen;
  6. Door switch optional, you can restore it - repaint, sanding and varnish;
  7. Completion of decoration - it is the installation of furniture.

 kitchen after minor repairs

Can and does make a repair without money, at least, with a minimum investment. The only thing, it takes - it's putty, paint and if you want fresh wallpaper. All this will cost no more than, than in 5 000 – 7000 rubles.

The design of the future kitchen

With the design of the kitchen facilities are determined at the initial stage finish. stands 3 main ideas repair. Classic style - this is furniture wood, minimum of plastic, cozy dinette. Nouveau - a predominance in the interior of plastic and chrome highlights, bright colors, gloss. straight outline, rigor and humility - that is what defines Art Nouveau. Country - is a cozy style, reminiscent of the classics, but based on pastel colors. Accessories in large quantities, cosiness, warmth and sincerity - that, what country style.

Classic style kitchen
Classic style will always remain steadfast

Classic and Country - a versatile style, which account for the majority of the soul. Modernist idea - it's a matter of taste. If you want to redecorate the kitchen cheap and nice, it is better to stay on the classic or country. These styles provide a presence in the interior of old things and art, which are subject to restoration. Modern also need to install a new, modern equipment.

Stages decoration

To make the repair cheaply, it is important to accurately plan the work. Namely highlight its main stages:

  • releasable room;
  • replacement or restoration of the old windows and doors;
  • clean the wall, floor and ceiling of old coatings;
  • gets off the ceiling and walls;
  • floor treatment;
  • restoration of old or the purchase of new furniture.

 kitchen renovations

Preparatory work

At the preparatory stage of acquiring the necessary materials. The kitchen is already liberated from furniture and old coatings. Acquire new paint, wallpaper, putty, plasterboard, tile. If you decide to install suspended ceilings - pre-order them.

For apartments with a facelift important to hang wallpaper for painting. Thus it is possible to frequently change their appearance, coloring in a new color.

Next, we determine the fate of kitchen furniture. It can be restored in part - to replace the countertops, loop, pens, mounting, facades. If the furniture looks acceptable, it can not be changed. If the appearance is not completely satisfied - replaced by a new.

Acquiring flooring, We need to remember, laminate that quickly breaks down. Wiser to lay linoleum, lay tile or natural wood.


Proceed to finish

Finishing kitchen produce, starting from the ceiling, then move to the walls and floor finish. Finally, set the furniture and appliances. The final stage - the decorative elements, when it left to hang curtains, fixtures, arrange the dishes and souvenirs.