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Hiding pipes in the kitchen: the best of the designer

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Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a kitchen without the achievements of engineering: central heating, gas supply, ventilation, water and sanitation. However, for the pleasure to enjoy the benefits of civilization have to pay lots of pipes,which detracts from the appearance and interfere with the installation of furniture.

Beautiful kitchen
You will make a unique kitchen design, if you hide the pipe

Kinds of ways of decorating tubes

The question of, how to hide the pipe for heating and supplying water, Gas mask communication, relevant to the owners of new apartments and want to update the old kitchen. There are several ways, how to do it.

hidden pipes in the kitchen

concealed wiring

When the idea, to make pipe in the kitchen unnoticed, It occurs on the pre-finishing step, it is solved by the buried wire. This method is time-consuming and costly. To implement it will require shtroblenie walls, a material selected from the expensive, but reliable polypropylene tubes. This method is suitable for addition, to hide the pipe in the bathroom.

Concealed wiring in the kitchen

When working adhere to several principles.

  • Grooves make the required depth in the floor, and in the wall.
  • Individual pipe sections are welded securely. The use of threaded connections inadmissible.
  • Mandatory sewer slope is not less than 2 mm per running meter of tube, if its diameter is no more 50 mm. Otherwise this value is increased to 3mm.
  • Water pipes have a higher, than sewer, a hot water conduit pipe with the right cold water.

Important! After completion of water supply and sewerage systems will be unavailable for repair.

concealed wiring
Plinth - a good idea to hide the wires

plasterboard box

A good solution for masking gas communications, water supply risers, exhaust duct becomes duct for pipes at kuhne.Etim same method can be easily concealed heating pipe in apartment. The construction can be made of chipboard, plywood, glass or plastic, but more popular designs of plasterboard. Their creation requires minimal financial cost and is available even novice home masteram.Mozhno sew battery plasterboard in five phases:

  1. taking into account the measurements made, and calculate the purchase amount necessary starting materials (metal profiles, plasterboard sheets, self-tapping screws);
  2. make layout places the frame mount and assemble the base of the metal profile;
  3. cutting plasterboard exactly on frame size;
  4. Get the details on the fix frame with screws, if necessary, equipped with observation hatches;
  5. decorate building in the style of the room.

Plasterboard box for pipes in the kitchen

Important! Selecting this option is not entirely successful disguise for small spaces, because it significantly reduces the useful volume.


For small kitchen beautiful way communication will remove furniture set. Vertical risers hide behind floor pencil case, and the horizontal pipe sections will be closed hanging lockers.

With modest financial possibilities really solve the problem, having made their own boxes or reconstruct existing. The cabinet is convenient to hide not only pipelines. Fake design successfully zadekoriruyut unsightly, but the necessary instruments, which requires constant access:ugly gas column, water heater or counter.

Important! The rational solution would be to order furniture, to account especially wiring tubes still in the design phase.

Pipe decor in the kitchen

Riser in the kitchen

Quite often in the kitchen there are vertical risers. They do not decorate the room, but this deficiency is corrected one way to disguise.

  • Plasterboard box cheap, aesthetic and easy to install. But this method does not provide easy access to the riser,so it is absolutely not suitable for gas pipelines.
  • Udachnyyvybor - installation of furniture foam on the entire height of the room. This option would close the cells and other lines, leave free access to the meter and shut-off valves.
  • Masking plumbing or gas riser, battery heating own hands decor are also available to each owner. Enough to paint them in the color of the walls or decorate with colored magnets. You can build a real tree, securing the top of the riser pipe from fine cut along a bamboo stem and drawing on a wall next branch and heating pipes listya.Dekor, gas and water risers provides creative types a lot of opportunities for self-expression.

Furniture covers great communication from the sight of the eye

As cover gas tube

Communications to the gas to be treated more carefully, than other kitchen lines. They do not fit all the ways of decorating.

  • The most viable option - masking parts of furniture set. This method hides the tubes, but leave free access to the compounds, valving, columns and counters.
  • Owners with developed artistic taste and skills can beat communication, doing so, that the gas pipe turned into a liana, a snake or a part of the wall.
  • Much less fortunate, but acceptable way - to close the pipeline decorative boxes.

Important! The piping is not recommended to close and thorough transfer. From this depends on the security of residents of the house.

gas pipes for wardrobe

heating pipe

How to make a decoration of the heating pipes in the kitchen? The answer lies on the surface. Fit all the ways, above. Vertical sections will hide behind the curtains, pencil cases in furniture or decorative boxes. Riser clean and right in this stenu.Dlya cut it Stroebe and after laying new pipes sealed with cement. Close the radiator, you can use the elegant lattice, made in the style decision premises. Creative individuals will make the battery decor with their own hands, having painted pipe covering with stucco or ornament.


In pipeline operations may occur emergencies.Therefore, the best disguise - that, which can quickly and without loss, if necessary, remove. Now you know, how to hide pipes in the kitchen.