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Modifications decor transfer gas pipes in the kitchen: 3 true way

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gas pipeline - irreplaceable thing, but looks are not aesthetically pleasing. But both want to, to room, where family members spend so much time, only pleasing to the eye all households. However, a gas pipe in the kitchen - it is not a sentence of interior beauty. Since it is impossible to fundamentally solve the problem, getting rid of the deformed element, the enterprising landlord will always find a suitable method, zadekorirovat like pipe in the kitchen, among the options below.

Gas pipe
Gas pipe in the kitchen can spoil the visual beauty of home interior

The decor in the issue of masking pipes

Disguise the gas pipe in the kitchen is easiest during repairs, replacement of old furniture and kitchen equipment. Taking into account the style of the future interior and its other features, you can use a number of proven methods.

  • The preferred option to remove the gas pipe in the kitchen - its hide for furnishings. With canisters easily hide the riser in the kitchen, and the horizontal tube will not be visible for cupboards with a missing back wall and a specially made slits. Just as easily, you can close the counter for gas in the kitchen.

Obvious positive aspects of such a method to close a gas pipe in the kitchen - is the ability to remove from the eye for crane gas stoves and gas column, hide the gas meter in the kitchen and at the same time to provide free access to them, not to violate the safety requirements.

hide pipe
We hide from the eyes of the excess in the closet

  • Another good idea, to get rid of the pipeline in a prominent place - decorative boxes for pipes. Its implementation will be cheaper, than buying new furniture. This is really good way for people, able tinkering yourself. To make a box in the kitchen for pipes, It requires first shield gas riser frame made of wood or metal profile. Then fasten it to any decorative panels made of plastic, glass, Chipboard or wood. Such a duct for gas pipes in the kitchen, if you provide it with door and shelves, It can be used to store useful things.

These same materials are used, to close the gas meter in the kitchen, erecting a special locker. The method is justified, when it is impossible via the general construction of the gas close to the kitchen counter. This situation arises because of its isolated position. The output will be a separate cabinet from the same materials. Domestic yourselfers make a box for gas meter with his hands.

Important! The panels must be easily removed with a screwdriver or screwdriver, regardless of the material, from which they are made.

design example
We decorate our interior trinkets

  • If there is insufficient space for the construction of unnecessary bulky designs out of the situation can be, beat if the gas pipe via the kitchen decor, turning it into a separate element of the interior. for example, bright magnets give unsightly gas riser brilliance. People with artistic inclinations, making painted curlicue, turn the pipe in exotic snake, tropical vine, a fragment of masonry or herbaceous border. Striking this element of the interior, decorated in the technique of decoupage.

Important! Decorating should be in harmony with the overall style decision premises.

  • When financial resources are limited, use the cheapest way of masking - color paint tube thus, so that it blended in color with the general background of the walls or furniture. For this purpose, suitable heat-resistant paint for the gas stove, matched to the color of the equipment.
  • The most common, economical and aesthetic method to hide a gas pipe - close plasterboard. On the "pros" and "cons" of this option will dwell.

The box is made of plasterboard

Create an ergonomic interior of the kitchen - really feasible task, if sew gas pipe plasterboard. This solution has both advantages, and significant shortcomings.

The box is made of plasterboard
Conduit plasterboard as a means to hide flaws

Positive sides:

  • development and implementation of the project can be carried out not only with the help of a specialist, but also independently;
  • materials to create designs available for purchase in the supermarket building structure;
  • the cost of the necessary components of the construction is reasonable and affordable for everyone;
  • plasterboard box can fit harmoniously into any interior with the help of corresponding decoration.

Negative sides:

  • close the gas pipes plasterboard is unacceptable in terms of human security, living in the house, tk. thus completely or partially blocked access to them;
  • "Eats" a useful volume of kitchen design, it is important for cramped spaces;
  • close the gas pipes in the kitchen is not recommended also because, that the repair or replacement of gas communications have to dismantle structure.

The technical side of the issue

If the repair of the kitchen "pluses" masking gas pipe plasterboard outweigh the "cons", pay attention to the recommendations on the box assembly order.

Tube in a box
After the installation is complete, box should plaster

  • We make measurements and determine the size of future construction.
  • Prepare necessary for the amount of materials and tools: vlagostoykiy drywall, metal profiles or wooden bar, screwdriver and screws, hacksaw in metallu.
  • Forming frame structures made of metal or wooden rails.
  • Specify the size of the place, We do cutting drywall sheets and cut out the resulting parts.
  • When the self-tapping screws aid anchoring the preform on the frame.
  • In the formation of gaps or chips required to carefully mask out of their mounting foam or putty.
  • We produce the final design of the surface materials, in harmony with the interior space idea.

Transfer the gas system

The need to transfer the gas pipe in the kitchen arises in connection with major repairs. Transfer of gas pipes - it is responsible and competent approach requires, so the production and installation work is better left to professionals, having special knowledge and skills. Operation of gas communications is always associated with some risk, and on, how properly configured transfer gas pipe in apartment, It depends on your security.

Gas meter
Transfer device excluding gas consumption

Important! Remember, that work, associated with changes in gas wirings, may lead to an accident. If the need for gas transport pipes or equipment has no serious grounds, and it caused exclusively by a desire to improve the aesthetics of the room, the risk of this event should be abandoned.

In order to perform the reconstruction of the gas system legal way, It is required to make four necessary steps:

  • Send to the territorial gas service application with a motivated request for permission for dismantling, installation of pipelines and equipment, e.g. transfer gas cookers.
  • With the participation of a specialist gas service to inspect the work place of production and assessment of their capabilities.
  • When you get a positive decision from the calculation of the service organization of work required and the final estimated cost of.
  • Order, if necessary, a technical project to a specialized organization, having the license for this type of work.

At the end of the preparatory stage of clearance of the necessary documentation, you are ready for installation. It is recommended to involve licensed professionals. specialists, producing gas hazardous work, strictly adhere to the instructions. Watching them, you can assess the level of professionalism of employees. To transfer the gas pipe, strictly necessary to perform the following algorithm:

Gas transfer tube
Installation work of gas supply system is best to trust the professionals

  1. Before the beginning of work required to turn off the tap gas pipe, leading to equipment: kotlu, column or plate.
  2. Tubes need careful purge in order to remove residues of which the gas mixture.
  3. Waste pipe is cut, the hole is sealed, mounted at a desired location a new pipe.
  4. Welds and other connections are checked for leaks.
  5. At the end of the relevant document is issued - Certificate of Completion, and made a mark on the changes made to the technical data sheet.

Trusting gas hazardous work in you own room, make sure, specialized organization that has been certified for this type of activity. Qualifying employees must be confirmed by a valid ID.

Problems with wiring


You have become the proud owner of a new apartment or conceived to radically change everything at your old kitchen, eg, We decided to make alterations. In this case it is better to do without gas transfer tube, and for their own safety to use a flexible hose. Hide in the kitchen gas hose can be, closing it with furniture or duct. However, in accordance with the requirements of normative documents of the hose length must not exceed two meters. If the project involves new space for kitchen appliances at a greater distance, then without altering the wiring of the gas can not do. In this situation, the right decision will be - to resort to professional help.

Unusual options for masking

In some custom kitchens there strange embodiments wiring gas. To hide lines in these areas, masking techniques also apply special.

  • for example, if the gas tap in the kitchen is installed at a height of 75 cm or more below, then the installation of kitchen furniture it becomes available. From such a situation, there is an unusual way - to construct a removable tabletop.


There is another solution to this problem, invented by craftsmen. Enough to make a hole in the countertop precisely on the valve and lock it in the long handle, rigidly fixed to the bottom of the tap. In this case, over the surface countertops will serve only the upper part, which can beautifully decorate. Such a handle is easy to block the gas, not looking and not pushing parts of kitchen units. Especially, this exotic way does not violate the requirements of normative documents, relating to the safe operation of gas equipment.

  • Often the apartment owners are faced with a problem in the repair of the gas pipe in the kitchen, extending along the entire wall in the "apron" area. Such "ugliness" can not hide under the table, not close box or cabinet. But with this situation can be dealt with using the railing. Such a suspension system for storing a plurality of necessary details will allow to arrange various shelves and hooks with utensils so, to the gas pipe has become as it were part of the design. In fact, at her, of course, nothing can be fixed. You just need to carefully clean up the pipe and paint it in a metallic color.


  • When the style of your future kitchen - ultramodern (tech and techno), the pipes will not spoil, and interior decorating, make it a "highlight". You only need to properly accents, highlight them in any way - to make the contrast, brilliant, bright.
  • Making room in ecological style will transform vertical gas strut in the trunk of a large tree. Having his pieces of bark, add the appropriate painting on the walls and furniture, can "grow" in the kitchen delicate birch tree, mighty oak or pine calming. Kitchen exotic bamboo is suitable in oriental style, if you close the line half a bamboo stalk, bought at the supermarket building.
  • Objects with a diameter greater than 3-4 see the beauty will give the original version - decoration using mosaics. Material are glass fragments, ceramic or wood, gem, eggshell, stone and even pieces of fur. Home - applied to the surface layer of fixing agent, which is used as an adhesive composition or a special cement mortar. The technology of drawing a pattern and its identity depends on the raw materials and the imagination of the artist.