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What you need for an inexpensive repair of the walls in the kitchen

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Kitchen - this is the most cozy corner in the house, place the household and close friends gather, to some extent - the heart of the apartment. The atmosphere should be warm here, have to communicate and radiate hospitality. This is easily done, if you make repairs in the kitchen with his hands, t. e put a part of himself and soul into it.

Repair of kitchen walls
Particular attention should be paid to repair the kitchen wall finishing

The final appearance of the premises depends on, which used Materials for the repair of the kitchen. The market building and finishing works offers a wide range of materials, because men, that alone makes the update facilities, more focused on their value. Renovated kitchen with his hands often afoot to save on hiring artists. But if the budget allows, the hiring builders, repairs will be much easier for you, faster and safer.

If the apartment was built in the time of Khrushchev, accordingly in her small kitchen. At furnish such facilities should adhere to certain conditions. Even a simple kitchen renovations require builders and designers to meet these requirements.

  • First of all, all in a small kitchen space should be allocated to practical, Furniture to choose a functional.
  • Secondly, at least the decor - only the necessary things are in small kitchens.
  • Thirdly, do not forget, that the kitchen, it is a room, where the working space is located in one, dining area and a lot of equipment.

drilling wall
Working with the tool should take care of the safety

At first glance, with his hands to make repairs in the kitchen - it's a long process, expensive and almost impossible for the layman. In fact, everything is much easier. The main thing to plan the stages of work, choose functional furniture and finishes to perform in the desired sequence. And it is: first put in order ceiling, then the walls and floor finishing process arrangement.

Start of repair - work at height

The first stage of construction - a ceiling arrangement. To begin with we define, what material to use for ceiling mounting. Popular materials for decorating the ceiling is water-resistant drywall (GK), plastic lining or gypsum plaster. HA and linings mounted on a profile, therefore, thoroughly clean the ceiling of the old putty is not necessarily. Molded after the installation is fully ready for operation, unlike GK, which need to putty, paint or wallpaper. And drywall and paneling "eat" a little space, which is not true of fillers. ceiling plaster - it is the cheapest option of finishing, but rather laborious and time-consuming.

plaster ceiling
Self plaster ceiling - work is very time-consuming and requires certain skills

To make inexpensive repairs in the kitchen, namely, putty and paint the ceiling in the future, the work is done in the following order:

  1. Clear ceiling from dirt, carefully remove the old lime or putty. Ideally, you need to "expose" the concrete slab.
  2. Primed surface with a special primer and let it dry completely. It takes up to 12 hours.
  3. Apply the starting putty layer, while leveling the ceiling. Post a dry layer.
  4. Use a spatula to level the surface and leave to dry.
  5. Remove minor irregularities, Using abrasive mesh or sandpaper, and apply a final layer of fine-grained filler.
  6. After drying again sanded ceiling, cleanse it from dust and start to paint. Naturally the paint must be washable.

For finishing GC and the concrete ceiling is perfect for conventional plaster for walls leveling. But in this case,, if the ceiling will hang wallpaper. When painting a ceiling require applying to it a second layer: the finish (fine-grained) Putty - satengipsa.

Finishes of kitchen wall

Painting walls
The choice of paint kitchen is based on simple logic and the properties of the material

The walls in this room are periodically subject to cleaning and wet cleaning. The coating must withstand frequent handling detergents and water. Then the question arises: than cover the walls in the kitchen? Options are not so much: tile, Wallpaper and paint.

Designers are advised not to cover the walls of the kitchen entirely tiled. It looks "cool" and philistine. It is recommended to apply tiles to the working surface only - "apron". Without it, the kitchen can not do: it is both the protection and decoration of the walls in the area of ​​the working surface.

It remains to choose between the wallpaper and painting. Anyway, to make the renovated kitchen with his hands in the first line the walls. This is done by means of plasterboard or plastering.

Alignment of plasterboard walls

GK is mounted on the wall with the help of GC systems (on profile) or glued with special glue. Both methods will be taken of the space, and the empty space left under the plasterboard. On the other hand, an option to make the wall in the kitchen straight does not take much time and it is much cleaner, than plaster. Still, after the Civil mounting putty required minor irregularities, seams and holes from the screws.

Alignment of plasterboard walls
plasterboard walls leveling technology is extremely simple and reliable

Alignment walls putty

Option to make inexpensive repairs in the kitchen - leveled wall putty. this cheap, but it takes a lot of time and require a certain skill. He is, to be able to correctly apply the plaster - from the bottom up, thus evenly distributing the weight of the wall surface. This process is a long spatula, which is held at an angle of up to 30-35 Castle to the wall. Work as such is not time consuming, but you need to thoroughly dry plaster, it takes considerable time.

To perform this work, you need the following tools to putty: a mixer for mixing putties, long spatula putty for leveling the wall, short spatula for applying putty on a large spatula, Brush for applying the primer and tёrka for attaching the abrasive article.

The corners of the kitchen has received increased attention - here it is necessary to maintain a strict level. Otherwise, or to paste wallpaper "wrong" or curvature of the visual angle will offset the efforts of the kitchen decoration. If you learn how to putty wall corners, the remaining bonding agents work will be done "blindly".

Alignment walls putty
Before you align the wall under the wallpaper, We need to find out the degree of curvature

Oboev sticking to Stan

When the surface finish of the walls wallpaper, should choose washable (fiberglass or vinyl) thick, and preferably on the basis of. After thin material visible even minor imperfections and flaws.

Oboev sticking to Stan, which has been aligned by putty or HA, It does not require any additional conditions.

Economy kitchen renovations is leveling putty walls and wallpapering. The material is not expensive to do, so even hiring a master, employment costs will be loyal.

Staining kitchen walls

If the wall is prepared for painting, the paint application process itself will not cause any difficulties. Significance is grained finish plaster walls putty. With it you get a smooth surface without the slightest blemish.

Painting the walls - the last stage of repair walls. The process is easy and fast. The paint should be water-resistant and washable. The process itself takes place in two stages:

  • Staining the surface of water-based paint, diluted with water (add 10% water) the type of primer.
  • Paint undiluted paint. If necessary, repeat 2-3 fold.

In recent years, the popularity gained walls in the kitchen decorative plaster. It is easy to care for, durable and looks original (structured surface, not smooth, but it looks nice and impressive). The only problem decorative plaster - for its application to the wall or to hire a wizard, which has a special instrument, experience and knowledge, or learn to do it yourself on the videos on the Internet.

Features mounting plinth in the kitchen

Plinth in the kitchen more practical thing, than decorative. His task is to isolate the joints, slots and connections from contamination and evaporation. Therefore, it is advised to "plant" is not on the screws, and on liquid nails, silicone adhesive or adhesive cement. Such a process eliminates the skirting fastener slit and gaps between the wall, floor and skirting.

worth remembering, that mount the plinth is necessary as a last resort. This is the final stage of repair. After it will only carry out general cleaning, and cover with a festive table, to celebrate the end of work.

design kitchens

Beautiful renovation in the kitchen percent 50 It depends on the quality and professional design chosen. The options are many and each of them is good in its own way.


Modern kitchen decoration presupposes not functional, and simply beautiful details. This can be macrame, picture or ikebana. Here a matter of taste and personal preference. But every woman dreams of a spacious kitchen. To save space, you can use when choosing furniture minimalism or modern style. Make a reality of these styles, even cheap kitchen design (the cost) It will look chic, and the woman will be able to verify the versatility and comfort of the interior elements.