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kitchen renovation 6 sq.m

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kitchen renovation easy to start, but it's hard finish. It's true, because there are all sorts of stuff constantly, pulling of a string of defects, which can not be ignored.

kitchen 6 sq.m
Small kitchen seem spacious, as the light

Repairs food 6 quarter. m. It needs attention, because the main criterion for an updated room is considered the preservation of free space, supplemented with the functional ergonomic furniture.


Preparing for repair work starts with a preliminary plan, which take into account the nuances of the following:

  • sketch or drawing of the future kitchen;
  • Professional calculation of the necessary material;
  • detailed thinking through, pipe calculation (sewer, water supply);
  • count the required number electroaccessories.

After that, the dismantling of the old furniture, building coverings, communications.

On the basis of financial capacity, the hosts are determined in order, What they want to do repairs: major or minor.

Overhaul involves recessed window replacement, doors, furniture, pipe, wiring, and in the case of cosmetic often stop at decorating the walls, wallpaper replacement, decorative accessories, linoleum.

design kitchens
Design Pick up your taste, which like most of your family and you

Substitution communication schemes

Communication circuits and wiring are not recommended to change to the new, if they are less 3 years old. In an extreme case, change the unreliable functioning parts. It should be noted, the process requires specialized skills and dexterity, but because it is better to entrust experienced craftsmen.

It is recommended to pay attention to the following points:

  1. When calculating and installing the main thing is not to overdo heating equipment, because the small kitchen easily heated when cooking, therefore becomes stuffy.
  2. Before you change the water supply and sanitation should be clearly defined with a place for a new shell.
  3. Before you change the wiring, recommend to calculate the amount of the planned power electrical appliances, to determine with a cross section, place outlet location.

at Replace the wiring into account, what kitchen equipment must necessarily be grounded, and poses no threat to users: wiring in the kitchen is equipped with the necessary safety switch, that ensures safety during the daily operation of the kitchen.

Substitution communication systems
Replacement of communication systems are best left to the person skilled, if they themselves can not

Work on plaster and wall

This stage is divided into preparatory and final. On the draft level perform the following types of jobs:

  • plaster walls;
  • putty;
  • screed;
  • primer.

By the final include decorative trim. To make it clearer, advised to briefly make out each item.

plastering walls

so, with a view to align the walls decided to use no drywall, and plaster. This is a cheaper option, but assuming some specific skills, otherwise dried on the wall every uneven hump will be visible, spoiling views.

The walls are plastered, if the old layer is destroyed or becomes unusable, and in order to hide the curvature poerhnostey. Modern repair the enhanced ready-mixed joint compounds drywall and plaster works. In order to save budget used sand-grout (with the proportion of the components 1 to 3).

Council: the smoother the plastered wall, the less have to mess around in the next stages of repair.

Ideally, the plaster is applied in 2 phase. First embedded rough bumps, differences, allow to dry, The final layer is then applied. Drying time plastered walls - from 2 day. If the walls will be painted, apply textured plaster.

If the alignment of walls to use drywall, you can make a niche, arch or recesses in the walls.

plastering walls
Plastering is actually a very serious procedure

Application putty

The wall surface shpaklyuyut, that:

  • properly seal the joints, formed after alignment walls with plasterboard;
  • plastered walls need, to eliminate defects in the wall surface of a different sort;
  • carefully repaired potholes, hollows and cracks in plaster walls;
  • to soften the rough coating cement-sand plaster classical type.

Plaster and putty walls considered to be among the important stages of finishing works, on which the flatness of the walls.


Work performed by the screed on the floor. To this mixture is taken specially designed, having increased strength characteristics. At its core is a screed plaster, only floor.

nuances: process is carried out at a time, otherwise smooth floors can not be achieved. Doing the dirty work of the screed and the bay floor solution, it is left to dry on 3-7 days. Failure to do so points to the floor spread mold or harmful microorganisms.

After that is recommended to treat with foam all the holes on the floor, to prevent infiltration apartment harmful insects.

After drying the coated floor ceramic tiles, laminate or linoleum.

floor screed
Screed help align the floor

Facing ceramic tile walls

Kitchen Design provides zone, which is subjected to wall tiles. Besides the aesthetic appeal and noble strokes product has the following advantages:

  1. wearing qualities.
  2. Durability.
  3. Resistance to temperature changes.
  4. shockproof characteristics.
  5. Immunity to contact with the chemical elements, water.

In choosing the material paying attention, that the range of products is represented by the tile floor or wall. Also gaining popularity ceiling tile.

Considered an alternative to tile skinale - glass aprons for the working area, which is applied to the surface of the image. Skinale operate thick tempered glass, which is not afraid to temperature changes, blows.

Papering the walls of the kitchen

Wallpapers since Soviet times is the most popular decorative and finishing element apartments. If you decide to decorate the walls with wallpaper, it is advisable to do so with the assistant: one person presses the fabric to the wall, while the second holds.

The benefits include a huge range of wallpapers and a wide product range of products: choose different textures, textures and materials. Wallpaper easily glued and removed, available to everyone at a cost, and in addition, help to create a homely and cozy atmosphere.

Papering the walls of the kitchen
Pasting wallpaper the walls requires certain skills, Do everything carefully and conscientiously

Construction of the ceiling

The ceiling for the kitchen make tension or suspended. If the ceilings in the kitchen

with installation can not afford, selected plastic panels, which is fixed to the metal profiles. Then cut a hole, through which the output spotlights.

Kitchen lighting is a major, medium and additional. The light is distributed in the zones.

If the option provided Economy ceiling, surface as plaster and shpaklyuyut, and then decide to paste over the ceiling or cover resistant paint of the selected shade.

At the final stage of the renovation of the kitchen and furniture set Electroaccessories, connected home appliances and checking the security.

Tips for a small kitchen

Following these recommendations, seeking comfort and convenience even in the kitchen 6 quarter. m:

    1. Household appliances must be compact and not cumbersome.
    2. It is important to properly organize kitchen improvement, mark zone for storing food and tableware. It is not necessary to clutter furniture trifles, who better to hide behind the facade.
    3. For ergonomic use of space is recommended to move the sink on the windowsill. Here, if desired satisfied dining surface.
    4. If the space for a dining table is not enough, selected product with prefabricated podemnymmehanizmom or replaced by a compact bar rack.

Do not be afraid to experiment, and let your kitchen will be cozy.