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What should be the equipment for the kitchens of restaurants and cafes

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Before, how to open a café, bar or restaurant, you must take the time to select and purchase of equipment. Manufacturability and functionality of kitchen appliances directly determine the successful activity of the enterprise.

Kitchen coffee
After all, the speed and quality of preparation of ordered visitor café meals depends not only on the skill and dexterity cook in the kitchen, but also on the technical characteristics of the equipment used

Establishing effective tech cooking cycle - an important part of the work of enterprises "Food Industry".professional kitchen equipment kafepozvolyaet for a short time to prepare quality meals in a large quantity without losing the beneficial properties.

equipment requirements

Professional kitchen appliances differ significantly from the machines, used in everyday life:

  • Frequency and continuity of use. At home, there is no load on the equipment, in catering establishments. Therefore, a professional kitchen appliances and is characterized by high strength, durability and functionality.
  • High loads and severe operating usloviyami.Protsess cooking accompanied by changes in temperature and steam release, Therefore, the device is made of durable materials, capable protivostoyatpostoyannym loads.
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms and international quality standards.
  • costliness. Professional appliances for the kitchen is expensive, but to save it unwise. Expensive machines are distinguished by additional functionality, neat size and ease of use. Only high-quality instruments over time will pay off and bring a large income.

Kitchen coffee
Equipment, acquired on the cheap, the quality is no different, so the entrepreneur will always have to spend money on repairs

In the selection of units allow for:

  1. Area institutions and seats. From this figure repelled, calculating the load level of equipment and its capacity. This situation harms as a lack of equipment, and their excess. In the first case the staff just physically can not cope with the orders, in the second - the profitability of institutions significantly reduced.
  2. Enterprise format, alleged menu. Японская кухня предполагает наличие узкоспециализированного оборудования, confectionery - large furnaces, coffee shop - coffee cafe apparatov.Poetomu project created based on this item.
  3. The alignment of the equipment in the kitchen - the important question. Apparatus arranged so, to derive maximum advantage from space, increase operational efficiency and reduce the time required for movement of personnel.

thermal aid

Separately, prepare the components for each new dishes in the cafe will not work, however this technique is used to accelerate:

  • Independent - it allows to prepare a particular dish thanks to a special program.
  • Multi-function - it allows you to perform various operations.

Heating equipment is designed for enterprises, where foreseen frequent and continuous preparation of hot meals. Kinds:

  1. Professional stoves for the kitchen(gas, power, combined);
  2. baker's oven;
  3. professional Bread Maker;
  4. industrial waffle;
  5. combi;
  6. fryer;
  7. grills.

Thermal equipment in the cafe
Heating equipment - is the heart and the main component of any enterprise catering

Experts recommend buying a modern induction technology, since it is faster and easier thermal processing and save 40-50 % power compared to conventional devices.

Industrial plates are often produced with the already built-in weights and automatic shut-off function burners (If they took a container of dish). The cafe often use multi-sectional electrical cabinet ovens, each section of which resembles the microwave. They can cook different dishes at the same time, including definitions programmu.Konvektsiya in the oven for each section makes it possible to quickly and easily prepare any food.

Of professional heating equipment list is to provide a steamer. This is the answer to the question: what must be the kitchen of the technology?This multi-purpose device can facilitate the work of staff, to do the work to the maximum effective, while saving energy. The combi chamber using different cooking techniques - roasting, baking, brew, quenching.

Steam cooking allows to reduce to zero the loss of useful trace elements and substances, ensures retention and color consistency,uniformity of heating ensures uniform. The device is equipped with a special meat probe, which is immersed in the product dispensed and set the desired cooking temperature. Further process - business machines: steamer independently and accurately control the temperature inside of a dish.

Steamer in a cafe
The versatility of the device enables it to perform a worthy substitute for other thermal equipment, This saves space and money

Pros use combi:

  • economy;
  • maintain comfortable working conditions indoors;
  • fast return on investment.

Cafe Assembly and auxiliary devices, designed to perform certain operations:

  1. fryers (frying oil).
  2. boilers (fast boiling large amounts of water).
  3. Pasta (for institutions of Italian cuisine).
  4. rice cooker (sushi and risotto).
  5. Food warmers (maintenance of freshly prepared hot).

Optional equipment

Additional equipment includes:

Refrigeration equipment
Refrigeration equipment

  • tech (electromechanical);
  • bakery;
  • Bar;
  • Dishwashing;
  • neutral.

Kitchen equipment includes a café and freezers - an indispensable element in every institution catering. According to sanitary standards and food products are stored at low temperature, to prolong their freshness and suitability for use. In addition, many food and drink before serving a specially cooled. The main requirement for refrigerators and freezers - complete tightness, constant temperature, high performance and sufficient capacity. When choosing methods of installation and configuration are repelled from the size of the room, the expected performance and the expected menu. Properly pobral equipment saves space and reduce energy costs.

Kitchen for the restaurant is equipped technological(electromechanical) equipment, which can significantly speed up the cooking process and increase the productivity of the enterprise. This category includes:

  1. grinder;
  2. blenders;
  3. farshemesy;
  4. mixers;
  5. slicers;
  6. slicers


This technique has a high level of hygiene and is made of non-oxidizing material. Often these devices has 4-5 orifice, that expands the list of additional features.

The kitchen in the cafe ikonditerskih greatly facilitate the work of the various devices: Bread cutters, testoraskatochnyei shake up devices,proseivateli. The specific choice depends on, that it planned to produce.

Wash dishes by hand hundreds - unjustified luxury. The modern kitchen without dishwasher not enough. If kafepostoyanno will use reusable dishes, the dishwasher will be the first assistant.

Facilities include a restaurant kitchen and bar equipment. It includes a coffee grinder, ledoizmelchiteli, coffee machines, sokovyzhymalki,apparatus for preparing carbonated water. Such devices do not differ large dimensions, therefore, do not require much mesta.Kafe with open kitchen require bar.

Professional kitchen equipment includes a device and neutral. Called neutral accessories, which makes the work of cooks comfortable. tables, hood, racking, ovens, carts, washing - these are the things, without which it does not work do. Neutral equipment are made of durable materials, resistant to constant influence of aggressive environment. This ensures the effectiveness and safety of assistive devices even when reusable.

What kind of equipment you need for a cafe in the kitchen?

The necessary equipment for the kitchen
The necessary equipment for the kitchen

The minimum set includes:

  1. steamer;
  2. induction cooker, pizza oven;
  3. fridge, pastry showcase, cooled table;
  4. meat grinder, vegetable cutter, slicer;
  5. coffee machine, sokovyzhymalka, ice machine, Ice Cream unit;
  6. grill, boiler;
  7. Industrial dishwasher;
  8. washing baths, Table, racking, canopies;
  9. Restaurant kitchen equipment, dishes, cutlery.

Catering facilities - a profitable business. But the main part of the financial success of an entrepreneur is the right choice and correct operation of professional equipment. There's also a kitchen with equipment rental. But it is better to turn to a specialized company, supplying tech kitchens oborudovaniedlya, restaurants and cafes, and purchase equipment from trusted and reliable manufacturer, which provides regular servicing. This ensures trouble-free operation of devices and long service life, and this is reflected in the financial stability of the institution.