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Equipment for dining: equipment for caterers

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Considering the design of kitchens and equipment, you need to pay attention to the professional technician. It is made for companies specializing in catering. These include: table, bars, restaurants, cafes, etc.. Manufacturers are willing to offer them all for the kitchen: from furniture to kitchen utensils.

In the kitchen of the restaurant
On the professional equipment is must catering kitchen

Companies in this category specialize in the manufacture and sale of cooking products: the first, Second dishes, snacks, baking, beverages, desserts and others. Depending on the target audience, which calculated the company, changes and equipment, necessary for its operation.

Cutlery, for example, equipped with a special distribution line, which is used for displaying products with short shelf life. But the restaurant with an open kitchen or cafe, in such equipment does not need. Therefore, kitchens equipment from various institutions will be significantly different.

Nutrition units in the catering facilities

If you compare a professional catering equipment rooms and home cooking, the apparent significant differences. Here it is necessary to understand the fundamental differences in purpose equipment. Professional equipment is designed in such a way, to withstand many hours of uninterrupted operation. Kitchen equipment restaurants provides high speed and quality of manufactured cooks foods, which directly affects the profits of the enterprise. It was on its reliability depends on the efficiency of the catering. Besides, Regularly check the restaurant kitchen, equipment serviceability and its sanitation.

catering equipment
catering equipment - not an easy task

Suppliers say, that the professional kitchen equipment depends on the process, used in the enterprise. piece of equipment, such as a device for kneading, installed in catering do not use in their work semi-finished products. Their equipment requires significantly more processing devices for raw materials. Therefore, institutions, operating on the principle of a full cycle, there are an order of magnitude less.

note, that for dining rooms and kitchen Open-type are important and external indicators of technology. This is due to the close proximity of the "hot" zone to the dispensing line. Accordingly, their aesthetics will directly affect the attractiveness of the courses and institutions as a whole.

Properly equipped catering department, equipped with the necessary furniture and appliances - is key to efficient operation of businesses catering.

choosing professional kitchen equipment, pay attention to such factors:

  1. The intended use and its relevance in the kitchen. Based on the type of business, the target group and the menu, defined list of equipment. For example, equipment for school canteens is unlikely to include the deep fryer, but there will certainly be a useful device for dough. But in the "fast food" -zavedeniyah vice versa.
  2. The next point - the reliability and durability of the equipment. As noted, professional kitchen equipment in voltage mode, why should easily withstand heavy loads.
  3. Besides, pay attention to the stability of the equipment to the sanitation. For such enterprises the highest standards of cleaning catering kitchen. Therefore, equipment should be resistant to household chemicals, since it is regularly exposed to their impact.
  4. Convenience and ergonomic equipment also plays a role in the selection, as it directly affects the quality of the work of cooks and of prepared meals.

Cooks in the kitchen
Cooks in the kitchen should be as convenient, do not forget this nuance

Pay attention to the correct positioning of furniture and equipment in the nutrition unit. Installation of equipment is made in such a way, to staff, located in the kitchen all day, it was convenient to work.

Equipment for caterers

When the organization of space in the kitchen catering establishments, first of all pay attention to the furniture. all kinds of tables, cabinets, shelves - their design provides maximum comfort and functionality. Properly chosen hardware configuration line significantly improves performance.

We should also mention the bar equipment. Although it belongs to the kitchen very remotely, but it requires no less attention at equipment. This kind of person places, so the equipment must be functional within, and engaging the outside.

However, the furniture - it's just the beginning. Without a reliable and functional equipment will not pass any easting. Kitchen catering equipment includes:

  • hot technique: ovens, frying surface, combi;
  • Vegetable cutters, Electromeat, mixers, etc.;
  • Refrigeration equipment: cabinets, showcases, freezer;
  • Water heaters;
  • Dishwasher dining Room;
  • Weighing equipment;
  • distributing line;
  • Machinery room ventilation;
  • Neutral equipment and kitchen equipment.

Cooking primarily involves heat treatment products. Therefore, each has a professional catering kitchen oven.

Professional oven
Professional oven in a restaurant should be paramount equipment

It is used for cooking and heating them before serving. Therefore, institutions using semi-finished products, and working on a full cycle, set in the catering department Professional Electric oven, as the most secure, practical and functional equipment.

Depending on the specifics of work and used technologies, changes and integration "hot" technique: added mini oven pizza, bubbled or grill.

Besides, hot art, kitchens set and accessories. Without it the work can not be catering. Works with products presupposes the existence of devices for quick processing. The choice of grinder depends on the volume and variety meat, required to operate institutions. This technique is important for a full cycle institutions, since they do not work with semi. electric vegetable cutter for dining room - a useful unit, if the company serves a large number of people.

Catering establishments require refrigeration for food storage and blanks on nutrition unit. Freezers used there, where the kitchen is working with frozen food, including semi-finished products. For the storage of perishable foods on distribution lines, mounted refrigerated cabinets.


Dishwasher for cafe - an important attribute catering. Whereas previously most dishes washed by hand, today for this set special devices or bath. note, that the actual connection will be given to the boiler equipment for heating water. In this case a kitchen provided with hot water in case of an emergency. Now you can easily go out and buy the necessary kitchen equipment for the canteens.