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Professional kitchen appliances - indispensable equipment cooking food. It is used as a public catering enterprises, and at home. Professional technique helps facilitate food preparation process, and to increase the quality of the result of the work. Define the types of professional kitchen equipment.

professional equipment in the kitchen
Professional kitchen equipment helps not only to cook at home

Equipment for heat treatment

Professional installation for thermal processing of food have a special place in the kitchen. After all, for them there is the basic process of cooking.

Types of equipment for heat treatment

Technique for the heat treatment is divided into the following types:

  • cooking equipment;
  • cooking-frying;
  • vodohreynoe;
  • frying, baking;
  • other.

cooking equipment
Professional cooking equipment cooks in restaurants and cafes

These types of equipment are responsible for a particular stage of cooking. Next, we describe the characteristics of each type.

cooking equipment

Neither dining, restaurant or cafe can not do without cooking equipment. The main objective of this category of technology - preparation of cooked food or hot drinks. Production characteristics of the equipment are in performance, that is to say in the development of ready meals for the unit of time, energy savings, the ability to retain the maximum amount BZHU and vitamins after the heat treatment of raw materials.

cooking stove
Cooking stove with cabinet oven

For cooking techniques include the following categories of vehicles: autoclaves, digesters, cabinets, coffeemakers, vacuum aggregates. The main difference from the boilers autoclaves is, that the latter operate at an artificially increased pressure, and are used for brewing ingredients, which are difficult to heat treatment. When the autoclave can be used to cook soup on the basis of bone.

Griddle cooking-equipment

Griddle cooking-equipment designed for thermal processing of food. This furnace, grills, pan, fryer.

This type of technology requires a detailed description of, since it has not only on the catering facilities, but also indispensable in everyday life.


Typical representatives of this type of equipment - furnaces.

Furnaces are classified according to the following criteria:

  1. According to the type of food: electric and gas;
  2. By the number of burners;
  3. The presence or absence of cabinet oven;
  4. Power.

Furnaces - universal form of art in the kitchen. With the help of this device is fried, cook and bake food, perform some other processes.


Pan - the constant tool in the arsenal of every housewife. Especially it should be available to enterprises catering. With the help of this device is performed frying meat, vegetables and other ingredients.

Professional grill pan
Professional grill pan fry quickly and easily

The most high-quality tool is considered corrugated grill pan. It has a Teflon coating, which provides protection against scorch. Thanks to the special grooves, which receives oil, cooking does not require the use of oil. Best grill pan with thermostats in the bottom, through which there is a uniform heating over the entire surface.


Aerogrill - a device for cooking, which performs its function by means of a heated air stream. The power supply of the machine - electric energy. Components aerogrill:

  • container for cooking;
  • tubular heater;
  • fan;
  • Control Panel.

To cook meat in Aerogrill need much less effort, than to cook it in a pan, since when it reaches the level of the cooking appliance switches off automatically, but the process will take longer.

Popular in Russia aerogrili company produces «Hotter».

Deep fryer

professional Deep fryer
Professional fryer is much kilo of delicious fries

Another indispensable apparatus in the kitchens of restaurants - deep fryer. In contrast to the domestic counterpart - it's not a compact appliance, and massive unit, designed for large amounts of cooking food in a deep layer of oil or grease.

Famous are the following dishes, which are prepared in a deep fryer: French fries, ceʙureki, belyashi, chips.

water-heating equipment

Typical representatives of water-heating equipment - boilers, kettles, water heaters. Objective data aggregates - heating and bringing to boiling water for its further use in the manufacturing process.

Production characteristics of water-heating equipment: energy savings and performance, i.e. the volume brought to boiling water per unit time.

Roast-pekarnaya equipment

Frying, baking equipment is intended for frying cooking, and baking bread and confectionery. To this mean devices include furnaces and cabinets with a baking temperature 150 degrees Celsius.

Rack-engagement Pekarskij
Cabinet-engagement Pekarskij

This equipment in an industrial environment is a massive aggregates, as energy use electricity or gas.

Other equipment for the heat treatment

Other equipment for heat treatment of food, which performs auxiliary functions, include in the category of other.

For this type of devices include thermal cabinets, marmity, units for the transport of food, thermostats. This equipment is not directly involved in the process of cooking, but by thermal action ensures their storage and transportation, and in product prepared for use as.

If thermal cabinets are designed for storage of prepared food in hot condition in hospital, the steam tables are easily transported.

Optional equipment

Equipment, which is associated with the production process, but did not succumb to the heat treatment products, It called additional. He, too, has its own classification. types of devices:

  • electromechanical equipment;
  • refrigeration;
  • weight;
  • devices for packaging;
  • kitchen furniture;
  • other.

Now look at each of the following types.

electromechanical equipment

For those of electromechanical equipment are types of devices, which act on the semi-finished products by mechanical means. Some of these devices are used as the driving force of the electric power, while others - the manual force.


The tools, without which it will not do is not something that the catering department catering, but even home cooking, It refers knife. It is the primary tool for the precise cutting of ingredients.

kitchen knives
The knife is indispensable in the kitchen any cook

Chef's knife should be well honed.

Meat grinder

One of the most important devices in the kitchen - meat grinder. Depending on the strength of, sets it in action, This device is mechanical and electrical.

In terms of catering establishments it is optimal to use grinder, because we have to deal with large volumes of products.

professional grinder
Professional chopper cook a lot of minced

Characteristics grinder is determined by a number of criteria, the most important of which is the performance and capacity. It is equally important to pay attention to packaging meat grinder attachments for production operations.

Vegetable cutter

Vegetable Cutter is a device used, as an electric slicer. This machine allows you to save time and labor workers, involved in this process step. The main characteristic of slicers is its productivity per unit of time.

Professional vegetable cutter
Professional vegetable cutter narezhet vegetables in minutes

Similar in functional purpose to the vegetable cutter potato peeler, but its main task - to clean potatoes peeled.


The blenders tasks include preparation of mixtures of ingredients. Depending on, which product it is subject to blending, these devices are classified into the following categories:

  • blender for meat;
  • blender to puree;
  • blender for cocktails and juices;
  • blender to puree soup.

Now common universal blenders, which combine the above listed features or part of them in a single device.

In the method of bringing the machine into operation blenders divide on hand and electrical devices.

professional blender
Professional blender mix all easily and quickly

Depending on the level of mobility of the device is classified into an immersion blender and the stationary unit. The first of these is lowered into the vessel with the ingredients operator, and the second is integrated in design, in which the mixing process.

How to choose a blender for public catering? In the context of large-scale production is inefficient hand blender, so buy an electric machine. Be sure to pay attention to the power and performance of the device. Best blender will have the maximum performance according to criteria.

refrigeration plants

Cooling and freezing equipment - a necessary attribute of catering. They contain ingredients and some of the finished product.

The mandatory need for a separate cooling unit for the storage of semi-finished and finished products.

Weighing equipment

Cooking requires accurate dosing to avoid incorrect bookmark or overspending ingredients. For these purposes in food service are used as high-precision scales, intended for weighing small amounts of components, and weighting devices, for determining the mass of significant loads. The latter type is more commonly used scales in the inventory in warehouses. Besides, classification of the weights means their division into mechanical and electronic devices.

professional scales
Professional scales is the accuracy and ease of use

It is important to conduct periodic calibration weights, to avoid disruptions and inaccuracies in their work.

Kitchen furniture

Furniture in the kitchen - not just the interior element, and the object, directly involved in the manufacturing process.

On the cutting table there is a set of technological operations, and sink in the nutrition unit is used for dishwashing and sanitation standards. In the kitchen there are cupboards and shelves, in which inventory is kept, towel.

shop for cooking food in a restaurant


As in the case of equipment for the heat treatment, Other devices not directly involved in the cooking process, and are complementary. In this role can serve anything from a knife sharpener to towels for staff.

In the same category include packaging equipment. It is used for the packaging of the finished product and giving it the presentation.


How visible, range of professional kitchen equipment is diverse. It can be taken as a direct part in cooking, and be an ancillary. easting, equipped necessary for the performance of technological operations proper quality devices, It has higher rates of productivity and economy of resources, than food, in which the production process is based on manual operations. Therefore, that the purchase of production equipment for kitchens is not worth saving, and their choice should be treated responsibly, taking into account all aspects of the quality characteristics of the equipment. Now you know, a professional kitchen equipment is.