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Kitchen equipment in institutions: reveals the secrets

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Food for child nutrition requires special cooking conditions. Each child care center, which has easting, must follow the cooking technology. For the preparation of baby food using equipment. Let us determine the characteristics and conditions of use.

Школьная столовая
School canteen

Features cooking baby food

Feeding a child - a factor, ensuring the proper development of the growing organism, which requires a set of nutrients and vitamins. If a person is in the early stages of the life cycle it loses an important element of food, it will lead to the development of diseases in later life. Therefore plays an important balancing role in the preparation of baby food diet.

child nutrition standards

nutritional standards established in the Russian chief sanitary doctor still in 1991 year. For each of the eleven age-sex category they have selected indicators. The child should receive the amount of nutrients and vitamins, which corresponds to its category. Before the 11 s nutritional standards differ only by age, and after the onset of age - and even on the floor baby. Basic food items, quantitative content of which determines the balance:

  1. proteins;
  2. fats;
  3. carbohydrates;
  4. vitamins;
  5. Micronutrients;
  6. Other biologically active materials.

An important indicator - the caloric intake.

Requirements for cooking

Primary requirements, which take into account when cooking, the storage of semi-finished and dishes, sets Rospotrebnadzor.

Кухня в школьной столовой
Cooking in child care requires a rigorous implementation of hygienic norms of Rospotrebnadzor

according to the provisions of, ready-to-eat products and semi-finished products are stored in different places. required, kitchen was equipped with individual meat grinder to process cooked and raw semi-finished products. From the moment of the preparation of hot dishes before serving, It should not take more than 2 – 3 hours. This time they are on a hot plate, or other heat source. Required the presence of separate planks for cutting and slicing different types semifinished. Must be subjected to a heat treatment product types in order to disinfect.

Baby Food Preparation requires precision execution of production processes, thorough grinding components, the hygiene, processing and cooking temperature norms. Compliance with the standards in food preparation for the children's food in large volumes is only possible in the presence of a special kitchen equipment.

Kitchen appliances

Chief assistant chef - Kitchen Appliances. This postulate is doubly true in relation to child care workers kitchens. kitchen attribute - not only equipment, which is directly involved in the process of cooking food, but also devices, for the personal hygiene of employees, and maintaining sanitary standards in the room, where the cook.

Оборудование для кухни
Compliance with sanitary norms in the kitchen in child care - one of the main rules

types of equipment

There is a list of necessary kitchen appliances, which is recommended for use in children's food nutrition unit. The main types of:

  • mnogokonforochnaya brass plate;
  • refrigerator and freezer;
  • vegetable cutter;
  • cutter;
  • Electric kettle;
  • kartofelechystka;
  • electric grinder with nozzles.

Further, we take a closer look at some of the devices.


The main tool for the preparation of hot meals - cooker. Without it, no cost, no kitchen in the world. According to the technical recommendations, пищеблок детского учреждения оборудуют электрической плитой с духовым шкафом, and 8 – 10 rings. or, It can be purchased two plates with fewer burners.


Use a kettle for hot drinks. This kind of equipment is recommended for child care centers with an electric power source. Choose a good electric kettle is not so easy for catering, as it seems at first glance. Note, that it has a continuous heating function.

This is true in the dining facilities, including children, in which a constant stream of people, and hot drinks consumed faster. Pay attention to the volume of the teapot, and power. The higher these values, all the better, taking into account the volume of water, that pass through the steam-generating unit is the unit of time.

Электрический чайник с беспрерывным подогревом
Electric kettle with incessant heating allows to constantly maintain a predetermined water temperature

Equipment for processing vegetables

For cutting and cleaning fruits and vegetable cutter used potato peeler. These devices accelerate the process of cooking vegetables, which will save man-hours of people, involved in the operation. While potato peelers cost is quite high, in high volume applications in the kitchen, it will pay for itself quickly.

Meat grinder

With a large amount of food is prepared, namely a situation we are seeing in children's institutions, Irrational use of conventional mechanical grinder. For grinding meat and other ingredients in such institutions used a powerful electric meat grinder.

Choose an electric meat grinder is not easy. Pay attention to the power of the device. For large volumes of semi-finished products processed it should not be less than 600 W. But, good electrical power grinder 1000 W in a catering - the best option. An important indicator - the performance. Most electric meat grinder have a capacity to 5 kg per minute.

Stop selection on a device with a metal casing, rather than plastic. Such a device is more expensive, but it will last much longer.

Making a choice of electric meat grinder for catering, note, which nozzles are supplied with it, and for which production processes are used. The greater the range of capabilities of the device, all the better.

Промышленная мясорубка
Industrial Grinder - used in restaurants, Cafe, kindergartens and school canteens

There is the question, it is preferable to buy: Russian electric meat grinder or imported analogues? Imported models are better, but more expensive.

In terms of price / quality domestic electric grinder look attractive. In this way, for the child care needs of the ideal kitchen - electric grinder of domestic production with metal housing, having power 1000 Watts and Performance 5 kg per minute.

Furniture and accessories

Furniture & Accessories - essential elements of catering child care.

Pieces of furniture

Furniture in the kitchen does not perform a decorative function, and is involved in the production process, or is auxiliary. For subjects of kitchen furniture are:

  • cutting table;
  • shelf boards;
  • metal shelving;
  • Shelves for towels;
  • wash.

The purpose of each piece of furniture is clear from the title.

Optional accessories

The kitchen has additional accessories, which ensure compliance with health and hygiene standards in premises. These include: extract, ventilation equipment, towels, hand drying apparatus for. In this list include a large number of devices and appliances, wearing auxiliary character.


Only if the nutrition unit of the necessary equipment, accessories and furniture, you can establish an efficient production process in compliance with the sanitary standards and regulations. Now you know everything, for aboutuhonnoe equipment for kindergarten.