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How to equip office kitchen

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In order to maximize performance of staff is necessary to ensure quality conditions. The first need - this is the need for food intake. Office personnel are often forced to dine at the adjacent public catering (Cafe, bars, restaurants, etc.). And it is expensive, and create a delay after the lunch break. To avoid all these unwanted things in the office organized office kitchens.

Employees in the office kitchen
Kitchen office is an integral part of modern offices

Kitchen office is an integral part of modern offices, where the composition of the staff has the right to take food and cozy tune into productive work.

place room

The ideal option would be to placement in a separate room. The smallest room is large enough to accommodate the mandatory minimum number of items. By this embodiment the separation means the specific workplace and recreational areas. This distinction will eliminate all distractions from work moments and create conditions comfortable afternoon.

The second option organization cuisine - is the placement of household appliances and furniture directly from jobs. It is used, if the free space is not possible to distinguish. In this case, the office kitchen is limited by several conditions:

  • For cooking or heating food (mini microwave, cooler, coffee machine, mini electric kettle, toaster).
  • For meals.
  • For dish washing (mini dishwasher).
  • For indoor storage a minimum of necessary household appliances.
Office kitchen
The ideal option would be to placement in a separate room

Often the kitchen delimited plain wall. When the office is so small, and the kitchen is impossible to distinguish even the angle, then the appropriate mini kitchen.

When, when the institution can create conditions for the organization of a complete meal in the catering, the kitchen in the office will be less stuffed with various devices. Sufficient equipment list: compact microwave, coffee makers and kettles, mini kitchen sink, mini fridge etc..

Comfortable and safe, and vice versa…

In order to comfort and physiological needs of the human organism it is recommended to place the kitchen in the room with large window openings, because daylight has a calming effect and creates comfort.

In accordance with the requirements of fire safety in the kitchen area provides local exhaust ventilation and plumbing.

Do not locate the kitchen next to the assembly hall or the office of the chief (food odors - not the best conditions for business dialogues) and near the reception. According to the sanitary requirements of the kitchen should not be placed next to the toilet and smoking area.

Office kitchen with dining area
Do not locate the kitchen next to the assembly hall or the office of the chief

Not recommended, to the kitchen was the entrance to the client company, since neither the employee does not want to stand before the customer with a sandwich in his hands.

Requirements for furniture and decoration materials

The main requirements for office furniture for the kitchen area - wear resistance, strength and durability, It operates as the kitchen will be a huge number of people, virtually the entire staff. recommended, that was the so-called kitchen apron over a working table top. Office furniture does not stand to save on accessories - low-quality fasteners and not only the mechanisms will be ruined for a short period.

The presence of cleaning, perhaps, It must also be attributed to the essential requirements, as washing the dishes in the toilet prohibited by applicable sanitary requirements and the usual logic. And in the absence of such personnel necessarily rush somewhere to wash used dishes, and it will be sure to toilet.

office kitchen design
Kitchen design in the office really should not be associated with the overall design of office space

Kitchen design in the office really should not be associated with the overall design of office space. Home all provide a comfortable environment for employees, as a motivation for productive work. The color choice depends on the willingness of the employee during the holidays. If the proponents of peace and quiet between the working hours (mainly in the vibrant employment offices), better to give preference to pastel tones and calm. And when the state is mainly, young and creative people, allowed to experiment with bright colors.

The design of the mini kitchen is better to issue in the Art Nouveau style, classical or hi tech. For finishing of walls and the floor is better to choose resistant to pollution and free-to-clean materials.

Mini kitchen for small offices

Not every company can put a certain amount on the organization of a separate room. In addition to that, often lacking the means to finish it, and his own employees are unlikely to acquire the furniture, and make repairs.

Organizations with a small staff and budget are advised to purchase a compact set of business lunch meals. It is presented in the form of a small closet with lots of shelves of different sizes to store a maximum of things (microwave to heat small size only) on 0,6-2 m2.


After lunch set is closed, and a recent meal at once goes to the long-range plan, and it does not look like anything about it. the cost is much less, than similar functionality headsets, especially, taking into account the area occupied by them.

What to consider when ordering

Construction of home cooking requires consideration of a number of causative factors. Organization of the kitchen area at the office requires a similar approach:

  1. Schedule of.
  2. State (amount of workers).
  3. The need for the preparation of beverages and snacks to customers, seconded.
  4. Functionality and comfort. Unlike home cooking, excess in the office is not recommended to keep: maximum efficient use of space and space, equipment, built-in furniture, Shelves and tables, retractable and returning at the end of dinner at his place, compact boxes and cabinets.
  5. The cost of furniture with appliances.
  6. Accommodation and everything - the whole room or small kitchen.

Large office kitchen
Accommodation and everything - the whole room or small kitchen

It is recommended to order furniture from eco-friendly materials, because the workplace staff spends more time, than in their homes. We hope you make the best kitchen for office.