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Device and Characterization of extracts

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In rooms, where the air mass is thrown out a lot of steam, fat and combustion by-products (as is often the kitchen), It needs time to clean the air. To fully absorb the harmful fumes, which pollute the air mass, the sources of unpleasant emissions set canopies.

These devices perform the function of timely air purification in catering establishments, in kitchens, canteens, restaurants and supermarkets, indoor chemical plants

Internal organization

Kitchen exhaust hood - it korobiz metal in the form of cap, which is connected through a duct to the ventilation system. But its functionality significantly increases, if there is grease filter as part of its design, which purifies air mass of oily soil and oily impurities. exhaust hood without fan sold more often. Positive responses have a spark arrestor grid model, intended to be installed over an open flame.

Hood removes from the room exhaust hot air and pollution, but it does not provide sufficient fresh air mass. Therefore, the design should only recommend it, wherein fresh air is supplied independently from a calculation ustroystva.Nuzhno competently, to volume drained and air supply were the same, only if favorable conditions will be provided in the room.

On sale is a supply-and canopies, which will not only exhaust air, but also injected new. The hot air has a lower density and rises to the top, and the replacement comes cold air mass.

Maximum efficiency is achieved in the case, If kitchen hood is working "in tandem" with a well-planned system of forced ventilation
Maximum efficiency is achieved in the case, If kitchen hood is working "in tandem" with a well-planned system of forced ventilation

Material, It used to produce these devices, - stainless steel FOOD, however in contact with hot air massyna inner wall of the housing does not occur oxidation. advantages of stainless Steel:

  1. resistance to corrosive processes;
  2. durability;
  3. fire resistance;
  4. ease of care;
  5. resistance to moisture and vapor.

Sutures treated body argon welding, therefore characterized by high strength. The main element of metal construction - zhiroulavlivatel.

Hood the duct comprises two parts:

stainless steel filter
stainless steel filter

Principle of operation simple. The mass of air with particles of fat, soot gets into the filtering device. The air strikes with the power of the internal filters jumpers and cleaned (at impacts by-products of combustion and the air mass itself disintegrates).

After the air purifying fatty compound slowly deposited in liquid form and moved through the drain conduit into a receiving tank, which is located at the bottom of ustroystva.Etu capacity after completion emptied and thoroughly washed with anti-grease means. So the next time the glass quickly washed off, He poured in advance 4-5 drops of detergent. For ease of use the tank filters and a removable cap, they can be easily removed, clean and set back.

Classification hoods

Depending on the scope of the canopies are divided into two types:

industrial exhaust fans
industrial exhaust fans

  • household.

These are two separate concepts, but the difference between their internal device nevelika.Promyshlennye hoods in comparison with appliances have such features:

  • large size;
  • big fan performance;
  • the use of other types of grease filters.

In a domestic models dimensions tailored to the dimensions of the gas and electric stoves, used in homes and apartments. true, the difference between the suction device, working in the kitchen a huge country house, and industrial model is almost no.

Depending on the location of the hoods are:

  1. Pristennye - simple devices, which are attached directly to the supporting wall of the thermal devices. Filters within such models are arranged in a line.
  2. Island - these structures are mounted directly to the ceiling by rods or chains on the equipment in the middle of the room. These models have two rows of filter devices.

street hoods
There are street models for barbecues and grills, which represent the blank inside the dome without additional elements

They catch the smoke, heated air and grease impurities. Their work is different from or exhaust air handling vehicles they operate through umbrellas transitions, which have a conical shape. Conduct preliminary calculations for their competent installation harder, but they can safely be used over an open flame. but device, used indoors, most equipped and fan, and cleaners, and bars. There are complex structures called fume hood table, but they are at home and at food enterprises do not apply, because they are intended for chemical laboratories.

Characteristics hoods

Hoods for kitchen use everywhere, since these machines are easy to maintain and operate. The main thing - do not forget the timely cleaned from oily dirt collecting tank. Compliance with the rules of use and safety measures when working with such equipment is not difficult.

Canopies of stainless steel manufactured in strict accordance with the applicable standards and regulations for the manufacture of food processing industry. Manufacture of hoods with quality materials - the key to their successful and safe operation in the future. Therefore, the use of ventilation equipment is safe for humans, in the room, and the atmosphere. At work no harmful substances are released.

The choice of a wide exhaust equipment. Sales have hoods for the kitchen any color, configuration and dimensions.

Stretching is selected in accordance with the kitchen interior
The device is selected in accordance with the style of interior

If the presented models do not meet the client's needs, manufacture of umbrellas ventilation possible and zakaz.Mnogie companies offer an opportunity to draw the individual production of the ventilation design to order on the developed drawings.

It is important to correctly pick up the device with the desired performance. If the unit will not cope with their functions, it makes no sense to install it at all. If the device will work on a maximum, he quickly goes down, and the energy costs are substantial. Power - the most important characteristic of the device. It would be enough for high-quality air purification in a conventional kitchen unit with a capacity of 500-650 m3 / h. For catering facilities suitable industrial units with a capacity of up to 1800-1900m3 / h.

Since in many enterprises there is the problem of settling of oily impurities on the surface of the device, the hoods with grease filters are popular. Hood with grease works on the principle of: polluted air mass falls within the self-feed or by a fan, where fat settles and flows from the reservoir, and the clean air, meanwhile, enters the duct. Grease filters are different:

  • cluster,

labyrinth filter
labyrinth filter

  • from paper.

The control system may be different: Switchboard, electronic, sensory. Button operation understandable for people of all ages, but it gives a lot of inconvenience during harvesting (near the buttons is going to dust, dirt and grease, which is difficult to wash). Touch panels are more practical, but not so easy to understand older people. Caring for electronic panel easily: regularly enough to wipe the surface with a soft sponge.

Installing hoods

There are traditional ways of installing ventilation hoods:

  1. With anchors. This method is considered the most simple. But the main condition - the wall must be a carrier, smooth and durable (stone or brickwork). Based on the length of the device is calculated number of holes (2 or 3). Neatly and symmetrically arranges labels for drilling on the rear vertical wall of the hood. drilled holes, through which the umbrella is attracted to the wall with anchors. If the flight has a length 100 cm, the apparatus further attached to the ceiling and.
  2. With studs. On the four edges of the device at the top of drilled 4 openings (welded eyelets for studs). Studs previously fixed to the ceiling. It's simple, but you must comply with one condition - the ceiling height should not exceed 4,3 m.
  3. On ropes and chains. It can be fixed in this manner canopy at any altitude. The top plane of the device are welded 4 bracket. Ropes or chains fixed to the ceiling and fastened to the machine through the carabiner. The only disadvantage of this design - unsteadiness, this creates additional inconvenience in piping ducts.
  4. Special hand-. Depending on the size of the hood support frame is made of stainless steel profile with four legs, which is securely attached to the floor through a plate. And it sets the device. The design is rectangular or square, height is set individually. Such designs appear presentable and accurate. Therefore, in rooms with high ceilings, and equipment, located in the middle, this option is the most optimal.

Hood BBQ
Hoods are fixed not only on the plates and hobs, but also over other heat-generating devices (grill, Zharov closet or fryer)

When choosing hoods take into account the size of the plate or hob, over which the device will be mounted.

device (exhaust hood over the stove) must be at least 10-15 cm wider plate. The height above the mounting equipment is from 0,7 to 1,1 m.

Location of the canopy to the kitchen is determined by the location plate. If the equipment is located near the wall, the hood is advisable to install on the same surface.

If the stove is on a kitchen island, middle of the room, the canopy is secured directly to the ceiling
If the stove is on a kitchen island, middle of the room, the canopy is secured directly to the ceiling

Install exhaust hood with his hands man, who know something in the building, repair and tools, not difficult. When installing the need to follow such instructions:

  • Determine the place on the wall of the hood placement, taking into account all the dimensions: on 10 cm wider plate and above 70-75 cm.
  • Cover with kitchen foil or paper to facilitate cleaning after the completion of.
  • Take vykruzhnuyu saw and drank in the ceiling opening the right size for the duct.
  • Long drill in the center of the opening of the resulting drill hole (1 cm) - it will be the center of the duct.
  • Chalk or marker to draw a circle outside on the roof, starting from the drilled hole.
  • Gently saw through the roof covering and a lower casing.
  • Put the fan hood in the propylene at the top of the hole.
  • Secure the pipe and flange, sealant fill the void at the junction.
  • Bottom lock fitting with a ventilation channel.
  • Connect the blower motor to the power outlet and bring the cable into the kitchen through the ceiling.
  • Take a flexible conduit and connect it to the pipe. Check all the connections on the strength, wrap them with foil to tightness.
  • Brackets fixed to the wall with screws and hang them on the hood.
  • Connect the fan cable to the power outlet.

Set household canopy for easy extraction, and installation of marker patterns are best left to the employees reliable firmy.Legche best mounted extractor hood without fan for the kitchen. The main thing - to adjust the umbrella closer to the chimney duct go, Then contaminated air can easily be discharged to the outside.