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Choose linoleum for the kitchen: the pros and cons of the coating material

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Among the variety of linoleum flooring for the kitchen most often used. The reason is versatile coating properties: it firmly, easy to clean, Easy to install and looks nice.

The original design of linoleum blends well with furniture

The properties of light and dark coating for kitchen

We appreciated the practical properties and types of linoleum many consumers. Initially, the coating was made from natural materials, but widespread after its modification in the form of synthetic.


The development of the chemical industry allowed to produce synthetic linoleum, which has many beneficial properties:

  • increased wear resistance;
  • easy to install;
  • the diversity of species, colors;
  • the possibility of installation on any floor, including "warm floor";
  • high-pitched sound- , thermal insulation characteristics;
  • resistance to bursting;
  • affordable price.

Linoleum under laminate

The product properties are constantly improving, there are new types of linoleum flooring. Consumer properties, appearance and price coverage was a worthy rival to the laminate, tile, wood. By degree of abrasion resistance it is divided into three types:

  • Household linoleum - for home use, where patency of people small;
  • semi-commercial - it is able to withstand loads feasibly, so better to lay linoleum in the kitchen and hallway;
  • Commercial - designed for public spaces, with a large number of visitors every day: the shops, Gyms, clinics.


Choosing laminate linoleum against: as evidenced by the class

Comparing the types of linoleum, it is easy to choose the appropriate option. Marketing products is divided into three categories:

  • natural covering;
  • artificial linoleum;
  • self-leveling floor.

natural cover. Issue linoleum began in the nineteenth century, then he is wholly made of natural materials. Natural coverage is available today, It is much more expensive than synthetic samples and applies to goods suites. Apart from the obvious environmental component, it has many other advantages:

  • eco-friendly;
  • gipoallergenen;
  • fireproof;
  • easy to clean;
  • not electrified;
  • bactericidal.

Lenoleum the kitchen
Figure linoleum under the floorboard looks perfect with wooden furniture


  • lack of flexibility;
  • high price.

artificial variant. linoleum manufacturers were among the first to introduce the opening of chemistry in the manufacture of the coating process and do it until now, improving product, giving it new features. Classification of artificial linoleum conducted on different grounds: number of layers, material, from which the facing layer, the nature of the foundations, of substrate properties.

According to the number of layers distinguish one- , two- or laminated flooring. Depending on, the material from which made the front side, Linoleum is the following species:

  • polyvinylchloride (PVC);
  • rubber (RELEASE);
  • nitrocellulose (kolloksïlïnovıy);
  • alkyd (gliftalievy).

multicolored linoleum for the kitchen

As the basis of the raised fabric or non-woven base (fiberglass). Under the base coating is placed on a multilayer substrate:

  • djutovaya;
  • felt;
  • PVC foam;
  • polyester fibers.

The combination of materials and layers defined in the composition of linoleum define its specifications: heat- , insulating properties, flexibility, resistance to temperature extremes and other.

The most common type of artificial flooring today is polyvinylchloride (PVC). its advantages:

linoleum for the kitchen with a pattern of squares

  • versatile - produced one- and multilayered, on any basis, or with different substrates;
  • wear resistant;
  • resistant painted way;
  • tinting - up 6 colors.

Cons PVC-coating:

  • odorless (disappears during operation);
  • shrinks, most notably, When the shrinkage rate base and the top layer is different.

pros rubber (RELEASE) linoleum:

  • Dual Layer - Rubber top and crushed rubber in combination with asphalt as a base at the bottom;
  • plastic;
  • vodostoek.

linoleum with different drawings


  • combustible, so the fire hazard.

Linoleum on the basis of nitrocellulose (kolloksïlïnovıy) It has the following advantages:

  • light, flexible due to the fact, it is a single-layer product;
  • inexpensive;
  • moisture resistant.


  • Fineness and insufficient strength;
  • combustibility.

beautiful linoleum
Chic linoleum in the kitchen with beautiful furniture, windows just fine

Coating alkyd (gliftalievy) differs, it:

  • strongly alkyd resins due, applied to the fabric base;
  • It possesses enhanced thermal insulation properties and zvukonepropuskayuschimi;
  • multicolour.

Minus Gliphtal coating is insufficient flexibility:

  • cracks on the fracture.

liquid linoleum, or self-leveling floor. This innovative type of wear-resistant coating, has many advantages. It is a two-component liquid composition, technology application which reminds pouring self-leveling floor screed. Carrying out work requires a thorough foundation waterproofing, the very composition after application freezes for a long time - about two weeks.

nice kitchen linoleum

Advantages of self-leveling floor with more than cover the effort and time:

  • it possesses abrasion sverhstoykostyu: not scratch, does not break, does not break;
  • complete water resistance protects the housing from the effects of plumbing leaks;
  • floor becomes whole cloth without joints;
  • It provides unlimited possibilities for decorating: is placed under the liquid composition or printing various drawings, 3d is reached effektlinoleum.

Among the disadvantages of self-leveling floors emit only two:

  • polymerized composition for at one week, so the repair is delayed;
  • the price of liquid linoleumavysoka, it is the cost of polymer compositions, decorative substrates, waterproof coats and impregnating.

kitchen linoleum flooring under

A variety of textures and colors in the interior

Good linoleum in the interior of the apartment is difficult in appearance to distinguish from more expensive materials - laminate or wood. Decide, What better linoleum, possible after studying the technical and quality characteristics, and choose the, which decorate the interior, You can only see samples of their eyes. Traditionally, under the linoleum tile put in the kitchen, in the bathroom or hallway. Linoleum flooring adorns a living, Hall, commercial halls. Standard colors mimic:

  • tiles;
  • tree (Conventional or exotic species);
  • a rock;
  • laminate;
  • parquet.

stylish kitchen linoleum

Modern floor coverings are not limited to the traditional colors - extensive range, and pictures are very different, up to the 3d-effect. Shades - light or dark, bright or faded. Hostess not recommend the use of light in the interior of the kitchen linoleum, especially if it is grooved. Increased activity promotes continuous contamination of the floor: on the bright surface of the crumbs and splashes of fat droplets seen greater, and corrugation quickly clogged with dirt. Dark linoleum in the kitchen more practical.

Secrets of the choice of the best product design with texture and without it: Semi-commercial beautiful Tarkett

Ranking of the best products of this segment of the samples led the German company Tarkett, specializing in the production of various floor coverings. Linoleum Tarkett has an excellent quality, but it cost twice the price of the products of other brands. Tarkett parquet is produced from a natural oak, with the application of digital printing and special effects designer. The greatest demand in the product line of the company uses semi-commercial linoleum Tarkett - in all respects is a universal coverage for the house and not so expensive, as a commercial version or flooring. It is convenient to buy a semi-commercial linoleum Tarkett in Leroy Merlin, because the store is always a great range of products, often held shares, give a discount.

linoleum zebra
Wonderful colors of linoleum looks perfectly in the kitchen

Among Russian consumers allocate goods linoleum Sinteros. Although the products are produced in Russia, Corporation owns the brand Tarkett. With a decent quality - made coating on high-tech European equipment - it is much cheaper than the price, than imported products Tarkett.

Floor preparation and laying coatings: both lay and change the material on the tile, white on a wooden floor

The coating is placed on a flat floor, tucking the edges under the baseboard: you can put linoleum on the wooden floor, concrete base or tile. If the floor area greater 20 or permeability of more people in it, it is recommended to glue the fabric. You can do it yourself, without the involvement of foreign masters.

two-color linoleum for the kitchen

  1. Roll make the room per day, the material is warmed up and became plastic.
  2. be leveled, clean and dry floor.
  3. Make measurements at the widest point of the room, add on 10 cm on each side.
  4. Submit canvas on the floor and leave to rest in bed for a while.
  5. prepare adhesive, lift and wrap portion of the coating, under it apply the adhesive on the floor surface, smooth thin layer with a spatula.
  6. Put glue on the edge of the cloth wrapped, smooth out towards the corners.
  7. Raise the second portion of the coating, repeat the process.
  8. After the glue has dried cut the excess on the corners and mount the plinth.

Council. Linoleum becomes more pliable, if its industrial warm hairdryer - warm air stream soften hard coat, and it lies exactly on a contour angles and joints.

linoleum for the kitchen with patterns

To properly put linoleum on the wooden floor, you must first align its base - polish, fasten it with nails and putty the cracks.

To lay new linoleum on the old can, if you need to warm effect, but to extend the life of the new pre-coating line the floor. Therefore, if the old coating was initially laid incorrectly, We need to dismantle it, Line floor, and then put the old and the new coating on the flat surface.

linoleum for the kitchen wood

Care, the washing up, service, repair in the dining room and hallway

Care for a floor covering of this type is to clean it without using abrasive or chemically active agents, which damage the upper protective layer. Although modern coatings samples resistant to bursting and restore themselves back into shape, It is not recommended to place heavy furniture on spindly legs.

linoleum mahogany

To clean dirt from linoleum, enough warm water and a soft cloth. Additionally, the liquid used for washing floors, better spirit, not containing caustic. From greasy stains easily clean up the linoleum in the kitchen using dish detergent. For specific cases fit different compositions:

  1. wash iodo - alcohol or ascorbic acid (dilute tablet in water);
  2. wash Zelenka - undiluted Vanish, applied to the sponge;
  3. wash tape - alcohol or refined petrol;
  4. wash super glue - dimexide;
  5. wash assembly foam spol - liquid to remove the polyurethane.

A lot of consumers prefer to use linoleum in the interior - the material is practical, modern and justifies the money spent.