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Stylish kitchen in the usual Khrushchev: how to equip yourself

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Unfortunately, an increasing number of our fellow spends days not in the king's mansion. Holders of the "classical" odnushki face to face with the problem of small kitchens, the area of ​​which at times approaching the size of a single camera. The consequence of this is the question of how, how to increase the kitchen at least visually? Although not a, but the choice is still there, a particular embodiment depends on, what you want to get to the exit. so, let's learn, what choice it leaves us little room.

Khrushchev in the kitchen
Plain kitchen Khrushchev after the serious work of the designer

The knight: total redevelopment premises

After asking the tenant of this apartment the question of, what it does not like a typical kitchen, complaints area will be not the only claim. House named Nikita Khrushchev built the Soviet army forces and prisoners, what resembles a clumsy system of pipes, plasterboard wall between the toilet and a kitchen and other flaws.

Because of this author's approach to carrying out infrastructure already small area to become even less, and the place simply does not remain for the necessary furniture and equipment. And many are solved on a radical step, the result of which becomes a complete kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev.

The idea of ​​standing, but there is a caveat. It is strictly forbidden to engage in redevelopment in the apartment without the consent of certain authorities; moreover, it can not affect the reconstruction of supporting walls, demolition and movement are exposed to only partition.

Combining the kitchen and living area

kitchen and living room
Interior Design: association of small kitchen and living room

One of the most common options. The purpose of such movements - drawing cuisine in five-storey apartment in a single space with the living room and the transformation of the small room in the whole dining room or kitchen-living room. This method Design a small kitchen in the Khrushchev close to the style studio apartments are popular today. What are the advantages of this redevelopment:

  • The room becomes more spacious, a small kitchen in the Khrushchev finally hold all the necessary equipment and accessories
  • The area of ​​the apartment, certainly, does not change, however, removal of unnecessary walls and reworking Khrushchev in such a plan is visually expands the space. Rooms are larger and more spacious, and the narrow walls no longer oppress
  • Everything is always in sight. Plus for families with young children, kitchen without door allows you to keep under constant supervision of their children
  • Rather walls - bar. Comfortable and beautiful version of demarcation space zones. It is useful also as a table, especially if you lead a bachelor's life

All the good tends to end, so you should pay special attention to the inconvenience, who come to the result of ideas for Khrushchev:

  1. Now, do not leave in the sink the mountain of dirty dishes, have to deal with cleaning the kitchen more often, than usual
  2. Scents. Now, even the hood will not be much help from the aromas of grilled fish or fasiruyuschegosya simmered onions. The same problem with noise, shkvarchanie meat will spread throughout the room without barriers
  3. In large families, it is fraught with the loss of personal space you constantly see all, They see you. Sometimes it causes discomfort.
  4. And certainly, absorption of flavors furniture. Yet again, hood little to improve the situation, but from corrosive flavors can not escape

design kitchens
small kitchen project: creative workshop hostess

Offset walls and openings

If a demolished wall seems too radical way out, you can increase the room due to the transfer of the wall. Based on the typical layout of the apartment, The following options are available:

  • A simple option - shift of the opening of the corridor to the living room. In this way, kitchen takes over weighty part of the corridor, which in the future can furnish the necessary equipment. Finally, built-in appliances in the Khrushchev is needed not less, than in private homes. We can only come up with, how to draw an opening in the wall
  • Another approach - the transfer of the entire partition deeper into the room. Through this course you reduce the space of a bedroom and living room, however kitchen working area is greatly increased. Immediately the question arises again, what should be the design of doorways
  • A unique option - joining the balcony to the kitchen area. Make it easy, but first he will have to insulate a balcony

While these methods are the only, that somehow help bring small kitchen Khrushchev to the divine mind. wrongly believe, that can be transferred to the kitchen to another room, but it should not do. First of all, it is forbidden by sanitary norms, on the premises can not be installed gutters and hit the gas system.

To break - not to build: harping on the original area

design hruschevke
Kitchen design in five-storey apartment without redevelopment

Spacious and beautiful kitchen seduces everyone, but not everyone is ready, for various reasons to demolish or move the wall. it is expensive, besides sufficient and Dirty Jobs, in addition, We have to endure a doorway, the design of which takes time. Since redevelopment agreed, sometimes such projects is not something that does not pay off, but turn out to be unprofitable. Margins of the walls defines an architect, for which he will have to pay.

in mint condition: total Repair

Typical house - a tribute to the history of the USSR, so the novelty does not have to talk, a small kitchen in the Khrushchev is not the only problem. Repairs begin with the inspection and replacement of supply systems and drainage, and then wonder about, What should be the perfect kitchen decoration.

Why is it important to start with a change of water and gas pipes? Because the most convenient way to the kitchen environment - a built-ins. These systems stand firmly, uniting under a single worktop, so that access to communications after the kitchen installation is extremely problematic, and the condensation on the back cover of furniture can lead to a proliferation of mold and mildew

Avoid these troubles will clear work plan, including the complete processing of communications systems - the replacement of pipes and wiring, to their isolation and masking. Since this will be engaged professionals, you need to think in advance the design space, to the table in the kitchen was not standing right next to the water supply pipe. Pre-thought out and electrician, questions about the installation and dismantling of sockets must be resolved before the start of arrangement.

small kitchen
Classic design in a small kitchen: nothing extra

Eventually, which design should implement in our room? Options - weight, you constrain only monetary framework and taste preferences. so, what you should pay attention to the choice of design:

  1. What is the kitchen without hinged shelves? But before their choice, check the walls for strength, in particular - the wall of a bathroom. Most often it is made of durable material, so hang on it anything - it is dangerous. You can simply decorate it, and it is possible to demolish and build a new, but it is expensive
  2. Windowsill has turned into a working surface. It becomes unnecessary, so think through in advance the level
  3. Think, where what color will you use, white kitchen in a five-storey apartment with the addition of gloss - a logical option, it is visually expand the space. It should abandon the interior doors and place without opening the door like an arch or wide frame with a light tulle
  4. Avoid unnecessary structures from the ceiling. Enough for a chandelier with indented
  5. In the presence of the gas column, replace it with an electric heater. It is easier and cheaper. In addition, it will be a free space for the cabinet

Stylistics on Khrushchev's kitchen

As soon as there is a question about the choice of furniture, as soon as the problem starts. Shops crammed with ready-made solutions, but none is suitable for a typical kitchen area. In addition, there is a struggle for centimeters, All space is in the business, "Dead" zones are not allowed.

small-sized kitchen
Planning a little small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev

The best option - furniture made to order, the price of which is determined by the material and dimensions. Dear, but a sure path, It is better to put the kitchen once and for all, than torture yourself and customize the purchased furniture to the size of the room. A household appliances and podrezhesh. by the way, here's what you should pay attention to: ordered the kitchen needed only after the completion of finishing works. Error in half a centimeter promises you a new headache.

We allow ourselves to retreat and give some ideas for ergonomic use of space:

  • Add transparent elements in the kitchen, with which may be a table, doors on the boxes, and even the shelves. This approach adds freshness stuffy room.
  • Built-in refrigerator is not a good idea for Khrushchev cuisine, there was little scope, and in size it is much more than usual
  • Not oversaturated color space, Storm colors in a limited space and visually looks alyapisto eating place
  • Wall cabinets make the ceiling - it saves space, and the dust does not have to wipe
  • Use the white and glossy surfaces combined with the thin frame and glass, and doorways, which does not accept the registration of solid doors, They can be equipped with sliding glass doors
  • Use hybrid appliances: instead of gas cookers and dishwashers give preference expensive, but winning combination

decoration machinery


Even the kitchen in the Khrushchev are functional and beautiful. The decor avoid the "gravity" - the curtains in the kitchen Khrushchev, abundance of magnets on the fridge (to-be, they too), wall plates and other stuff. At the confluence of the premises, clearance openings without Devereux can be reduced to an arched passage of neutral colors.

Getting to the choice of color note, Khrushchev in the kitchen that did not require a different approach in terms of color, but dark colors should be avoided.


so, summarizing article, let us say, that the choice of the final style and design is on you, but leaning the wrong rules and examples, we have collected for you, you will avoid errors, and better yet - save your time, money and nerves.