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Making a small kitchen in the Khrushchev: designer tips

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There were times, when the small-sized apartment houses, which were built quickly and a lot of, We solve the problems of housing thousands of Soviet families. His accommodations with a separate kitchen and bathroom, After stamping in the barracks and communal began riding dreams, a moderate size business premises are not confused - it, anyway, It was better, kitchen for several families.

Small kitchen
Absolutely every housewife, who lives in Khrushchev, He wants to have a large and spacious kitchen

Ideas for repair

temporary housing, It was made permanent, and preserved today, especially, that the structures were strong and durable. But the trouble - small kitchen dimensions in Khrushchev needs of modern reality is not responsible in any way. How not cool, and do no longer possible without a household kitchen appliances. So we have to seriously think about the fact, how to equip a small kitchen design in the Khrushchev, to connect incompatible: household appliances, furniture, space, light and comfort.

Solve issues with space to help these ideas for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev as a:

  1. The expansion of space by combining rooms.
  2. The increase in the kitchen area of ​​the transfer wall.
  3. Ergonomic placement of furniture and household appliances.
  4. Economical use of space.
  5. A visual extension of the space with the help of special designs.

Council: small kitchen in Khrushchev will not tolerate plenty of items on the tables, walls, shelves, behind the glass. Such an abundance of things exacerbates the feeling of tightness and already constrained space. Design a small kitchen starts with getting rid of the rubbish, which is not used for years.

Small kitchen in the Khrushchev
The arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

expanding space: radical extension

  • Demolition of walls between the living room kitchen.

What will it give? Area remains unchanged, but the space all- still there. One room divided into a cooking zone, and dining area - living room. The separation zone is done by the bar, elevation on the floor, color combinations, Floor or wall covering. bar counter, which divides the zone, It is used as a dining table.

The disadvantage of such a decision on one: if the extended family and preparing for many, even the most powerful range hood does not prevent food odors and specific cooking fumes through the apartment. But for those, who is preparing a small and rare - it is unimportant flaw.

  • The second crucial way to change the kitchen area: wall remains, but postponed, increasing and decreasing the kitchen living.

This option is expensive to execute, and requires the mandatory approval of the relevant authorities.

  • If Khrushchev kitchen has access to a balcony or window, given case increase it by combining. Balcony or loggia in this case insulated and organize cozy dining area.

Kitchen with balcony
Combine space with balcony

In the case of restructuring of "Khrushchev" apartment, you should not:

  • Breaking load-bearing walls. No problem just demolish interior walls, but only after the received authorization.
  • Carry gas system- , water- , heating, sewerage, violate the ventilation system.

Expanding visual

Not everyone can afford to destroy the wall, since the activity it takes a lot of time and money. For those who want to change the design of the kitchen in a five-storey apartment in a peaceful way, there are rules of visual or visual increasing the area.

  • Color design a small kitchen in bright colors adds a light and freedom: use white, beige, creamy pastel colors.
  • It expands the visual perception of the use of the same tones for furniture and walls.
  • Visibility helps create a large space lighting. Provide a surface mounted lamps lockers.
  • Make the space more airy help hanging open shelves on brackets.
  • The illusion of additional space create mirrors and glass. Replace the door closed lockers transparent glass. But, after them, in no case, It must not be visible chaos with lots of small savings, it will only add to the feeling of closeness and overcrowding.

Location kitchen cabinets
A visual extension of the space

  • Windows in a small room should be decorated minimally, you can do without curtains and draperies all. Sills also well turn into additional working surface.
  • Usually extended space - minimalism and nothing more. On work surfaces should be plenty of appliances and utensils. If you really need to have on hand a few items, put them into special trays - there is visibility of a whole object.
  • Expansion of angles using color. For registration of angular compositions using shades lighter, than the direct area, white furniture, for example.

Style and decoration for small spaces

Since the design of the kitchen in the Khrushchev must fulfill the main task - the expansion of space, designers are advised to use styles, that fill the room with light, give lightness, airiness.

  • Style loft - an association of industrialism and modern minimalism, mix antiques with modern materials. idiosyncrasy: unique layout, the lack of clear boundaries between the zones. Characterized by the abundance of light, variety of colors, rough imitation of rough walls, ceiling, gender. Khrushchev in the loft converted into a modern room, which is a small area creates a personalized environment.

Minimalism in interior
Style and comfort in a small space

  • Modern minimalism involves strict lines, a minimum set of items, light furniture.

design features

  • From which a small kitchen should get rid, so it is from the heavy carpets, set of decorative details on the walls. The only thing, which can be massive and large - a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. This detail of the interior detracts from the awkward size of the kitchen.
  • "Pull" space helps tiles, laid diagonally, linoleum "herringbone", wallpaper in vertical stripes.
  • Avoid in the design of the set of patterns, massive cornices, lepniny.

We arrange furniture

Ergonomics advises the placement of furniture in the kitchen in such a way, that would be a triangle sink - stove - work surface is at a minimum distance from each other. In a small kitchenette problem races on long distance is not threatened. Quite the contrary - there is a desire to move apart and to release space. The selection and arrangement of the kitchen furniture or equipment for inconvenient kitchens there are a number of rules.

  • Household appliances must be compact. The microwave is better to hang on the wall. The idea for a small kitchen in hruschevke - refrigerator horizontal layout, which can be used as a working surface.
  • If the situation permits, Organize a dining area in the living room, leaving only the kitchen stove and countertops.
  • Practice such rasstanovku, cupboards when vehicles are located along the parallel walls.
  • Get more help a few centimeters lockers, mounted in the wall, if this is not addressed communication.
  • Preference is given to a light elegant form. Massive heavy tables and chairs say a firm "no"
  • Do not make the complexity of your project kitchen environment, and order the production of individual furniture. it is more expensive, than buying ready-made, but do not need adjustment, and drop out problems with the installation of household appliances.