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Choosing furniture for the kitchen in the Khrushchev: 4 secret ergonomics small space

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The compact kitchen area not a sentence with proper design and spatial organization. Specificity of rooms in the Khrushchev It requires the use of rational design techniques and deliberate. Ergonomics and functionality of the interior will allow optimum use of usable area.

Choosing furniture for the kitchen in the Khrushchev
Selection of kitchen furniture in the Khrushchev must be correct and practical

Choosing furniture Khrushchev in the kitchen it is important to allocate space for work and dining area.

Features parameters Khrushchev small kitchen

Standard layout and the headset will not be able to organize comfortable performing household tasks. dimensions cuisines in hruschevke on mean data indicators correspond × 250 230sm. Wall height is 250cm, sometimes there are deviations from these indicators 10-20cm.

small kitchen

One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments meet the average performance for Khrushchev cuisine, thanks to the combined bathroom. The two-bedroom apartments separate bathroom, therefore, the floor area 250 × 200cm. Use the room for furniture placement, cooking and dining is quite difficult.

A small opening width 70-80cm, leading to the hall does not change the situation constructively. Hanging from the top of the opening mezzanine only give the room bulkiness and reduce space. Alignment of planes able to deduct up to 10 cm, and without that small area. Miniature window in the bathroom is recommended to lay as useless.

Variations of ergonomic arrangement of furniture in a small space

Variations of ergonomic furniture placement
Ergonomics - convenience key on the small kitchen

Arrange the furniture in the Khrushchev, Designers can use proven tips:

  1. The best option for a small kitchen furniture in Khrushchev will speak of the kitchen floor and hinged bollards. Upper cabinets permissible to replace open shelves. The facades of glass, or glossy surfaces, make design easier. Small appliances can be comfortably accommodated on open shelves.
  2. Furniture parameters are crucial for the measure roominess. Kitchen furniture Khrushchev usually corresponds to the width of the indicators in 40cm, 60cm, or 80 cm. It is important to place and build the set for a harmonious interior. Make better furniture to order, or with their own hands, taking into account the non-standard features of planning.
  3. Original furniture for a small kitchen in Khrushchev will require to make careful measurements and calculations. Get rid of inaccuracies will install gas metering devices into the cupboard. A narrow cabinet completely hide the gas conducting, creating a holistic space.
  4. Alignment headset allows you to use the space efficiently. The L-shaped arrangement in the corner designers recommend to perform cleaning.

Furniture for a small kitchen

Rules for the choice of kitchen furniture

Small kitchen in Khrushchev will need to select only functional pieces of furniture. The area does not establish a set of, so we arranged the furniture on the basis of personal preferences and capabilities. Wall cabinets should rationally take up space, without interfering with the movement of the kitchen. The main guideline perform layout and dimensions of the room.

Kitchen furniture in the Khrushchev
Pick furniture sizes and designs

Furniture for a small kitchen must be different:

  • aesthetic appearance;
  • compact;
  • functionality;
  • the possibility of transformation;
  • ergonomics;
  • visually expand the space;
  • practicality and convenience.

Base cabinet top is covered worktop. products exceeds the necessary dimensions and the need to perform trimming. It is important to maintain a smooth edge of the cut for a snug fit of the working surface of the wall.

Furniture for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev

Table top may be extended in the area of ​​the sill, creating additional niche for storage of kitchen utensils.

Modern furniture for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev presented a sufficient number of structural modifications, and a variety of materials. Smooth curves and lack of sharp edges visually expand the space and are successfully used in small spaces. The ceiling of the kitchen hruschevke made of glossy PVC webs will have a positive influence on the visual perception of space, making it light and airy.

Efficient design techniques: placement in a small room with a gas column

Kitchen-Khrushchev in the Art Nouveau style
You can make room in any style

When choosing furniture for the kitchen Khrushchev, should pay attention to the parameters and placement of objects:

  • acquisition of furniture is available by separate positions;
  • round and oval safety glass tables will help to save space;
  • Furniture-transformer allows lay out the items if necessary, daily use in the folded state;
  • the use of sliding, angular and sliding mechanisms in equipment cabinets;
  • Replacement dining table bar with a vertical rail for glasses and cups;
  • horizontal railing along the work surface helps to keep the necessary cooking utensils close at hand;
  • a small kitchen with a spacious sofa niche for overall cookware.

Furniture placement in small kitchen must retain the right of the triangle, Determining the activity area. Built-in cooking hobs and a tiny sink with non-default settings of the refrigerator capable of maintaining the desired functionality combined with the comfort of operating room. Compact and functional equipment the best option for small spaces.


The play of color and the use of accents can change the visual perception of space. Light colors recommended favorably complement the vivid detail, which will give a fresh and stylish look of the kitchen. We recommend using the three primary colors, avoiding excessive variegation. Bright suite with a textured surface is better to install on a background of bright finish.


Khrushchev in the kitchen with the right approach and the organization of space acquire ergonomics and functionality. The absence of bulky furniture and high-quality lighting create a cozy and homely atmosphere. It is important to keep a sense of proportion, performing interior decor, without overloading the decoration of unnecessary details.