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Corner kitchen in a small apartment, or that love their Khrushchev

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Sorry about the lack square meters in the kitchen can be infinitely, but many owners-shestimetrovok kitchens have discovered the secret of comfort and coziness - a small corner kitchen for Khrushchev. If you are not going in the near future to relocate, it's time to get to work - even six square meters of tightness easily turn into a modern and comfortable space.

Corner kitchen in a small apartment
Corner kitchen is very convenient and does not occupy much space

Pros and cons of Khrushchev

Plus Khrushchev cuisine More, than minuses. The disadvantages include the area of ​​communication and. Ready kitchen corner in the Khrushchev is not able to solve the problem protruding pipes, so it is usually the situation made to order. Among the advantages are the following:

kitchen in a small apartment

  • Compact - everything is at your fingertips
  • The cost of furniture - cheap kitchen to Khrushchev of different materials are sold ready-made or made to order
  • The opportunity to dream up - placing appliances and furniture becomes a very fascinating process
  • Opportunity to get acquainted with advanced technologies - selected storage systems, zaydestvuyut that every centimeter of precious useful space, or buy the latest trends of home appliances
  • Easy maintenance - to remove six squares is a snap

To love and appreciate the little kitchen definitely have something. Now you need to draw it correctly. Today we consider the best options for small kitchens in the Khrushchev, tomorrow they have already occupied a place of honor in your home.

Small kitchen
Small kitchen is actually a large field for the imagination

The ideal kitchen for Khrushchev

The small-sized room It imposes stringent requirements on the organization of space - beauty and functionality go hand in hand. Experience has shown, that the angular kitchen for a small kitchen in the Khrushchev is the best option and that it allows you to create a harmonious room design.

Dimensions headset

This is one of the main requirements. Furniture chosen compact, but not Kurguzov. Priority is given to the vertical dimension - set stretched in height, Hanging shelves to reach the ceiling. Sometimes lockers and shelves custom order depth, and harvested several centimeters compensated with modern storage systems. Take into account the nuances of the room helps custom-made furniture for specific sizes. Made kitchen corner with his hands in Khrushchev will be subject to a host of pride - small dimensions allow to express themselves, even a novice webmaster.


For furniture selected materials, which are easy to keep clean and tidy. Small kitchen is bound to be neat. In a small room home furnishings suffer from excessive moisture and fat from the dispersing plate. Particularly quickly wear countertop, so the angular kitchen Khrushchev put the working of natural stone surface. Beautiful and practical stuff is not cheap, but it has excellent abrasion resistance. The only disadvantage of natural stone - the fragility, but the synthetic materials that do not have a minus.

kitchen in a small apartment
Less room takes less time cleaning

room design

Restrictions on the style of the Khrushchev does not exist, but there are a number of requirements, which is binding:

  1. Set is made of light materials and has a facade with glass inserts - it allows you to expand the boundaries, make the room light and easy.
  2. Decorating the walls combined with a kitchen - corner kitchen for Khrushchev not done contrast, but may have color accents. A good example of this - on the facades drawers, that oppose the fundamental tone.Corner kitchen in a small apartment
  3. For the manufacture of the headset are suitable any material - chipboard, MDF, plastic, tree. Wooden furniture is chosen light tone, necessarily diluted glass inserts or open shelves.
  4. Small kitchen corner in the Khrushchev is best done with rounded contours - space does not need to cut in straight lines into small pieces. To be safe on the small-sized kitchen, fabricate it without angles - this is especially true, if the last cabinet or locker located next to the door.
  5. Style - Design kitchen corner in the Khrushchev perfectly supports minimalism, not overwrought classics. Suitable country with open shelves, high tech, Provence, city ​​Style. Luxury baroque or rococo, rough rustic destination for small-sized premises are not suitable.

Small kitchen in the style of classics
Do not make a small room with unnecessary things and objects, stick to minimalism

Equipment and storage systems

Baby Compact and versatile technique.

If the oven is not in use in your household, then it is better not to install - vacant place will be a washing machine or dishwasher, additional cabinet

The increased burden will fall on the microwave with enhanced features.

A sore point for the owners of small spaces, as the corner kitchen is planned in the Khrushchev with a fridge. Try to implement these solutions here:

corner kitchen

  • Set under the worktop compact fridge, and freezer put in another room
  • Buy a narrow, but the tall refrigerator
  • Compact refrigerator put on a stand - will be extra space for storage
  • Select the model up to the upper cabinets, to accommodate an additional shelf above the refrigerator

Particular importance is attached to the storage system, are put in a kitchen corner. Use retractable or withdrawable versions, Carousels. Apron place rails - small kitchen corner in Khrushchev will not tolerate disorder.

How to place furniture

Corner suite is placed on two perpendicular walls or the wall and the space along the window.

Beautiful kitchen
Beautiful kitchen can turn out as a result of the proper placement of furniture and functional

The following options:

  1. Traditional - refrigerator next to the window, plate, working surface, corner sink, again worktop. The upper tier is closed hinged lockers and comes to the entrance.
  2. Contemporary - input remains free, to the corner, which is formed by walls, set fridge, then the working surface, plate. Washing takes a place next to the window or on the contrary, then the window sill becomes tabletop.
  3. Asymmetrical - upper cabinets are made of different height, to avoid the feeling of solidity.
  4. Lite - is a design corner kitchen for Khrushchev, when the second tier is installed on one wall and the room looks spacious.
  5. Youth - dining table is changed to the bar, which adjoins the last pedestal headset or placed separately along the free wall.

beautiful compact kitchen

And finally about numbers

Corner kitchen to order in Khrushchev perfectly solves the problem ROOM LAYOUT. Shopping for furniture, do not forget about the following placement rules:

  • The volume of the headset takes 30% volume from the kitchen
  • The distance from the plate to the washing - 50 cm
  • The distance between the plate and the wall - 15 cm
  • The distance between the refrigerator and the cooking surface or hob - 15 cm
  • Extractor hood is placed over the plate at a distance 75 cm

A sound approach to the arrangement of small kitchen necessarily turn it into a functional space, a drop of imagination will fill comfort.