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Corner kitchen in a small apartment: walkthrough

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kitchen decoration for small flats easy task. In tiny kitchens designers have tight: build area 6-7 m2 So, to have enough space for all the appliances, not easy. Besides, interior should be comfortable, and each square centimeter is used to maximum advantage.

Corner kitchen
A small corner kitchen

Selecting headset

cuisine options for small spaces is not so much. To comfortably arrange the interior of the miniature cuisine, designers are advised to pay attention to the corner compact kitchen sets. Furniture arrangement the two sides carried out perpendicular to one another, however one corner remains free. This makes it possible to equip it a dining area. Corner kitchen for small Apartments is perfectly cope with the tasks of the space-saving, are functional, versatility and convenience. They can easily be placed in the room any size and layout.

All food items for small apartments are selected and arranged so, they do not interfere in the movement and in the process, were roomy, compact and convenient. This set includes a working triangle and creates a dining area and a working. Corner suites are different ergonomics and rational deployment of the necessary elements, so cooking becomes effortless and fast. And what is necessary for the hostess?

Angular design small kitchens suggests, that all existing in the room corners and niches should be involved. Therefore, a set of angular sets include:

Kitchen red
The compact kitchen red

  • mounted, retractable, revolving shelves;
  • lockers;
  • cupboards;
  • curbstones.

It is important not to overdo it with an abundance of wall cabinets. Excessive amounts of hanging lockers make the work area cluttered and hard. Better hang lockers on only one wall, and on the other to place the hood or interesting decor.

On sale there are many options angular small kitchens economy class. But for a small room is hard to find set of standard sizes, therefore it is necessary to order the production of furniture individually. Therefore, before placing your order you need to make a plan of arrangement of small-sized kitchen corner. Many companies offer the ability to plan in the amount of furniture with the help of computer imaging.

Water supply and gas systems in selecting dishes

When repairing small-sized kitchen is important to take into account the location of the gas pipe, sewerage and water supply systems. The shell should be located near sewerage pipes (but it is usually in the corner). It is not necessary to transfer the sink to another location, since it entails additional costs and occupies valuable space. There are options, where the sink is closed specially equipped board for cutting of products. Just over a sink installed lockers for storing dishes. Utensil, which are rarely, clean on the uppermost shelves.

Yellow facades
Sunny style with yellow facades

Place an electric stove is easier: put it anywhere near the ventilation holes. Town gas cookers depends, where tested pipe, at which position the hood. Wrap the ventilation system is highly undesirable, because it steals space and reduces the efficiency of the. If the owners do not use the oven, it can not be installed, and buy only the hob.

Table and other home furnishings

Not every apartment boasts a separate kitchen and dining room. In the kitchen and dining area located (table with folding chairs or couch). If the room is small, it is better to buy a folding table square shape. Square table allows efficient use of space (round or oval looks better in the spacious premises). Good idea for a small-sized kitchen - folding table, which is fixed on wall. In the unfolded form easily placed him 3-4 man.

Round table on the white kitchen
Round table on the white kitchen chairs and interesting design

Instead of a table, you can set the bar. If it is a continuation of a corner kitchen in the apartment, the space savings is evident. The bar counter can easily replace the dining table. If the family consists of 2-3 person, then this option - one of the best. Interior becomes free and unconstrained. If the window sill and a free, it should be the maximum use, turning it into an extra work surface and a small table.

Couch, although it takes place, but it creates additional space to store seldom-used items and products. Yes, and the room immediately becomes a cozy and comfortable.

Mini kitchens for small apartments will seem taller and wider, if the furniture set including tall cabinets, cupboards. This is a great solution for storing kitchen items and products. The pencil box is mounted appliances. Built-in refrigerator is simply irreplaceable in the miniature kitchen.

bar counter
Bar in a small room


For owners of large kitchens problems with the choice of colors for the kitchen furniture does not arise. The spacious room, you can use any colors. But in choosing the shade for a tiny kitchen in a small apartment, it is desirable to adhere to such recommendations:

  1. Abandon saturated dark colors, which make the room dark and visually reduce its. Over time, dark shades will put pressure on the subconscious.
  2. Carefully use bright shades, because their overabundance of time in a small kitchen will annoy. Decorated in bright color set will look out of place in a small room, creating a sense of isolation.
  3. It is not necessary to combine more than two colors, in the tiny kitchen, it looks strange.
  4. Instead combinations of two colors better to choose a combination of glossy and matte one shade facades. It looks original, but unobtrusively.
  5. Metal and glass parts give the room the missing volume. Insertion of glass add lightness and weightlessness headset.
  6. Light colors and monochromatic color scheme - that, need for corner kitchens for small apartments. Beige, light gray, milky excellent job of expanding space.

In a small room plays an important role and the right lighting, because with the help of well-chosen fixtures can effectively beat the space.

Corner kitchen furniture - the best option for rooms with a small area. The correct choice of headset comfort depends directly, practicality and functionality of the kitchen.