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Possible plan kitchen 7 quarter. m: 2 the most important options

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People, who live in panel houses the kitchen quadrature 7-8 quarter. m, They consider it a standard and user-friendly, they, who lives in Khrushchev - a luxury, and a, who live in a private home in the country - a miniature and a convenient location. If the correct approach to the issue, the 7m2 kitchen design will be a beautiful and functional.

Disposition in the kitchen 7 quarter. m.
The unusual layout of the kitchen 7 squares

What looks like a beautiful kitchen with a quadrature - closely, cluttered, or it is convenient and practical? Let's consider in more detail the layout and permissible variations.

layout options

Usually interior kitchen 7m2 rectangular, and the entrance is on the other side of the room opposite the window or on the left side, heating pipes, sewer and gas equipment - on one wall, and the battery at the bottom of the window. So, as the battery can not be moved and closed furniture, I should think, and identify, what could be the placement of furniture and equipment in this room.

  1. Linear - furniture and home appliances is near one wall, is supplied to the pipe and communication.
  2. Corner - furniture and appliances placed in a T-shaped form and turn in the direction of the door.

Council: select the best option for your space, that will put the dishes and cooking utensils compact and convenient.

Disposition in the kitchen
Maximum beautifully and more in any way - aspire to the result of an impeccable cuisine

The linear layout

Such an embodiment is permitted in the case, if the distance to the doorway is to 130 cm, otherwise you will get an uncomfortable balance, which will constantly interfere. Besides, headset door opens to the door and can hit that, who passes by.

Before, how to deal with renovated kitchen and layout, calculate the size of the kitchen and headset. To make it easier to cope, use tips:

  • Measurement of the length of one wall, where you put the headset;
  • Calculation of the total width of the art, you set, namely refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine, Cooker with Oven;
  • the space, that there are not involved, Leave the module with sink, put through a countertop slab. Between them, be sure to make the interval 40-60 cm.

Council: If the furniture is not and you are planning to buy it after you install the furniture, Give preference when choosing this technique as a built dishwasher and washing.

As an example, consider a linear headsets, which fit into the design of the kitchen 7kv m. Its width across the wall, and the size of each section of 60 cm. In this way, in the set can be placed without problems washing, plate, fridge and washing machine. If the wall 3 meters and more, the top or hang additional locker put a pencil case for those things, who constantly needed hostess at hand.

shelves, cabinets needed to accommodate kitchen utensils

Council: if there is enough space, instead of the cabinet is placed dishwasher, but not next to the stove, and through one section.

If the wall to 3, 3 m, set to make a long 300 cm, in this embodiment, no dishwasher, calculated location under a washing machine and a refrigerator. When the amount of the wall to 3 meters fridge move to the other side, the loggia or in the corridor, if this is the place. option - narrow model of refrigerator no more 45 cm, which is built into the headset.

On top is a hinged wall cabinets, where you can store utensils, cereals, seasoning, textiles and other necessary items for cooking. over section, where there stove, place the hood, over the sink - Drainboard.

Design supplement the standard kitchen table square or rectangular with a small corner sofa and chairs or poufs.

corner option

If the front door is located on the opposite side of the headset, take a corner kitchen, which will enable comfortable and functional place all appliances furnished. Kitchen design in such planning only wins!

Planning a kitchen corner 7 quarter. m.
Corner version of the most popular, since such a geometric shape is favorable to convenience

In such a possible embodiment kitchen with a niche near the sink, i.e, Position the sink in the corner, and the other cabinets and drawers in its sole discretion. Refrigerator is best to put at the end of the headset, but if the kitchen with a niche, try to build it together with other appliances - microwave, teapot, blender, juicer.

Council: With this arrangement, the headset is a dining area make the window or on the opposite side of the room, it depends on the width of the furniture.

If there is no recess in the kitchen, and you do not plan to do it, put equipment in place, where it does not hurt to go, but it will be convenient to use.

Recommendations for finishing walls

If you do not have the first repair, the layout of the furniture and equipment can begin after finishing the ceiling, walls and floors. If you change the location of furniture, make additional outlets, the interchange washing, washing machine or dishwasher extend water pipes.

Decorating the walls of the kitchen 7 quarter. m.
Decorating the walls may be the caller, do only , as you like

After that, How to finish planning and ready calculations, go to the store and order kitchen, or buy, if it is the right size.

That was a beautiful kitchen interior, observe the following::

  1. Perform finish the walls in one color without large patterns and ornaments. Choose from bright colors, So, they visually make the room wider.
  2. Working area to highlight bright décor. If the kitchen in classical style, fit small mosaic tiles on the apron whether working zony.V hi-Teke - more original mirror and glass inserts on the door is the upper cabinets, in modernity - printing on the bottom of the facade or stencils.
  3. To visually expand the space, divide the kitchen into two zones - working and dining, separate them with different lighting. Curtains - make the room above, select them with thin lines of the interior color.

Before layout design need to know exactly, what size furniture and household appliances. This will help in the future to plan the style and color of the interior. If in doubt, you have the strength to cope with the task, invite experts or ask for advice from those, who have already worked in a similar case.