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Design and interior cuisine in the panel house: original versions

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The downside of many Soviet-built houses and buildings of our times, Area is a little in the kitchen, where it is difficult to put the necessary furniture and household appliances. Due to the small size of the room, it is difficult to arrange so, I want to like this, and nearly all the apartments kitchen design comes out the same.

kitchen layout in the panel house
The pre-fabricated house, you can make a funky kitchen, no problem

In this article you will learn, as a small kitchen in the panel house converted into a comfortable and multi-functional space with all the pieces of furniture and appliances.

plan kitchen

Imagine typovuyu apartment multistory building:

  • Square or rectangular room with an area 5-7kv. m.;
  • Door opens inward and takes up space;
  • Sewer pipe in the corner;
  • Water pipes and radiators along the wall.

To fix this and make an original kitchen interior in the panel house apartment, first of all need a major overhaul.

The increase in the kitchen area

When remodeling kitchen facilities try to achieve expansion of the area by combining the kitchen with living room.

Council: such a plan to do in the case, if the apartment, at least two rooms, or in the kitchen have a balcony or loggia, which are not used in your order.

Even if you do not raze barrier, area will be more visually. To do this, you make a few working steps:

  1. Remove the front door to the kitchen. Almost all of the doors open into the kitchen, it occupies space, which can be used efficiently. Instead, make the arch, which can be made narrower or wider, optional.
  2. Make replacement of old cast iron radiators, put in their place modern and compact model.
  3. Often storage in the apartment clean - it's a great opportunity to use the kitchen and the wider space, is freed, sensibly.
  4. Modern design kvartirysdelayte, removing the door and window to the balcony or loggia, Set on the site of the sill bar, will look beautiful work worktop.
  5. Dismantling the window in the kitchen, you'll get much natural light, in its place put the construction of melalloplastika with narrow doors. This window does not lose operational capability and adds more light.

The increase in the kitchen area
Increase the area of ​​the room is possible by combining different areas of apartment

If you have special skills, the kitchen design in the panel house make their own hands, So, you show family, that you know how much, implement for yourself and save budget. This may help in the video lessons or advice of professional builders and designers.

functional solution

When you have resolved the issue with door and window, time to decide, where you put in kitchen and household appliances. A great option - Corner Kitchen, that will fit into a rectangular and square room, and equally put all the dishes and appliances.

Original solutions planning:

  • If the kitchen is long and narrow, do set a capital P - Use this layout makes it possible to accommodate more kitchen utensils, textiles and necessary things for housewives hand;
  • To save space, do not put the table in the kitchen. Alternative - the set on stolešnica.

Council: put the table in the living room, if you have a kitchen-studio; table on the balcony; extendable table from the wall, which after the necessary folds.

  • washing, stove and refrigerator in the location of the headset in-line leaves no room for the working surface, To do this, place one of them in a corner or in the other end of the kitchen.

Council: Refrigerator set close to a stove and work surface. So, you will not run from one side of the kitchen to another, and all must be placed near.

  • You can set the corner kitchen. Such a model is spacious and has all the appliances and utensils, which are adjacent to each other, and not in the opposite end of the kitchen.

Council: when purchasing home appliances, choose such models, which are built in kitchen units save space and facilities. Besides, they are functional and practical work.

Set the letter P
P - a very convenient option for planning

designers Tricks

To succeed in the planning and arrangement of furniture with good technique, Refer to the designer - a couple of tips and you will get the interior, which you can only dream of.

Visually increase the space

  1. Make the walls light colors, but not white. White walls are not expressive and often get dirty. Among colors - gray, beige, peach, sand shades.
  2. With the vertical lines on the wallpaper, kitchen will be visually higher. Dark floor and modern design shtoruvelichivayut and visually expand the space, The ceiling is made of white.
  3. Use storage design in apartment, if you do not plan to remove it. Complement the cuisine depth help of glass and mirror inserts on the front doors. Place a table with a glass top, install glass shelves.
  4. Headset install additional lighting, hang on the wall a couple of lamps - the room will be a lively and spacious.

Council: Use as many design tips. You do not increase your kitchen literally, But to make it deeper and wider at the expense of decor elements.

style cuisine in the panel house

That the kitchen was functional, select the appropriate stylistic decision for her. Style, you choose, decorate the room, create comfort and aesthetics.

    • Selecting Scandinavian style stick with it until the end, and do not mix with other styles. This direction for panel houses usual in small kitchens. The house in the Scandinavian style filled with simplicity and functionality, arrangement of things, therefore, room for cooking make the overall picture of the relevant;
    • The hi-Teke there are clear lines, glass on the door and lockers, metal inserts and modern materials. This style is not similar to the Scandinavian interior, he does unusual cuisine, comfortable and ultra-modern;
    • In modernity present expressive features minimalist, which is characteristic of a typical layout of the house and kitchen interior. This bright style, impregnated color, Then there are the unusual accessories, textiles and a large supply of free space.

If you live in pre-fabricated house, kitchen interior design can be made comfortable and functional, most importantly - redevelopment, stock of ideas and vivid imagination.