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How can I make a kitchen in a Scandinavian style

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Scandinavian style in the interior premises, and, in particular, kitchens, It is simple and cool composure, which, as it is diluted with bright notes. Considering that, that producers original furniture and finishing materials from Norway, Denmark and Iceland have focused on the manufacture of products from environmentally friendly raw materials, their domestic counterparts tend to repeat all the positive features, implementing high quality products. obviously, that the Scandinavian furniture and the same decoration for kitchen - it's expensive, status and, in the same time, very simple.

Kitchen Scandinavian style
Kitchen Scandinavian style has a national significance

Nordic design in the interior of the kitchen: tile value, apron, facades

The Nordic countries, which decided to refer Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland, We gave the world the Scandinavian style. A major role in its formation played by climatic conditions in Scandinavia. The cold and lack of light outside of the inhabitants of this region have successfully compensated by creating warmth and comfort in their homes.

kitchen in a Scandinavian style

Scandinavian characterized terse, which could not but affect the improvement of housing. There is order, each item is allotted in place for it.

Scandinavian style in the interior at the peak of popularity. The use of materials of natural origin, bright colors in the design, a wide range of decorative elements contribute to its implementation in different size kitchens. If brevity and design functionality ─ your main criteria in the interior, ─ feel free to use this style.

Features of style in a small room and a tiny white, blue

The interior in the Scandinavian style is suitable for both small, and a large area of ​​the kitchen. Especially this is true for the apartments of ordinary Russians, the bulk of which is different spacious nutrition units.

Scandinavian style kitchen
This is primarily the Viking style, therefore, nothing more

This style can not be confused with any of the other, due to its uniqueness and identity:

  1. use of natural materials. This is a tree, past minimally processed and covered with varnish or paint;
  2. bright colors for the main design and bright decor for. In this style reigns white color and its shades, and the emphasis is attached to bright colors;
  3. a large number of light sources. Traditionally Scandinavian kitchen window does not curtained, and if they hang curtains, Light from the light-colored material. Besides, design in the Scandinavian style is characterized by a mass of artificial light sources ─ chandeliers, fixtures, lamps, sconce;
  4. rigor and conciseness. The kitchen is present at least furniture and it is made without decorating parts. As an exception, stands accessories, but it stands out the simplicity of its forms. You bet on the functionality of things.

beautiful kitchen in a Scandinavian style

Gustavian (traditional) direction: whether the project is necessary for the dining room

Origins traditional directions originate from the Swedish Board King Gustav III. Hence the name ─ Gustavian. But often it is also called Swedish.

This direction can advise people, who see their simple and functional kitchen, without unnecessary frills. Main features:

  • Swedish interior involves the use of bright colors and bright as the main decoration for.
  • Wooden floors white lacquered or just.
    Gustavian style
    Royal style in a new light See the original
  • According to Swedish tradition, dining table must be the, to him can gather the whole family. Wooden furniture cumbersome, uncluttered.
  • many decor: floor vases, live plants, candlesticks pastel, cushions, paintings of nature.
  • Buffet style in the interior is characterized by the use of a large number of natural and artificial light sources.
  • Windows does not halt curtains. Allowed curtains of light fabric.

Scandinavian style today: contemporary decor in the apartment

dining in the Scandinavian style

Traditionally, the floor of the modern Scandinavian cuisine - wood. It is covered with white paint. So the kitchen seem bigger. But if this option does not suit you, choose laminate or tile, The situation in a staggered manner. On the floor be sure to put a cozy rug.

For the walls is most often used white and blue. If you are afraid, that the kitchen will remind hospital, note pastels. Walls can not just paint with latex paint, but also to paste over wallpaper. It is better to use them on one wall. Interestingly looks brickwork, but do not get involved. Silk painting on the wall will help revitalize the interior monotony. Take a nautical theme, floral or geometric ornaments.

Various materials are used for the apron: brick, mosaic, glass, Wood panel. Choose based on your desires and budget.

White lead and the selection of kitchen furniture. Attention should focus on high-gloss surfaces, which increase the light by reflection.

Modern Scandinavian style
And Scandinavian style can be modern

Council! To avoid merging of the walls and kitchen units, for countertops, choose dark colors. Scandinavian interior design emphasizes the combination of light furniture with black worktop.

choosing furniture, first look at functionality, and then the appearance of the. This Scandinavia kitchen furniture made of natural wood, but if this set you can not afford, pay attention to the materials, imitating his. Shelves furniture in the Scandinavian style used for placing decorative items. They were replaced by drawers, the ability to open your hands touch.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen

To release the kitchen space, Put a small table or the bar. This is especially true in small kitchens.

Loft from IKEA in the studio

Kitchen window in the Scandinavian style should pass maximum light. Stay light curtains with light fabrics. Well established blinds. Among the sources of artificial illumination chose the group lamps and chandeliers. They are in addition to the basic function and perform additional ─ serve as decorative elements.

Lights in the Scandinavian style is placed low above the work surface or on a dining table. Wires can not hide, it's also one of the features of Scandinavian design.

bright colors suitable for group of fixtures. Heed choice chandeliers Nordic style ─ central light source in the kitchen. A good option is chandelier small size. Sconces and floor lamps will also come in handy in the kitchen.

Purchase colored bottles and jars for food. On the walls hang pictures and framed pictures. On the tables arrange live plants in white pots, vase with flowers.

The clock is selected with minimal decor, as required by the Swedish style in the interior. On the chairs can sew colorful covers, and on the kitchen put decorative pillows. The main thing not to forget, that parts should not be too much. Pick up everything carefully!


Modern Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen like fans and classics, and modernity. It can be easily combined with elements of other styles and it allows you to add the kitchen light, increase the space.

Your home will look relevant and interesting, if you do the repair in a Scandinavian style in all the rooms. Here's a she, kitchen in a Scandinavian style.