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Like most convenient to place the refrigerator in a small kitchen

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Large living space is not available to everyone, This is particularly true of urban residents, living in a modest "Khrushchev" meters, where more than one generation. Especially the builders cheated the kitchen - no exaggeration, most in demand housing area, because it is there that spend the most time, when the owners are present at home. Cooking and eating food, combined with holding family parties or convivial meetings and surprising, that many wonder, how to place here bulky appliances and in particular refrigerator, to maintain functionality, It does not take too much space and does not harm the design.

refrigerator in a niche
Refrigerator can be placed in a niche, formed furniture

Household appliances in the kitchen

Design a small kitchen with a refrigerator is not minimalism, as is commonly believed. Modern appliances and examples of finishing the interior space, allow all tastefully post, using in each case the scarce square centimeter. It should also be remembered, what modern kitchen even with a small budget holders, It must always have at least a standard set of household appliances, After all, where do without it? Usually, This kit contains:

  • Fridge.
  • Plate.
  • Microwave.
  • extract.

Besides, I need somewhere to attach the TV, without which today is simply not enough, but still some manage to cram into this space dishwasher and washing machine. The older generation remembers, In Soviet times, the problem with the arrangement of furniture is exclusively concerned with the living room, making furniture and walls were, in this way, transferring a defect in effect. Kitchen then nobody thought, Yes, and for a small kitchen refrigerator was purchased a, What could get, because others simply did not have.

alternate layout
Variant cooler arrangement in a small kitchen

plan space

Hereby the release is the ability to order furniture sets for individual sizes. This has allowed the most practical to use the provided volume and make the very furniture combined with the dimensions of home appliances. Since the cooling unit, It is the largest unit in the room, it is precisely on this point and it is necessary to "dance". More than once, you can hear from housewives living in small apartments with small kitchens, that on the other side, this area is a very convenient, because everything is in walking distance. Here the term is to be taken literally do, because it costs you only a step, like now please wash, right plate, and left the table.

Refrigerator for a small kitchen must be so, not to interfere while it might be easy to open the door, and close the door could be even just releasing it. Play a wide unlikely to succeed, therefore it is the height and depth. Do not try to look less deep refrigerators, by analogy with washing machines. this device, due to technical features, It can not be fine, especially, he always has a thick wall and a radiator at the rear. by the way, between it and the wall should be a gap for air circulation, otherwise the device will last long. It is best to put a fridge in the small kitchen somewhere in the room, but not at the beginning, as its side wall will only increase the negative impression of the enclosed space. Experts recommend to stay on the classic white or metallic shades with most of the light spectrum, as known, it visually expands the space.

The convenient location of the refrigerator
The convenient location of the refrigerator in a small kitchen

It is necessary to abandon the idea to buy a huge two-folding unit with several compartments. for example, the most common solution, - a small kitchen corner with a standard two chamber refrigerator. We should not forget about this option, as a freezer located inside the refrigerating. And do not consider it a "scoop", these refrigerators are not as popular in Europe and the US, since they allow to play a few centimeters due to the decrease of the freezer area. If you plan to make large supplies of frozen vegetables, you can purchase a separate freezer, setting it in the other room.

How to choose

Place all in a small kitchen can be, suffice it to recall the places, which are usually not accepted pay attention. ordering a countertop, can be closed even if small, but still opening, between the washer and the cutting surface. Instead of washing machine, underneath is also good will and small fridge, by the way, option, when purchased at once two small refrigeration unit, also quite popular today. They can be installed as the next, and in different parts of the room. But still, where it is better to put a fridge in the kitchen? It should be remembered a few simple rules prescribed in the device passport:

In corner
Variant angular location of the refrigerator

  1. Do not place near open flames, i.e, Assembly wall must not be adjacent to a gas burner, hob and other sources actively produce heat.
  2. You can not put back or the side of a heating radiator, but allowed the neighborhood front of the refrigerator with the end of radiators, if the rear side turned to the wall adjacent to the street.
  3. Near the front grille of the refrigerator should not pass electrical, water and gas supply.

Based on these requirements, it becomes clear, that accommodation options are not so much, however there is a solution. All attention should be paid to the built-in appliances, although it is usually more expensive, though not always the most narrow refrigerators are way out. Rectify the situation can be independently, or order a box of chipboard at the enterprise, specializing in the production of furniture. Second preferred embodiment, because the experts will help to pick up not only the color and accurately determine the sizes within tolerance, but also to correctly assemble accessories. It is very important, because if you put a small refrigerator in the kitchen in a box of the panels, albeit qualitative performance under tree, but without the front door, then it will look awkward. It is fixed by means of accessories for refrigeration, and opening it, simultaneously open and a second.

red fridge
Red fridge in the small kitchen as a design element

Closed in the resulting cabinet, the device will not be visible at all, and strict and precise contours of furniture, make it compact accommodation, and the most important thing, it is possible to put even sideways to the heating radiator. It is possible in the same manner to place on small household appliances kitchen, arranging special cabinets to the ceiling, because often, about half the height between the top of wall cabinets and ceiling, simply "walk". There is usually placed something, which is very rarely used, and it is gathering dust on themselves and soot. Making the same niche in the entire height of the wall, you can place there is little used, but sometimes necessary instruments, eg, juicer, toaster, etc., that it is necessary from time to time.

Near the sink should be, articulated with a cutting surface. Thus observed serial products loop, because the first, we get them, my then and only then proceed to the processing of. not infrequently, you can watch and proximity to the cooling unit cleaning. Very common small corner kitchen with fridge window, when trying to maximize the sill area and directly opposite the window cleaning equip. To work with the products at the same time seeing everything through a window in daylight, just a pleasure. Refrigerator in such a case can be placed under the sink again, giving preference to small size. If space allows, then set and the unit normal size, wherein the light from the window is reflected from the white walls, because of what the light in the work area, even in very cloudy days. Need to say, that corner kitchen with fridge near the window are the most popular due to this feature, Although such an arrangement, and it gained popularity recently.

refrigerator next to stove
Not the most convenient location: refrigerator near cooker

Council: refrigeration wall bordering the sink or countertops, can be used, placing her reminders, recipes and other useful information.

interesting ideas

The fact that the white color is visually expands the space, everyone knows, but there was a tendency in recent years to use the black, and do not confuse it with the gray tones. Black refrigerator in the kitchen small, It is not new, but it needs to stand in the same shade, and all the furniture. This method allows you to make the borders blurred, as if going off into space. Along with subdued light, you can even use a case-fridge under the window in the kitchen or in a corner, and lighting to focus only in the most needed areas.

Refrigerator in pantry

Often, through the septum with a kitchen closet bordered, due to which it is possible to expand the kitchen space. Kitchen with built-in refrigerator installed in place of the pantry, can solve the problem in favor of it is a large unit, and at the same time not to abandon the use of the storage area. Septum is not completely clean, but leave a segment approximately half the width of the wall of the refrigerator. In this way, it can only push in to get niche and additionally can make the cabinet above the refrigerator for jars with conservation or tools. Left part of the wall, It prevents the flow of heat to the heat sink, therefore, the safety and preservation of the integrity of the equipment is guaranteed.

Location of the refrigerator in a niche
Location of the refrigerator in a niche of the corridor on the ground

Down or up?

You can purchase a horizontal refrigerator, if you want a large enough capacity. Need to say, that such products are quite rare to find in the store, but on the Internet you can find, but, certainly have to forget the installation of the washing machine in the kitchen or other large equipment. Horizontal refrigerator for a small-sized kitchen provided solely as a built-in, and will cost more than a conventional execution, but at a time, you solve the problem. The upper part of the device closes countertop, on which you can place the hob, instead of bulky oven and at the same time make room for other ideas.

Council: it should be remembered, what built-in appliances is not visible, and accordingly it is not necessary to overpay for a small refrigerator with custom coloring. usually, the same model can have a dramatic difference in price.

However, the same applies to products having typical dimensions, better to buy a model white, still set for the kitchen with a refrigerator protects from stains and do not have to periodically scour grease and stains with a glossy surface.

Another output, is to use the free surface of the walls, ie hanging refrigerator, but this is an option for a small family, or it must be duplicated by another unit. The layout rules are the same, but to close its panels is not necessary, since the air has an upstream higher temperature and excess barrier worsen heat. Also there will be an excessive burden and concentrated at a single point.


Where there should be a fridge in the kitchen that the owners were always comfortable? On this question there is no template solutions, even in our model homes and in each case requires individual approach. Unlike larger premises, the right to put a fridge in the kitchen with a small squaring must be error-free, Since the subsequent re-planning tools require significant. Refrigerator for a small kitchen must be small. or as an option integrated.