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kitchen design for small apartments

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Small apartments have high popularity due to the desire to have their own real estate market housing and at the same time limiting cash. There is enough money only on a small-sized one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. The last and have the name of the "Khrushchev". Then over time the owners of small apartments conclude, that any inconvenience due to stay in a small space. And then they begin to think about changing the layout, but rather a change of non-residential rooms - kitchen.

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kitchen design for small apartments

Specificity malogabaritok design

In an era, when inherited a small apartment, is actual construction and design registration "Khrushchev". Comfortable residence depends on stylistic solutions for small apartments and proper rescheduling and subsequent repair.

Expertly found the design is able to transform a small apartment in a multifunctional and comfortable individual house!


In order to increase space malogabaritki need to carefully consider rescheduling. Liveable extended by:

  • Dismantling of barriers adjacent rooms kitchen (Hallways), or used in the same way storeroom.
  • Combining the kitchen and the room in a studio apartment in a studio. This option allows you to visually expand the living space. Such events are very costly and entail a lot of inconvenience and wasted time (on visits to the respective authorities for approval of redevelopment).

living rooms

small flat
Kitchen design in a small apartment

With a small apartment should, First of all, think about furniture:

  • It should be enough, and not a little over.
  • Do not use bulky furniture.
  • The situation in the "minimalist" style, in order to free space.
  • It is necessary to apply the transforming of their own accord set.

It is recommended to make furniture for small apartments on request with a view to the rational use of all the details of planning malogabaritki.

Secondly, apartment color palette is selected with the advantage of bright colors. They visually expand the space for the whole procedure. All the furniture in the interior environment to be combined in color.

Thirdly, lighting (artificial and natural): be sure to arrange insolation. This can be done by maximizing windows open: light-colored transparent curtains; Roman curtains in the kitchen; light caramel blinds. Such good tone "extend" interior via "zaramnogo" space. As for artificial lighting, the ceiling and hanging lamps will be effectively changed to point-type light sources.

Decorating kitchen

kitchen combined with guest room
In a small apartment kitchen often is combined with the living room

In small apartments account holders will be clearly directed to the kitchen space due to its tiny. This kitchen design small apartments. This area is traditionally difficult to arrange all the necessary list Byttekhnika and furniture. All this problematic place, that there was no cluttering small spaces.

Design options for easy and safe operation

Improper placement of furniture or ill-conceived kitchen interior small apartment usually leads to unnecessary injuries while working on it: wide-open cabinet doors. Therefore, all the cupboards of kitchen furniture must have at least the opening of the vertical type. But in this case there is a lack of: It is blocked access to offices of an upper cabinet. And as a modern and safest option - arrangement of a small-sized kitchen cabinets with folding facade. Washing is also one of the stumbling blocks in small kitchens. Therefore it is recommended to select the design and size of a washing tables, based on the internal "nafarshirovannosti".

modern accents

small-sized kitchen
Corner small-sized kitchen plastic

The rapid development of the market of kitchen products dictates the owners to consider Modern design ideas small-sized kitchen. The latter include the following list:

  1. The organization "work triangle", in which the tops are placed on the hob, sink and refrigeration equipment. There pastel light colors create maximum compliance with ergonomic requirements and the visual perception of ease.
  2. Gray floor and metal parts, accessories (in this style usually budget kitchen for small apartments) extravagant will look, if you add a single bright blotches (blinds, vases, upholstery of chairs and so forth.). Well blended white and red colors in the interior of a small kitchen.
  3. Combining red with gloss. Lacquered fronts headset combined with facing tile, having a shiny surface. It allowed the combination of red tones with dark red or brownish tint.
  4. Thinning white color scheme with natural light colored solid wood. White plasterboard structures acquire extravagance at the expense of metal implants. They can be hardware or images on the floor made of wood.
  5. The combination of adjacent rooms kitchen - open plan kitchen. Such adjacent spaces may be: loggia, living room, corridor etc.. Construction of small apartment-studio - is a science, providing a variety of options kitchen interior organization, which only can be described in a separate article.

examples of designs

unusual design
The unusual design for a small kitchen

Design small kitchens for small apartments is mainly based on the placement of priorities.

Proper placement of furniture and household equipment - the first priority. The second requirement relates to use design subtleties Science, helping visually perceive the spacious kitchen in a small apartment. Here is a list of design options:

  1. Corner kitchen designs for small apartments. Meaning it is based on the "triangle rule" in which the working area is formed. Dining area in its area considerably reduced. Experts advise to set design art table and chairs small size by the number of family members.
  2. Working surface on one line. Alternatively the table can be built as an extension of the sill. Here saves space and increases the zone itself. hanging lockers, extractor equipped with backlit, and it will be a mini kitchen elegance for small apartments. This option involves lining up three basic kitchen items. comfort suffer, but the space is expanding.

Linear option forces not to use large furniture. Optimal version - table, one side is attached to the wall surface, and having the possibility of folding (in a railway carriage). The disadvantage of this option - the need to move the sink, and a seat to install refrigeration equipment.

Meaning everything small-sized kitchen it is based on the appropriate approach to the expenditure of space, if necessary to focus on three elements form: lighting, household appliances and furniture. Having determined this, and are associated with comfort and coziness, you can start solving the exceptional design problems.