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Kitchen in a studio apartment: the best optimal space

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One bedroom apartment with proper organization of space will become a stylish and comfortable accommodations. Small dishes require the use of non-standard interior and stylistic solutions. Particular attention will need to be given the choice of finishing materials, color variations and placement of furniture.

Kitchen in a studio apartment
kitchen accommodation in a studio apartment up to your imagination

Interior room apartment need to place the necessary items in a confined area, which may affect the attractiveness of the area. The main task of the kitchen design is to preserve the freedom and space, without overloading the atmosphere with unnecessary details. Functional use of the area will create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

Practical solutions of furniture and equipment

Comfortable plan kitchen in a studio apartment may involve the use of several effective options for increasing space. Designers isolated and tested traditional solutions, the use of which confirms the achievement of goals:

  1. The expansion of the kitchen area by combining rooms with balcony, or pantry. Functionality is achieved by separating the work area from the dining area, which establishes a compact sofa with a niche for storage of kitchen utensils. The complexity of the design idea is offset by the convenience of room.
  2. Combining the kitchen with room. One-room studio apartment provides comfortable accommodation for two people. It is important to organize the zoning area. It carried out the dismantling of the walls and installing quality equipment ventilation equipment, preventing the spread of smoke and scents throughout the room.
  3. Moving the kitchen units in the hallway. Option is appropriate in the presence of spacious corridor and low degree of exploitation of the working area for cooking. The kitchen serves a decorative function.

Kitchen in hallway
Kitchen in the corridor - a very rare combination of facilities

Making efficient use of space and provides a variety of stylistic solutions, dimensions and design of furniture, household appliances, lighting.

Variants of the organization of kitchen space

Comfort accommodation depends on the functionality of furniture and equipment. The clever arrangement of objects creates a comfortable working space for cooking. The main elements, requiring attention, acts cooking hobs, refrigerator and kitchen sink. Properly arrange the furniture in a studio apartment, you can use multiple placement options:

  • one-line arrangement of furniture and equipment;
  • L-shaped arrangement;
  • creating a kitchen island.

Install kitchen furniture and appliances in a row is possible only in the presence of a large area. Thanks to the single line arrangement can be made convenient zoning area in a studio apartment, not involved living space for the expansion of the kitchen. Angular alignment opens the opportunity to choose a place for the stove and sink. L-shaped layout allows you to equip the sink in the corner, hob window. Refrigerator, in this case placed opposite the plate, or in a corner along the same line.

The island layout provides a modern kitchen design a one-room apartment a large area. Properly equipped element allows advantageous use of space, performing work and dining area, a place to store kitchen utensils. On the island is permitted the installation and cleaning of the hob.

Tech appliances are easily integrated into niche, its stylish appearance and compact dimensions create a more ergonomic premises.

Kitchen with the letter G
D - this is a very practical form for premises

Combining space: practicality and benefits of solutions

The embodiment of original design ideas and the expansion of the area sometimes requires to combine the kitchen and living room in one space. Projects repair studio for the consolidation area have a lot of merits:

  • formed a new object studio kitchen to embody the modern design solutions;
  • increases the working and living space, due to the lack of partitions;
  • It offers a wide range of stylistic directions.

Design one-bedroom apartments to run in the style of minimalism, modern, or high-tech. The lack of spare parts, bulky furniture and small decorative elements create a stylish and practical environment. Proper lighting and layout creates a sense of purity and freedom of space. The interior should be filled exclusively tech and functional objects.

options Interior studio apartments will require careful attention to the materials used. Finishing soon lose its original form is capable of moisture, sleuth. Cooking is accompanied by aromas, are absorbed and permanently retained in the air, furniture and things. It is important to think in advance the installation of reliable ventilation devices.

Suction equipment is not fully protect from the effects of smoke and odors, but it can be minimized. Studio kitchen in a studio apartment will require thorough and regular cleaning, surface cleaning. Finishing materials should differ resistant to moisture. The best option perform low degree of exploitation of the kitchen, or the use of functional appliances, providing a full cycle of cooking.

kitchen studio
Studio - a very popular and very controversial option

Selection of kitchen furniture for the studio apartment

The arrangement of furniture in a studio apartment in the first place aims to create a comfortable and attractive interior. Variations on a theme selection of kitchen sets allow to purchase ready-made kit, or, based on the individual requirements and room layout, make furniture to order. A small studio apartment is expanding the boundaries of objects of choice.

Couch, or sofa profitable equip recreation area. Flowing lines and soft contours create a comfortable and cozy environment. Round dining table, made of impact-resistant glass will bring to the interior of a small one-room apartment a feeling of space and lightness. The bar counter is different practicality and convenience, highlighting the style and elegance of the room decoration.

Design furniture for a small kitchen

A small area of ​​the premises put forward specific requirements for the arrangement of space. Design a small one-bedroom apartment should include the use of built-in functionality and technology organization capacious storage systems. It is recommended to choose kitchen furniture, equipped with modern machinery with the possibility of transformation, folding.

Extendable tables, compact table top and sliding door cabinets significantly save space. Ideas repair studio provide proper zoning premises. Harmoniously perform the separation will help the texture of floor, ceiling design, play of colors and shades of wall decoration. original arches, aquarium, bar perform unusual decor and one disengagement zones. glass, mirror elements in the headset, or partitions visually increase the space, make it air.


Kitchen design in a studio apartment presented a variety of stylistic directions and variations, important to take into account the organic combination furniture with a common design. Taking into account the basic rules and recommendations, available to implement original ideas in a harmonious and comfortable interior. Kitchen in a studio apartment may not be such a small, as many think initially. Ask your questions!