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The union room with kitchen-studio: Tips from the designer

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You have become the proud owner of a studio apartment with combined kitchen and did not know, how to implement the design studios according to their own taste? It's not a question, only need to define the layout. Studio room with kitchen - the perfect solution for modern style.

Studio room with kitchen

Two rooms in one: how to make a stylish studio

Acquiring similar apartment, It should clearly define the advantages and disadvantages studio rooms in the apartment.

Benefits-room kitchen

It sets out the repair room studio, Combined situation is viewed from different angles, positive aspects which should be noted the following:


  • It is always possible to be in the center of events, including, and when guests descended to you, and you are busy cooking dinner. There should not be distracted, and runs for a few minutes, or leaving guests alone, or a pan on the stove - quietly continue the dialogue, occasionally looking into the living room. This option is suitable, when the kids in the family, parents do not need to be torn between the control of the children and cooking, when my mother in the kitchen - kids in sight.
  • Save on appliances: one TV for two rooms, lighting fixture illuminates the common space. This is a significant advantage for the combined space - some areas are highlighted more, others - remain in the shadows.
  • Visual expansion space.Studio
  • The possibility of functional zoning - a dining room with large dining table and stools on the line dividing the kitchen and a room, or to arrange a light transmissive walls
    on the same border.
  • Transfiguration connected rooms in the area with the design the latest fashion trends.

Disadvantages combined rooms

There are also negative sides, embarrassing the owners of large combined facilities:

  • The resulting fragrant scents from the kitchen come living room. Unfortunately, powerful extractor fan does not always solve the Studio
  • The need to keep a strict order in the kitchen area. Relax not work - the dishes at once to wash. Physical activity during dishwashing you replace the dishwasher. She will become a temporary shelter for dirty dishes.
  • Each person need to retire, and in this embodiment, all the time are in society.
  • The kitchen at the same time there is room for sleeping. It is not all like the feeling of sleeping in the kitchen.
  • It is an excellent solution for newlyweds to have a baby. After the birth of the baby will face the problem of the search space for it.

The division of space: how to make a combined design on 20 and 30 sq.m

The main space is divided in such a way, to visually felt the boundary between rooms, but complete exclusion should not be felt.

studio room with kitchen

The interior of the studio living room, room with kitchen need to thoroughly think through. The basis of the need to put a distinction space
and the area of ​​the living room from the kitchen:

  1. As part of the dividing line is used to partition the entire height of the room. And if there is low due to, then it can be mounted on the countertop or perform something like the bar.
    Placement of furniture in the apartment of the studio carried out in the, to the boundary between two areas stood furniture.
    must, all characterized by functionality and fit in
    small room design studio with kitchen.
  2. Visually perceptible distinction can be made through the execution of unequal gender in these zones, caramel walls and lighting. The kitchen floor is often decorate facing tile, and the living room is recommended to lay laminate, carpeting, lacquered wood, etc..beautiful studio room with kitchen
  3. Color palette. This is in regard to style, because the interior of the studio room with the kitchen in any case will be selected in the design. it is recommended not to use more than two areas in the interior of the apartment. If the area of ​​the kitchen
    zone of small size, will look better separation with a green tint
    on the walls. Studio apartment, Design is in a light green color, visually increases space.
  4. When choosing lighting, is often used for working surface of the kitchen table of the local option - point, and in the living room chandelier is more suitable or more lamps.
  5. Zoning method is well suited different height of the floor in a studio apartment
  6. With a view to combining the kitchen and living room allowed the wall to break through the arched doorway or other forms. A continuous wall is appropriate to replace walls of glass in the apartment. Building campaigns offer a wide range of decorative (mobile) partitions. The advantage of the latter - fast and efficient separation of kitchen and living room.

How to arrange the furniture in the kitchen: rules of interior design in a small room with wallpaper

By the choice of furniture is recommended to approach very carefully. In this way, furniture recreation areas, and cooking is made from materials, inert to moisture absorption, because of the humidity of the kitchen space will be spread throughout the apartment.

beige room studio with kitchen

Now it is necessary to consider various options, how to furnish a small apartment, to design a kitchen combined with the living room and was quite functional. If a studio apartment with two windows, it is recommended to place a washing tub directly next to one, borrowing sill as a kitchen working surface. In this way, involved insolation, a positive effect on the visual apparatus hostess, and visually enlarged kitchen area.

Kitchen area in the studio in the open state, and therefore care should be taken, to home appliances were not allocated, attracting the attention of. It is recommended to stop the choice on a modern built-in appliances. If there is no opportunity to choose the appropriate style fridge, place in a specific box, which will be in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

studio room with dining area

If the kitchen area of ​​large size, then, create an "island" in the middle of, place it in the oven cabinet and the hob, and above it hang out hood. This kitchen design will allow during cooking remain the mistress who came to rehouse and located in the living room.

We should not forget the basic rule of priority in the kitchen - a "work triangle", ie refrigerator, washing sink and stove. The location of these devices is a, because the first priority in, where each guide, it to the refrigeration for food. Then all unfolds on the work surface directly from the washing sink. The final step - cooking on the stove.

studio room with a beautiful kitchen

The whole set of kitchen items often exploited advisable to locate nearby. T. It is., near the workplace is recommended to place a number of boxes. They are all necessary kitchen utensils are added: knives, pans, frying pan, small household equipment. And with regard to hanging lockers, it should be placed at a distance of step a cabinet or shelf, designed for the separate storage of spices.

Color subtleties in the design

Interior studio room with kitchen thought out so, that the kitchen was not only comfortable and functional, but also attractive in all respects. It applied in respect of colors, are used, when the repair is carried out of the room-studio.

Studio room with designer kitchen

Making a small room with a kitchen-studio requires adherence to the unity of style throughout the apartment - kitchen furniture and recreational areas must be selected on style, coloristics and finishing materials. The tone of the floor covering can be repeated in upholstery, shtorakh, facades and doors Furniture.

.Until the final determination of the color palette, Understand a few requirements:

  • Equilibrium "cold" and "warm" colors. Such a requirement is necessary, to room-kitchen did not look or too annoying or too quiet. recommended remember: dark color - a symbol of restraint, light - of life. Try to find a balance in order to achieve a comfortable feeling in the apartment
  • When choosing a color scheme for the interior, you must be careful, bright colors can make a storm of conflicting emotional outbursts, opposite tone violate harmony in the apartment. for example, Green combined with red, black with bright green, blue and with a stylish kitchen
  • Red color attracts attention, increases appetite and pressure. This shade is better suited to those, who are confident in their own "I", having the ability to resist the desire to eat a little something extra, and between meals.
  • pink color. besides, that he is a shade of red, but, "Adverse effects" on the human body does not produce. Making studio room with kitchen area with a light pink shade will create conditions for a sense of lightness and positive mood during the day. It recommended such an interior in the apartment people, who wake up in a not very good mood.
  • orange color. It is ideal for a comfortable climate in the kitchen area. Snack bars and cafes use this color, Visitors they are configured in a positive way. Orange kitchen suitable for people, which take a proactive stance and are in constant room with a wooden kitchen
  • Interior decorations small rooms it is recommended to use with rich color scheme. Total calm background kitchen-dining room will be decorated bright curtains or kitchen utensils.
  • yellow color. The ideal way for small and dark spaces in the absence of natural light access. He has a positive effect on people's creativity, It encourages them to various experiments. But it is advised to be cautious, too bright embedded in the interior will cause at the level of the subconscious anxiety and anxious feeling.
  • green color. He predestined for comfort and a sense of security. This combination of symbol with nature, inner harmony. If you control your own weight, in the kitchen-dining area it is recommended to use a selection with a green tint. This color will help to tame your appetite, and what is the difference with a red. According to the results of experiments scientists green tones in the environment reduces the feeling of pain in the abdominal area, which is caused by the existing room with a cozy kitchen
  • blue. rest color. It is associated with the sea surface and celestial blue, comes to help in the fight with an angry state, reduces the frequency of surge. If desired,, that the kitchen has become not only a place for the absorption of food, but also in the center of "peace and prosperity", then blue tone - the most perfect option.
  • black color. At the first sense it is mourning and gloom situation, that is not true. The use of dark will establish a terrible atmosphere in the apartment, Consequently, its something should be diluted. Ideal - repair studio apartments, the design of which is made in beige and light colors, cause antagonistic feelings.
    Studio room combined with kitchen
    Studio room combined with a kitchen - an innovative style
  • white. This increases the color space. Design studio rooms with kitchen with white designed for small spaces, they visually expand the wall for a comfortable stay. White tone Strong brands, thus design of the room with a kitchen-studio with light shades require the owners to be prepared for frequent (even daily) restore order in her.

It is recommended to properly arrange the room-studio with kitchen, so you can be nice to be in that space.


Studio Design, offering the project for you, can be a lot of money, but will provide individuality and uniqueness of your cozy personal space.